TRC #232 – The End

I can’t believe I’m writing about the last chapter of Tsubasa. Somehow it feels good xD

Scans can be found here and translations here by starlady38.

I haven’t been writing comments about TRC and XXXHOLiC lately because the development in both series was so slow and the amount of breaks was so many that my enthusiasm to write about them decreased many levels. But this is the “final” chapter, it’s only right to talk about it =)

I’m so disappointed XD

I have been reading Tsubasa since Chapter 1, where it looked like such a promising series (and it was!). Since then I’ve been following it every single week for over 6 years, it was the first CLAMP work that I read on real time from start to finish.

But I’m still so disappointed xD

I loved Tsubasa, CLAMP managed to keep the story interesting enough to always make me eager for the next chapter. They were cliffhanger masters. But this ending feels completely empty and incomplete and vague and… yeah.

It didn’t surprise me in any way (not even not reading any spoilers helped). It didn’t feel like a proper closure as it barely shows what happened to the main characters, let alone the secondary characters.

Right, we still have the one next chapter, which I think will be some sort of epilogue, and there is XXXHOLiC too, but it will take a LOT to make up for this sense of unfinished story.

I won’t even try to list all the answered questions, it’s far too many, but if I were to name one thing, I would say it was the lack of explanation about Fei Wang. We still don’t know who he is, what is his relation with Clow (right, he is related to him, but in what level?), and most importantly, what were his real intentions? I can’t believe he is the badass villain that CLAMP never had. If that is the case, what a disappointment. Even Taishakuten had more decent reasons (and he was far more cruel than Fei Wang).

We don’t know what happened to Kurogane, Fye, not to mention the vampire subplot that was totally forgotten. But for those I still hope we will see something about in next week’s chapter.

This last chapter was more about Watanuki and Syaoran than Sakura and Syaoran, what the hell? I got the message that CLAMP wanted to pass with Tsubasa, that the real ones will live off the clones’ memories. It’s a very beautiful message, but there is absolutely NO NEED to do all that mess for 28 volumes to pass such message XD I would have gotten anyway with a simpler plot with much less holes.

I think CLAMP got way too carried away in the “fantasy” aspect of the story. I look back now and can point out many unnecessary events which caused nothing but plotholes (and entertainment for the reader, of course).

I wonder if CLAMP is playing some kind of prank on us (“HAHAHA they think this is the end!”), but sometimes I think this is exactly the sort of thing that CLAMP would do, so xD I shall wait for what they have in store for next week’s chapter, and also for XXXHOLiC. But please don’t make a Tsubasa – RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE – 2. It has been a long, fun and great journey, but I’m ready to get off this ride.

At least the colored pages were GORGEOUS (and it looks like the tankoubon will have an extra color page?).

I would like to thank everyone who have contributed in a way or another for making it possible for me to follow this manga weekly, that includes:

– Aoi-san (first scanner of Tsubasa ever!! xD Chapters 1~20s)
– Weird FTP-like website (Chapters 20s~50s scans)
flowright (Chapters 60s~80s scans)
ladydarkmoon (Chapters 90s~220s scans. Scanned over 100 chapters!!!)
– Chinese people, Heiji-sama and all the MangaHelpers contributers xD
iamsocool123456, ashura_sama, inarikami, starlady38 for all the translations.
clamp_now community, for always tiding up the releases so nicely.

Sorry if I forgot anyone, these are the ones I can remember of right now xD


113 thoughts on “TRC #232 – The End

  1. I think Clamp just expect us to assume a lot of things–in the case of Kurogane and Fai, for instance, we’ve been shown/told a) that Kurogane promised to come back to Tomoko and b) that Valeria is destroyed, so we should conclude c) that Kurogane and Fai will head back to Nihon-koku eventually. Similarly, I don’t think the vampire twins/hunters plotline was ever meant to be resolved. It wasn’t their manga.

    I do agree, though, that telling us nothing more about FWR was pretty cheap. I’m hoping that Holic, and the extra chapter, pick up some of the slack on that and on the Watanuki front.

    Yeah, I liked it. But I do think that it will read better when it’s collected in a tankoubon.

