Tsubasa Chronicle #3 Review

Go go BeeTrain! = Means that I’m happy with BeeTrain ^_^

The episode starts with another flashback… this time a bit shorter than the last one.

We can clearly see on the first scene that the Chara design is back on the track, much prettier. Shougo and Syaoran battle for a moment and then Masayoshi’s kudan appear, because he was scared of the fight (Mokona went “Mekyou”, meanwhile). Then it seems that the police arrived and Shougo’s gang had to leave. I liked the way the kudan enters in their body.

Syaoran gives back the feather to Sakura (it enters exactly as in the manga!) and Sakura goes “…uh…”. Next, Syaoran is probably saying that her body is now a bit warmer ^^
One thing I’ve been noticing ever since the 2nd episode is how Fye is playing the Pokemon!Misty while holding Mokona the same way Misty used to hold Togepi XD

Then we see Masayoshi’s (his voice is so great, isn’t it?) kudan backing inside his body and Syaoran and co asking if that was his Kudan: “Hai”.

And the next scene, yeeeey! Sorata shows up ^__^ With his unmistakable Osaka accent. His voice is not the same as in X, is a bit softer, but that shows matureness, I’d say, now that he’s married ^o^ Arashi’s seiyuu is not the same also, and it’s also a bit softer. Both voices fit, though. Their design is good!

And YAY! They’ve kept the Chitose-esque’s building! ^___^ Go go BeeTrain!

They are now inside the apartment, Sorata is probably saying that they can use this place to stay. And then, Sorata mentions Yuuko, actually, Yuuko-san ^_^ (yey, go go BeeTrain!). After explaining a bit more Kurogane and Sorata (and Mokona) start teasing each other XD. Arashi then leaves (with a bit weirdo face ^^” and also an extremely soft voice… as if it isn’t her) saying that she’ll make the tea (no Sorata teasing Arashi? I wanna see her making a pout face XD).

Fye and Syaoran starts talking about Sakura and the feathers… and they wonder how they are gonna find and know where the others feathers are. Mokona goes “I know!” and explains how the “Mekyou” system works ^0^ Mokona’s seiyuu is soooo cute in that scene and it’s fitting Mokona so well!

Mokona then explains that “she” (I don’t know how to refer to “her”) went “Mekyou!” in the battle field. Syaoran and Fye then realize (as in the manga) that the Feather is somehow related with Shougo.
Then they go to a talk which is too much for my awful japanese knowledge to understand (while Fye stays like this: ^_^ during the whole scene, quite annoying, really, lazy Staff people XD)

It’s night, they get to sleep and a english japanese-esque song starts to play… and Syaoran remember his last conversation with Sakura… This is a cool scene because they didn’t used the exactly same scene (I mean, it’s not a copy + paste). They showed the same scene in different angles. Go go BeeTrain! It’s a really cute scene and the design are amazing!

Cute Syaoran ^o^

Kurogane noticing Syaoran

We move to Nihon, on a flashback scene showing Tomoyo sending Kurogane to Yuuko’s place while giving to Kurogane some moral lessons.

Kawaii Tomoyo-chan ^0^

She casts the spell on him:

Strangely, the scene where Kurogane is been “sucked” by Tomoyo’s magic, he didn’t say the same thing he said back on the 1st episode O.o o.O

He meets his kudan during the dimensional travel:

Cool commercial break image, as always:

It’s morning and all friends are now wearing Hanshin clothes, finally, they will now start the hunt for Sakura’s feather.

Kurogane didn’t like his clothes at all… and what’s with this head??? XP

Arashi (in a such 50 years-old lady way) says that she’ll be taking care of Sakura. “Please, do so”, Syaoran says. And Yey! Arashi is wearing the same Duck “thing” she wore on the manga ^o^

Yay! It’s the Frog coin-bag! I didn’t know they would keep it! And it’s so good to see it!!! Go go BeeTrain! They go to the search but Mokona can’t sense the feather:

Go back to earth, BeeTrain, this is way so made-up (or maybe not?). But anyway, Kurogane sees across the street a girl who looks just like Tomoyo in a Miyuki-chan-like uniform (strangely, she’s wearing the same purple ribbons in her hair), he runs after her.

