Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 12

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

© CLAMP・Shigatsu Tsuitachi CO.,LTD. / 講談社

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English translations: none yet.

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I don’t have time to write a review right now!

Card Captor Sakura is on a break next issue of Nakayoshi magazine, the next chapter will come out only in July.


9 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura – Clear Card arc – Chapter 12

  1. We’ve entered a split timeline.

    In this timeline, we have this chapter of CCS Clear Card Arc. In the other possible timeline, Sakura looks out her window at the right moment, sees the Mysterious Cloaked Figure, and ends the series.


    • So! I finally saw the whole thing! Time to talk about it 🙂

      She caught the card painfully easily and fast ^^;;
      It’s really hard for the reader to get attached to them like this, but then, I don’t think CLAMP is trying to make us feel much toward these cards… As for the fast pace, this is also something Syaoran mentioned to Eriol, so there must be some meaning to it we will eventually learn.

      About Akiho, she still looks like a sweet girl who gets along well with Sakura, though there are peculiar things about her, but she doesn’t seem too aware of it and and even openly talks about it, not trying to hide it or anything (like knowing a strange language)
      Unlike Eriol who was openly shown from the very beginning ‘to be more than he seemed’, Akiho got no such obvious hints attached to her.
      So the possibility still exists at this point that she might not be completely aware of what is going on completely.

      Tomoyo: so lovely! Beautiful drawn and really great moment when she says that those 2 needs to be left alone because they have so little chances to do so! Tomoyo can loose it sometime with Sakura, recording and costumes, but she is still the greatest friend for both of them :smiley:

      THE DATE: is there anything more that needs to be said about this magical moment ❤
      SxS are very clearly happy to be next to each other, and you can tell from Sakura watching Syaoran how much she missed him and joyful she is that he is standing next to her now. She might seem more emotional that Syaoran at some given points? That's a nice change compared to Syaoran being one sidedly in love with for a while in the first series ^^
      Syaoran's reaction to the bento is both cute, refreshing and surprising, he is not holding out in front of Sakura and clearly shows his feelings in front of her without hiding anything, how sweet!
      Flowery sparkly Syaoran is adorable! This is a perfect depiction of his straight forward and honest nature ^^

      It is a shame it was cut short so soon, but if Sakura catch the card as fast as she did others, than it shouldn't be much of an interruption …. is what I would wish, but I suppose CLAMP very likely have other plans, and we shall witness the first battle of our couple, side by side.
      Beyond that point, we either get a further SxS cute moment together, or it's cut off and we see Sakura back in her home, and very likely Syaoran on the phone with Eriol…There is surprisingly a good chance they might continue their date considering they barely touched the food and didn't visit the Garden either, so I'm not despairing just yet ^^
      My biggest doubt being the following: these kind of purely romantic scenes are extremely rare in CLAMP's works as a whole, not just CCS series. Honestly, I believe this might be the one and only straight forward genuine date between 2 happy lovers Mokona has ever made.
      On the other side, Sakura already caught 7 cards so far, and frankly, none of the captures was truly memorable, with the exception of the Sakura trees running off, which was really funny XD
      Is the capture scene of this new card worth interrupting a -maybe?- once in a lifetime dating scene? That's the confusing question.

      All in all, we got to see a long awaited SxS moment, Beautifully drawn chapter once more, and I believe that the card capture in the upcoming chapter in July should be interesting to see 🙂 I am really curious which one it's going to be this time and, maybe!, we might witness Syaoran using a new kind of magic/attack? That would be amazing, I'd really like to see if he learned many more things during the one year he was away!


        • “I am really curious which one it’s going to be this time and, maybe!, we might witness Syaoran using a new kind of magic/attack? That would be amazing, I’d really like to see if he learned many more things during the one year he was away!”

          and yes i think we’ll see more of syaorans new moves- especially with kero at home. this card looks one of the more aggressive ones? seems like it showed up just after sakura said something specific again… like with the recording one. ill wait for english translations to find out more on that…

          now what i would love to know is exactly what was the something syaoran had to take care of in HK?? and what does touya know? i wonder if we’ll see him in action? didnt he say he still has powers left? either way he seems to know whats about to happen to sakura. as does syaoran.

          finally my favourite part was kero and yue! seems like sakura and tomoyo taught them how to use modern technology after the events of the sakura card arc. did yue hang up on kero mid conversation there?! lmao!! i love those two!


        • I’m thinking the same but… Tomoyo realized it wasn’t even English, and Akiho said she didn’t know which language it is (and she’s supposed to know Italian, French, German, English, Chinese, besides Japanese), Akiho said only that someone (Yuna? Relatives?) teached her to read it. If that language belongs to another world (and it could be possible), the world she would come from, she should know at least which it is, but she doesn’t know the name of it. So it’s more like “someone-who-comes-from-another-world” teached her to read the language of that world. Unless she kinda lost the memory of her original world… o.o … that’s even more wild theory… o.o …


      • I’m poking fun at the fact that the Mysterious Cloaked Figure was right outside of Sakura’s window, in full view, while she was standing there in her bedroom this chapter!


  2. It seems like I’ve mistakenly ‘replied’ to Panicle, it wasn’t my intention ^^;
    This is directed to chibiyuuto 🙂
    A shame this can’t be edited.


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