    ETA: You’re most welcome. That said, though, at the top of your post, I’m not on LJ, I’m . ^_^


    • I think that the huge expectation during these 6 years helped for a bigger disappointment, but I was hoping for a few more answers. I didn’t expect them to tell EVERYTHING but at least a bit more than what was told xD

      I’m sorry for your LJ name! What is weird is that I actually wrote it right at the end of my post xD


    • c) that Kurogane and Fai will head back to Nihon-koku eventually.

      There’s still one chapter left, I’m hopeful everything about the main 5’s paths from now on will be explained in next chapter.


      • Pffft, I don’t think I shared anything particularly noteworthy. :`D

        Wait for CLAMP’s next addictive work, of course XD

        I’m almost relieved that they’re giving themselves a break in between the ending of xxxHOLiC and TRC and the beginning of Gate 7.


  2. Well, I’ll copy/paste my thoughts that I posted on CLAMP in FORUMLAND…


    I told you guys… The one getting the bad ending was the fandom, after all.

    Anyway, no S&S kiss in the final chapitre after all they went through… Now I feel like I’ve wasted 6 years of my life just to see a poorly made “happy” ending.

    Really, CLAMP really disappointed me.

    Ah, only so I could say that I didn’t only ranted… There are a few things people got confused about. Here’s my thoughts:

    The story ends with the morning coming to the world that they’re in. That means the time in the “time that was cutted from dimension-time” began to move once again, which means that the “logic” was restored. With the “logic” being restored, Watanuki’s existence couldn’t go on and he should’ve returned to Syaoran. But he chose to wait, so “exist” only inside the shop until he met Yuuko-san again was his price.

    Syaoran’s price… was to bear the responsability for all the suffering his wish might cause to people. Doesn’t seems like a big deal, but since he likes to take the blame for almost everything that goes wrong, unlike his clone… yeah, a heavy price.

    Also, seems Watanuki didn’t “die”, but rather “disappear”… What happened when Syaoran came back to the world is still a mistery. Unless he, like, splitted his soul in two so a pretty random girl could chase down some cards

    And about the clones, they didn’t die nor disappear: they merged with their real counterparts, which was the first theory that came about when the “Real vs Clone” issue was brought up, on chapitre 122~123. That way they could go on living together with their origin.

    And I think that’s it. The end.


    • Anyway, no S&S kiss in the final chapitre after all they went through… Now I feel like I’ve wasted 6 years of my life just to see a poorly made “happy” ending.

      I am sorry, but did this come off as a surprise to you? Because, CLAMP are not famous for their rabu-kissu-scenes at all. Like, at all.


    • I like your explanation about Watanuki, I was a little confused. But you say the price for Syaoran was bearing the responsability for all the suffering his wish might cause to people. But how is he paying that price? Sleeping? LOL XD

      All the trouble for not making Watanuki disappear, in vain XD


  3. You’ve written here everything that I wouldn’t able to express with my own words. I thought that the chapter would be long with a lot of explanations or even one more “and many years ago…” thing.
    The feeling is really EMPTY and there’s only one word in my head:WHAT O_o?


    • It really feels weird. They can’t solve everything in that next chapter too, so we better get used to this emptiness, but I do hope at least they will show what happened to the other characters afterwards…


      • I think those FuumaKamui characters just have kind of curse XD We’ll never know what happen with them in any dimension *nervous laugh*
        By the way… Are they going to stay in Clow country? ’cause without Yuko-FWR nobody will be able to travel dimensions?


        • I think those FuumaKamui characters just have kind of curse XD We’ll never know what happen with them in any dimension *nervous laugh*

          LOL! That cracked me up!

          By the way… Are they going to stay in Clow country? ’cause without Yuko-FWR nobody will be able to travel dimensions?

          Good thinking! Maybe they will o.O


  4. I hope this isn’t the real ending and the next chapter will make more sense, because it feels like another chapter in TRC. :\

    Maybe they may explain more in Holic, but I don’t know, it’s CLAMP after all.


  5. …I’m not going to make an opinion until I’ve read the epilogue. u_u but I WILL say that 1) not explaining anything about FWR was cheap, as you said (I was hoping for a whole flashback on his part) and 2) this whole sunset ending was so cliché in a way…and vague.