Kurogane is soo good seeing by his profile…


Arashi taking care of Sakura (o.O). City overview (O.o). More City overview (o.o).

We get to see Syaoran and Fye going “Where did Kurogane go?” and Mokona flies (what? Flies? yeah, flies) by the nearby restaurant (Mokona is hungryy~~! XD)

NICE Fye profile and NICE (for the 1st time ever O.O) Syaoran’s SD XD

So soon??? Okay then o.o

They met Hanshin!Touya and Hanshin!Yukito. Syaoran wasn’t enough “EHHH??”, as in the manga, IMO… he just went “o.o”

They order some food and Fye notices Syaoran called Touya by “Ou-sama”, and they talk/remember about the multiples worlds having people you’ve already met been different people thing. *Clow Country massive Flashback* *Yuuko Flashback*

Then we change to Kurogane-seeking-Tomoyo scene. He lost her and the fat punky guy finds him and goes “Hey! Do I know you? Yeah I do know you! Let’s kudan!” XD (his belly makes PON sounds XD).
Short-fat guy is kicking some ass at first, but then Kurogane says that he won’t die.

He DOES look good in profile.

His Kudan appears and transforms itself in Ryuu ou’s sword (Yeah, they’ve kept it! Go go BeeTrain!)

Same scene as the manga only that Kurogane looked MUCH cooler in the manga. Oh well *sigh*

He then says that he only takes orders from one person: Tomoyo-hime.

Back at the apartment, Kurorin is cleaning his sword (what a weird thing, I thought it should be back at his body after the fight ¬¬) and later they get to sleep. While Syoaran is also sleeping (I think Kurogane was like “Get a grip and get some sleep” XD) Sakura goes “-__- —-> o.o —-> huh?” To make it simpler, she wakes up >_< *hears the bell: BIG CHANGE! BIG CHANGE! Bad BeeTrain, bad BeeTrain* While everyone else in the room is sleeping.

Next episode seems a bit confusing… The design is still good (thank gosh) but the scenes are very confusing (aka, don't remember of it in the manga). Shall we wait and see?

On an overall, the episode was goood because the Chara design was much better than in the previous one. They should only fix that awful Kurogane's head and make Fye with opened eyes a bit more! Syaoran is really good indeed!

It's VERY good to know they are STILL keeping a lot of the original script!

36 thoughts on “Tsubasa Chronicle #3 Review

  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, so Sorata and Arashi are there, I was afraid they would not appear. So, as I see, anime is very accurate to the manga, (yay! sei-chan) But 3 eps, still in Hanshin and only 26 eps in total… ummm….


  2. Wait.

    Where there the Puppet-Sorata and Arashi Show?

    And the fight between Kurogane, Mokona and the food in the restaurant?

    At least is Fye calling Kuro-rin by annoying nicknames?
    (He started calling him Kuro-chan when they where still at Yuuko´s house)

    Did Hanshin-Yukito started calling Hanshin-Touya by “Ou-sama” too, to annoy him, like he did in the manga?

    Why didn´t Yuuko (in ep. 02) said that Kurogane would be taken by a cosplay for using those clothes and arrested by the police for using a sword if he went out on that world?

    Why do I sense a BIG lack of comedy in the anime?

    BTW, my (nick)name is Napi.


    • >Where there the Puppet-Sorata and Arashi Show?

      There’s still time to show that, I believe. Ne?

      >And the fight between Kurogane, Mokona and the food in the restaurant?

      Cutted… since they are already off the restaurant… that scene was totally re-made. But Kurogane and Mokona has still a lot of fights to happen, don’t worry.

      >Did Hanshin-Yukito started calling Hanshin-Touya by “Ou-sama” too, to annoy him, like he did in the manga?

