Card Captor Sakura and Tsubasa books pricing announced

Four CLAMP books are scheduled to be released in December and the prices have been announced.

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card arc #1 (regular edition)

Release date: December 2
Price: 429 yens

* Kodansha has yet to announce the price for the limited edition but some online shops are listing it for 2280 yens (like Animate).

Official Guide Book Tsubasa CARACTere CHRoNiCLE

Release date: December 2
Price: 880 yens

Tsubasa Mini Artbook – Tsubasa ILLuSTRaTION CHRoNiCLE

Release date: December 2
Price: 680 yens

Official Guide Book Tsubasa SToRy CHRoNiCLE

Release date: December 31
Price: 880 yens

Now let’s talk about these prices. Both guidebooks having the same price seems fair to me, and the prices are OK too, as expected. Now, I was a little surprised to know that the mini-artbook is actually cheaper than the guidebooks. The binding must be similar to the two previously released artbooks, I’m just curious about its size dimensions (A4 vs A5). We also have the release date for the second guide: the very last day of 2016.

Regarding Card Captor Sakura, the price is similar to the original tankoubon release from the 90s, so it looks like it’s gonna be closer to that edition than the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary edition, design-wise. It doesn’t look like it’s coming with color pages, either… We still have to know more info about the limited edition but it’d say the book itself will be the same for both versions and the bonus material (a mangaka set for volume 1) will be the only difference between them.