    *prays next chapter will have what she needs to feel complete – some last KuroFai ._.* I still keep my hopes up. I do. I do I do….orz


  6. yup, I remember the “weird ftp-like website” xD. Good times… good times…

    Anyway, I’m disappointed too. Poor Kurogane, Fye and everyone else, they were left out completely. And I’m still trying to figure out the last chapter lol, at least Watanuki smiled *¬*


  7. Errr, was that an ending? It certainly didn’t feel like one, I wasn’t even sure what had just happened and so I’m glad to be able to read what other people think happened. Totally unsatisfactory, I do feel like I was cheated out of something.
    …and now I’m scared for xxxHolic, pleasehaveabetterendingpleasehaveabetterending.


  8. I have a lot to say regarding this final chapter (liar — I can’t even sum up one word, but who needs them when you summed it up so perfectly) that I can’t put into words at the moment. Still, I had to drop by and give you, and so many others, a warm thank you ♥.


    • It wasn’t easy to write about it either, there are so many things left unsaid, but complaining about it wouldn’t help either, so I just accepted it as a disappointment xD

      Aw, and thank YOU, that’s a very nice comment!


  9. …That’s it? it’s the feeling I got :/

    I didn’t read the last chapters very carefully… mostly because I got annoyed I didn’t understand anything (I do now.. sort of) but they didn’t say the true names of “Sakura” and “Shaoran” right?


  10. I’ve been really out of the loop on TRC and Holic, but I still remember the excitement when this series came out and that mostly my enthusiasm was fueled by your wonderful LJ.

    I’ll catch up eventually without any hiatus and extended release dates , but I thank all the people in fandom that cooperated every release with their scans and translations, that allowed me to enjoy this series and meet wonderful people.

    Thanks for everyhting, Chibiyuuto and see you around for Kobato’s anime review!


    • Aww, what a nice comment, thank you mayezinha! Thank you also for being around and sharing your thoughts during all this time, I hope you will keep with us for whatever CLAMP has stored for us next =)


  11. This end is quite incomplete, I think the real one is going to be either on the next chapter or on XXXHolic.

    Or maybe is an end like Tokyo Babylon and they pretend to continue the story in another new manga (Maybe Gate 7?)


  12. As always, it’s a pleasure to read your reviews about TRC or Holic chapters ^^
    Your credits made me smile, some of them really went waaayyy back XD But I remember them all because, just like you, TRC is the first Clamp manga I’ve followed ‘in real time’ since chapter 1, week after week for 6 years…

    TRC was Clamp dream work, about which they had been thinking for a very long time and finally decided to make real: a manga that would show off their Clampesque Universe, showing off the many characters of their series…

    I spent an unholy amount of time and money on this series and have no regret: because I really spent awesome moments, got to meet many people through its fandom and get pretty good at photoshoping while creating new artworks of TRC *chuckles*
    One thing for sure: TRC actually managed to get me worked up for 6 years straight, to the point of burning out most of my braincells!

    And now, time for ‘complains’ 😛
    [take in consideration that I’m looking for OFFICIAL answers, not fan based interpretations of the events]

    Leaving aside plots holes and unanswered questions, there were too many rushed things to call it a satisfying ending.

    FWR’s character ended up being mediocre, together with Xing Huo and Kyle Rondart. The lack of back up information behind FWR actions, Past and relationship with Clow Reed and Yuuko transformed the whole journey into something completely devoid of any sens nor interest.
    Things like “Yuuko shan’t die!!” and “I will beat Clow Reed!” or “I will overthrow the Logic of the World bouahahahahaha!!” are all nice and sweet but still not enough =___= I mean, really: what for?

    Clow Reed’s role in all this is vague too: we know he unconsciously made a wish, we also know he regretted it and went to Clow Country after the time was rewound the first time and paid in advance for the clone’s reincarnation. What did he come to Clow Country for, really? What is that thing he had to do absolutely, even at the price of being separated from his beloved persons by coming to Clow country? What is his relationship with FWR? etc..

    The use of what I call the ‘cryptic factor’ was excessive and turned repetitive (= boring) in the last volumes.

    Real|Syaoran was very interesting when he first appeared: unlike the clone, he appeared to have a lot more emotions and depth to his character, which turned him into a favorite in my heart very fast.
    Unfortunately, again, Clamp were excessive: his perpetual angst and show of guilt and pain, which was really truthful and througly touching, was extended too far for too long…not that it wasn’t justified by all the horrible things he had to went through, but after watching him frowning for years, well, it gets tiring no matter how many reasons there might be behind it.