      No I guess he didn’y o.o

      >Why didn´t Yuuko (in ep. 02) said that Kurogane would be taken by a cosplay for using those clothes and arrested by the police for using a sword if he went out on that world?

      Yup, I missed that too XD

      And word for the lack of comedy… It needs more jokes


    • It seems that the Chara design did him using the red thing he use on his head (From Nihon country), without knowing that he would not be using it sometimes ^^”””


  3. Bee Train did a wonderful job on the episode!! ^^ Somehow, maybe they actually read our constructive cristisim over the net. =o Or maybe not…lol

    I have a feeling we’ll either be skipping a lot of scenes of the manga if there are gonna be 26 episodes. Either that or there will be waaaay more. Like probably 30-40 maybe. o.O; Just a guess.

    Syaoran looked uber hott in that (both atually) scenes when he’s watching over Sakura like the angel he is. =D And we finally see Arashi and Sorata!!!! [dances] ;P

    Not to mention that we finally have SD’s, blushes etc. going on. Yayness! ^^ Thx for posting your review, Yuuto-kun~! =D


    • >maybe they actually read our constructive cristisim over the net. =o Or maybe not…lol

      Ahahahahaha surely not XDD But I like to believe they did ^__^

      Surely we’ll be skipping scenes… that happens with manga adaptations, it’s normal, especially with 26 episodes.

      Did you see blushes? I didn’t o.o


  4. And with that the plot comes to a screeching halt. This show is turning out so very hit and miss. So the next episode is filler, I’m guessing from the lack of Premera yet. That’s one way to pad out 4 world’s in 26 episodes. So, are they going to FORCE an ending at episode 26 (which should be SOMEWHERE at chapter 50?) or will they leave it open ended? Will they forge past chapitre 50? I’m kinda doubting it. Will they make a second series/season?

    Where the hell is my puppet show?

    You’re right though, everyone looks good in profile.

    +20 points for Sorata & Arashi
    +2 points for SD, frog change purse, ducky apron/jumper
    -5 points for Fai not crouch sitting, sleeping against walls, Kuro polishing an ENERGY SWORD.
    -50 points (for lack of Hanshin puppet show), Sakura waking up (sorta) *insert bad taste joke about being comatose here*
    ≠ 1 WTF? point for Mokona flying off.



    • I’m quite sure they’ll be still in Hanshin by episode 6. I really don’t know what BeeTrain is playing to pass 5 episodes in one country…

      >Kuro polishing an ENERGY SWORD.
      Yeah, OMG… it should be back to his body ¬¬

      >1 WTF? point for Mokona flying off.
      XDXDXD Word!


  5. a favour

    is it too troublesome to ask if you could capture the commercial breaks and post them up? from episode one onwards? if not it’s ok, just wanted to know. thanks chibiyuuto! ^__^


  6. I told you to have faith in Bee Train’s oddity with chara design from one episode to another one 😛

    Sure is a GREAT piece news that they have shown finally Arashi and Sorata! ^^


  7. > Fye is playing the Pokemon!Misty while holding Mokona the same way Misty used to hold Togepi XD

    LMAO so true !

    > (strangely, she’s wearing the same purple ribbons in her hair)

    because people with less than two braincells may not recognize her

    and word on the preview ^^ WTH ? really ?


    • >LMAO so true !

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s funny XD

      >because people with less than two braincells may not recognize her

      LOL I didn’t think about that XD


  8. Sakua waking up

    I think I understand and even like the fact that in the anime Sakura woke up so soon.

    I mean, they will probably be in Hanshin for more 2 or 3 episodes, one of the 2 main characters being in comatose for so many episodes, right at the beggining, would be rather boring.

    When I read the manga for the first time and Sakura was taking her time to wake up I thought “WTF, the plot is the journey of an archeologist, a wizard, a ninja… and a slepping girl? How weird is that.”

    It took 2 or 3 feathers for her to wake up in the manga. For me, it looks more reasonable to star with the first one.

    I may be the only one, but I like BeeTrain for changing this.
    Comatose girls are not too much fun.



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