    • Furthermore, while he had the best intentions, his numerous successive wishes which -most- had dangerous ends, plus his fights which always ended up all or partly in failures (he failed in stopping his clone in Tokyo, he failed in stopping the princess from ‘escaping’ in Infinity, he couldn’t stop clone|Sakura from being stabbed in Nihon, taking the princess’s hand did no good in Clow ruins, in Celes he did nothing much either, in the final battle his ‘parents’ did most of the work etc..), dulled my feelings toward him, which was really extremely positive in the start. And yes, I KNOW, again, it could be all justified by “but he did his best!!” and “it was Fate” or whatever else, but again, we are back to the same thing: excess of anything turns it bad somehow.

      Their previous series, Card Captor Sakura, was abused to the point of -vulgar- fanservice: we all remember CCS|Sakura meaningless appearance in a flashback repeated twice about her giving away her Star Wand without any official (yep, again put in bold because if it’s fans interpretations, many of you would list endless answers ^^;;) explanation behind it: How did she get inside the Dream face to face with Clone|Sakura? How did she know about this? How come she said her wand was ‘precious’ to the clone? How did she even know she had to give away her wand and not something else? Being more powerful then Clow Reed and so kind toward others, why not do anything about this issue (the universe being destroyed…) is she obviously has the power to do so? How come her Star Magic, shown in CCS to be her very own exclusive creation, could be used freely by her clone as if nothing? etc..

      The official explanation about ‘Syaoran’ being Clow Reed blood relative is still eternally on hold.

      Watanuki was included in neither ‘Syaoran’ not their ‘parents’ flashbacks, even though Yuuko insisted so much on how his cooking reminded her of his father’s (just when did she get to eat Clone|Syaoran cooking….?) or how his ‘parents’ sacrificed themselves for his sake and promised to come back for him absolutely etc.. which implied he was very close to them during a period that was never revealed to us in any way and, all along, Clone-parents|SxS only ever truly showed real interest in their son ‘Syaoran’.
      I guess we could still count on XXXHolic to answer that, but somehow, it doesn’t feels like the events of Holic are turning that way at all…

      A very unerving thing: it was repeated all along that Fate/Future could be changed, but in the end, we could see that almost everything went as they were supposed to, in a round about way or another, for most of the story (= 90%), else, there is no way Clow Reed could have paid long long looonngg in advance for the reincarnation of the clones: both him and Yuuko knew how things would turn out till almost the very last moment.

      I won’t be saying anything about the 2 vampires Kamui and Subaru or about Seishiro, same goes for Fuuma: those are a separate story and it seems like Clamp had no intention to say anymore about them then they did.

      Many are asking about Kurogane and Yuui: Kurogane is definitely going back to Princess Tomoyo, no matter how much time shall pass or what obstacles he’d have to surpass for that. About Yuui, I can only imagine him beside SxS or Kurogane. Considering his great powers, it might actually be possible for him to go from one world to another….?


      • And now a little outlook into the future somehow:

        Clamp made a great deal about how rewinding the Time and Space is a taboo and have terrible consequences, and how the ones who did it would have to pay a tremendous price but, also, the people surrounding them would very likely see their lives changed drastically from what there were, as we witnessed during the first rewinding, when Fujitaka wasn’t the King of Clow anymore for example, how Watanuki was born etc..then what now? Time and Space was rewound in an enormous scale to return the Logic back to normal, the clones are gone but what about our 4 heroes who were around and were completely entangled in the whole issue to the core? How far in the past was the World Time rewound? Will everything begin again? Where? How? Just how much memories will they keep: all of it?
        We will now witness how the non twisted World is: will SxSxFxK continue on living from that point on and adapt to that ‘normal’ world or will they be ‘reborn’ in that World?


        • Hahahaha you remember some of those scans-providers? That’s nice, it means you are hanging around for a while too xD

          I read your entire comment and I agree with you in many levels, but the part that I felt most familiar with was the one about CCS. I too was very disappointed with the lack of explanation about the staff and why it was so important for the clone. I was hoping it would all be explained until the end but alas, didn’t happen.

          I think that not even Ohkawa knows the answers to some of those questions about the logic of the world being destroyed, time warps, Clow being at Clow Country, etc. After this sort of last chapter, it seems like she didn’t care about answering those questions because well, she might have created a dozen of plotholes and it would be too complicated to try to find a logic explanation to all of them xD It’s somehow different than JK Rowling, she knew every little detail about her world, and she would admit herself whenever she made any mistakes.

          But I really can’t believe she created such a poor villain like Fei Wang. Is this because this is their first shounen manga with a “villain”? Are shounen villaisn supposed to be unreasonable bastards? If that’s so, I prefer their shoujo villains.


  13. Wow, so this is it. 6 years, huh.

    I’ve been out of the loop so much, I’d have to read a fair lot of chapters before I could get to the epilogue… maybe someday I will. 🙂

    But anyway, thank you too for all the contributions, and for always keeping us translators updated.

    It’s been a fun ride. 🙂


    • Oh I miss you around =) You and your translations ♥

      Indeed it’s been a long (and tiring XD) journey! I’m jumping in the Gate 7 and Kobato. wagoons (and hopefully X and Gouhou Drug’s).


    • thank you so much for the translation and your friendship now we are in different fandoms, but i read your entries anyway, but i was really ill so i left a lot of my friends without replies but i always read to know what is happening and if need help

      about tsubasa
      don’t read it!! if you want i will make a detail resume for you!!

      if you want see the pics but don’t read it!


  14. TRC is the first CLAMP manga that I’ve followed from start to finish in real time, too. It’s almost surreal that it’s pretty much over.

    I’m disappointed, too. There are so many questions, still. I liked the chapter, it just didn’t feel like the end.

    Maybe the final chapter/epilogue will have some closure, but I’m wary.

    But, yes, the splash was lovely!


  15. the most convincing thing I heard of fei wong was the thoery that he is watanuki. Fei wong and watanuki are both related to clow, and they both want yuuko back. that’s the most convincing thing I’ve heard so far

    But most of all…

    I want the twins~ and the two brothers~

    I like them here better than their ‘original’ selves


    • I was thinking the same thing about Fei Wong/Watanukni (though I thought Watanuki will not age as he waits for Yuuko?) . As far as logic goes it makes sense. though in CLAMP!logic, logic fails.


        • Well maybe Watanuki doesn’t have the necessary magic reserves or power yet? I mean can you borrow against future magic reserves?

          Or alternately, maybe in the time between when he is Watanuki and becomes Fei Wong, he undergoes a serious Change, so that technically Watanuki isn’t really Fei Wong yet, thus the clones couldn’t tap into him.

          There could also be a more mundane reason, but I don’t know. CLAMP likes them curveballs and its not like they haven’t already decided to screw with the known laws of magic, time, space, cloning, and logic before…


  16. …I’m not even sure what the hezmatta happened honestly…they…went to sleep?

    are we gonna learn more in xxxHolic (as far as Watanuki is concerned?)

    CLAMP WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? just once I would love a concrete ending. nothing I read (or watch) seems to have that anymore whether its anime or manga or american…

    I broke my brain.


  17. i point some!!

    You forgot the translator cnet(mangahelpers), kitsune no ame (raw vols and scaned english chapters)y su_chan(spoilers); manga heaven(raws too) and all the great people who translate in their own languages!!!

    I can say anything enough to start with what i think… you must be a genius saying nothing about nothing i can believe we didn’t have at least the background of FWR

    Thanks Chibiyuuto san for all your hard work!!

    i think i won’t finishing my tsubasa translations only holic ones I have some hopes left in that (at least less plot holes)
    but i really fear that Ohkawa will use holic for Gate 7 i hope they won’t mess up more badly with that


  18. Thank you so much Chibiyuuto! you were the reason I created myself a LJ
    so I could thank you properly for all the nice things you do for us in the CLAMP fandom ~ for always sharing and keeping us updated ^^ for all these years…thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ I’ll go thank the others as well ^^ ~

    What a journey we’ve been through!…somehow we were actually traveling with Syaoran and the others all these years ~ having really great moments, some sad…some really confusing, some bad…and now it came to an end ~ it’s not AT ALL the ending I expected…but there’s really nothing to do about it ^^U…I’ll just wait for the next chapter thinking positively -w-

    Again, thank you so much!!!!!!!! ~


  19. Chibiyuuto! Cof..cof…
    CLAMP ME DISAPPOINTED!!!!! I think Clamp´s story don´t works very much… It´s true!!
    That story always escaped of focus´s characters to end… always disappoints you all!!

    Thanks to inform about it! *suspirous*


  20. Mm, yeah. I was a little disappointed too, I agree with your comments on the chapter. Though you found a lot more plotholes that I had forgotten about xD (Like the vampire subplot. D’oh for forgetting about THAT one)

    Well, hopefully some of it can be covered with xxxHOLIC at least…though if all of it were that’d be disappointing in its own way, I think. x___x

    >>But please don’t make a Tsubasa – RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE – 2. It has been a long, fun and great journey, but I’m ready to get off this ride.
    QFT. Especially because there are so many volumes already…ah, I love manga too much, it’s already hard for me to keep up with stuff. xP


  21. Thank you for commenting the chapter chibi yuuto ^^

    Here is what I think about Fei Wong Reed’s relation to Clamp, FWR’s reasons for doing the things he did:

    As we know by now, in the first time frame, real Shaoran wished to turn back time by 7 years. He wishes to go back to the moment when he hesitated to grab 7 year old Sakura’s hand when she was swallowed by Fei Wong’s black magic. If he could change that moment, it would prevent 14 years old Sakura from dying from Fei Wong’s seal of death. As his time is rewound, Kimihiro Watanuki, a dimensional rift, is created in order to fill the void left by Shaoran since he is taken in hostage by Fei Wong.

    Sometime in the story, Shaoran enters Clow country’s ruins where the 7 years old Sakura, giving out her hand in distress to Shaoran, is still frozen in time. When Yuuko’s time begins to move in time once again, she is swallowed by the same black mass as young frozen-in-time Sakura.

    Here is where my theory comes in: Clow did not accepted Yuuko’s death and therefore wound back time, which was well in his powers, to find a way to prevent her death. As time is rewound, Fei Wong Reed, a dimensional rift, is created in order to fill some void (which I don’t know) left by himself. Somehow Clow dies. Fei Wong, tortured by the idea of being a mere distortion or clone, wants to prove that he can exceed the original i.e. Clow. (chap 227) He therefore desire to revive Yuuko from death, the only thing Clow did not succeed in doing with his magic powers.

    In summary, if the above theory is true, real Shaoran is to Kimihiro what is Clow Reed to Fei Wong Reed. Although the symmetry is not perfect in the sense that it is not Watanuki (Fei Wong) that tries to resurrect Sakura (Yuuko) but Shaoran (Clow).

    If this theory is true, it also means that not only both Sakura and both Shaoran are stuck inside a circle without end (i.e. Shaoran is the son of his clone), but the story with Clow / Fei Wong / Yuuko repeats itself with Shaoran / Watanuki / Sakura.

    Hints from what I deduced this theory:

    – “The witch will be resurrected. That is the reason for my existence.” (chap 230)

    – “Shaoran you are the same as I.” (chap 230) In other words, we both want to revive someone dead.


  22. Thank goodness this roller coaster of a mess is over. The ending made just about as much sense as the last half of the series. “Disappointing” is my single word explanation of the entire series. What was CLAMP thinking? This is more empty of an ending as the CardCaptor Sakura anime. Maybe we’ll get back to more deserving stories. CLAMP needs to stop this habit of putting older stories on “hiatus” for no reason. X being not serialized in a monthly magazine is no longer an actual excuse seeing as how more and more series in Japan are licenced straight to tankoubon and besides, they’re CLAMP, they don’t NEED the advertisement of a monthly magazine. And, lets not even start on the ones they DON’T have an excuse for.

    Ah, I went on a little rant there.. Sorry. (^_^);
    At least I have more Kobato to look forward to! ♥
    Thank you for posting the ending!


  23. And finally, here it comes my comment too…:P

    You already know what I think about this final chapter, it isn’t really different from what most of the people here have already exposed, also because I highly doubt that anybody could feel other than disappointed, even a tiny bit. Sadly, Clamp demonstrated us that they are infallible too and I don’t really hold my hopes high for the epilogue, I’ll just be happy to see that the characters are fine after all this mess that lately Tsubasa became.


    It’s true that Tsubasa is an amazing story, I still recall how I found out about it in the internet, I couldn’t follow it from the very beginning because I arrived too late, the series had already about 20 chapters out. 😛 I was totally crazy about the idea to see Sakura and Syaoran again. And then I met you! On your old blog, on that hosting service that I can’t even recall, right now…I really liked your posts and in that way, soon I was up-to-date with everything.
    Good 5 years (more or less) have passed since that time, and together with Tsubasa we have laughed, got excited, had discussions, got emotional and, last but not least, became really close friends, even being so far away from each other.
    Together we have searched for raws, exclusive magazine pictures, anime episodes, news of any kind, translated the world (and that surely helped me with my Japanese language), the memories are too much! And what makes me really attached to Tsubasa is that, surely, similar things happened to a lot of people here, and when a story is capable of creating such a thing, it really is a good story, regardless the ending being a bit vague.

    Guys, we created our memories too! Let’s cherish them, now that this great manga is over. 🙂

    Yuuto-chan, thank you for all the effort you put in these years, to bring us anything connected to Tsubasa the faster and the better that you could. 🙂
    Sorry for this emotional and looooong comment, but I promised you, after all! And, seeing how I hardly comment on your LJ, who knows what could happen…a miracle?! a decent ending? Ahahahahah 😛


  24. so…

    I don’t even know.

    Disappointed doesn’t even describe how I feel. :/

    I hope CLAMP will discuss more into the other points of the story in the extra chapter and Holic, just as other’s stated.

    Thank you chibiyuuto for everything :DD!


  25. Disappointment was also the first thing that I felt after reading it. I was like, that’s it?!?! I haven’t been following Tsubasa for as long as you, but I’ve followed it for a good 4 years. I remember when I would stay up late to read chapters and get so tensed by cliffhangers…. and I’m really disappointed about the Tsubasa ending LOL. Hopefully holic will clear things up a bit.

    It feels like CLAMP was forced to end it without explaining everything, but at the same time that might not be the case since they did estimate the ending for the series.

    I’d just also like to say that Fai and Kurogane have not had more than 3 lines in a chapter since a year and a half ago….

    thank you so much CLAMP TT^TT even though I’m not exactly satisfied with the ending, I still thank them from the bottom of my heart for such an …amazing… series.

    Let’s look forward to the continuation of X now!!

    Ahh long comment XD

    And you chibiyuuto for all the things you’ve done for this series.


  26. Here, readeth the long rant

    Before anyone tells me, I LOVE CLAMP. Truly, seriously, I do. I will never have my admiration for them waver.

    But really, what on earth was this chapter about? For six years, like many of us, the first CLAMP series I read from real time till the end.

    What a journey, what a journey. So much has happened. Like CuteSherry, I spent an insane amount of money on merch. I lived, breathe, slept TRC. I had headaches more times then I could count, both from the insane scheduling and from the plot.

    I’ve brainstormed with so many people about TRC, colored manga pages, written fanfictions. I was sooo immersed into this fandom because of my love for SxS.

    Now it is over. Six years and here we are.

    That said, I’ll say this: Great chapter CLAMP. Well done. I am disappointed though, for there was no serious answers that we got to see here.

    The color splash was beautiful, that is for sure. I want them to be happy in the end though. All of them. Kurogane, Fay, Mokona, both Sakura and Syaoran.

    Just, wow. The amount of questions I still have. It makes me think that CLAMP almost didn’t have any real answers.

    Phew. I’m fine with it though. If CLAMP wanted TRC to end like this, they will. Like Sherry said, they wanted this manga. They wanted to put all of their characters into a superstory epic. Was it an epic? Heck yes.

    So TRC is over, beside the epilogue. So much has happened. I am very happy that I met everyone I did because of this manga. Thanks so much to people who helped get the chapters to all of us fans quicker.

    And one last thing: CLAMP has improved their art style so much. Comparing the beginning of TRC to now, the differences are so obvious. As my favorite mangaka, I am so proud of what they have accomplished these six years.

    Still, I don’t want to say anything off about TRC until I read the epilogue. I’m excited.


  27. It’s been a long ride.. I can’t believe it’s over. I was REALLY disappointed at first, but now I’m just waiting for the extra chapter. I don’t even expect any answers, as it’s unlikely that the plotholes will be explained, I just hope to see what everyone is doing from this point on. I’d hate not to see that.
    During those three years I’ve spent a crazy amount of time reading, fangirling, discussing and just being excited about the series. A big thank you to all providers and fellow fans 🙂 Also thank you chibiyuuto for all your hard work on updates, comments andd linking etc ^^


  28. sooooooooo

    dissapointed!! that’s the only thing I can say about TCR’s ending… It was the first manga I ever read, and I read it all in front of my computer (I’m from Argentina, so I can’t really find it but online) in only two days a month ago, then expected week after week a new chapter for THIS end?? It must be a joke… I agree with you, sincerelly dind’t expect for the “happy ending”, ’cause it would not be a Clamp’s work, but I did for some explanation about…
    well, besides it, TRC introduced me to X and Tokyo Babylon’s world, and I’m grateful for it!
    oh , have a question for you, can you please put any new you have or find about X’s end being published sometime? It’s my favourite story, and I think that readers really deserve it, we’ve been waiting for almost 7 years from now…
    Thank you! (and sorry for my poor english)


  29. Up until now I don’t believe that TRC will have 29 vol, but now, I do >____<
    And it's already been 6 years? This is seriously the longest (so-far) manga I've been following on week-to-week basis.
    Thank you chibiyuuto, though I don't comment here much, I've been stalking this journal like… from the beginning of time ^^


  30. I’m not even going to say anything about the ending, since I’m holding out hope that the bonus chapter will make up for it…
    (Well, except that I grinned when Kurogane bopped Syaoran on the head, I guess.)

    I do however, wanna thank everybody for the ride! Regardless of whther you liked the ending or not, Tsubasa’s been one crazy series, and the first one I’ve followed from start to finish, too! So… my thanks go out to everyone who scanned, translated, drew fanart, wrote fanfiction, and cosplayed – and to you too, chibiyuuto, for your comments on each chapter 😀

    It’s been one hell of a trip…


  31. ?

    😦 although i only found out about TRC when about 150 chapters were out, it’s been my favourite series since then, then being after i finished off those 150 chapters in 2 days 😀
    But they’ve just messed up the ending. I’m really really hoping that the afterstory will be brilliant, but i’m trying not to put too much hopes in it.


  32. I’m disappointed in the ending too – it’s too vague, even for CLAMP. For a series that started off with so much mystery and light-heartedness, it got really heavy and then really confusing and it just dragged on… And I agree that I wish there was more of an explanation on Fei Wong Reed and why he felt that he just had to resurrect Yuuko. I WANT CLOSURE. PRETTY PLEASE.

    I sort of dismissed the vampire subplot as… subplot, so I didn’t really care if it was unresolved. (dodges unsuccessfully objects of varying sizes)

    Now that Tsubasa has ended, maybe CLAMP can return to one of their projects on hiatus (c’mon X!) But still, one of the best parts about becoming interested in Tsubasa is that’s how I came to know you, chibiyuuto-san. Imagine that! ^_^


  33. Hi Chibiyuuto!
    I pretty much agree with all your comments. I don’t want to complain until I read the epilogue, but I don’t know… I expected something better. And by the way, thank you for your always insightful comments on the series (I enjoyed them a lot) and thanks to all those who scanned, translated, leaked spoilers of and theorized about this series.


  34. Yeah, I agree, if we consider this chapter as the end to TRC, then it’s quite disappointing but I’m thinking the next chapter will finish things off proper.


  35. I can’t believe it! 6 years had pass seen I read the first chapter of TRC, and it all comes up to this “ending”.
    I felt a hole in my chest when I read “The End”. I wanted to cry in that moment, I feelt the tears coming in, but instead of crying a yelled like a mad women!!!!! The sadness turn to anger and disappointment!!! I expected at least a chapter of 30 pages, but noooo, CLAMP wanted us leaving hanging!!! But I don’t regret reading this manga, it was my first manga that I follow week by week from the start(along with xxxHolic), like many of you guys did, and I’m great-full for that ^_^

    Thank you Chibi Yuuto for everything!!!!! Lots of love to everyone (and hugs)!!!!! ^.^


  36. My impressions for the ending:
    o.o…. O.O…. .-.
    that’s exactly it. XD

    idk! as i flipped the through the pages, the art is convincing me that something “oh-so-totally” wonderful will happen, then when i finish, i went, “oookaaayyy theeennn… what an ending… now,


    sorry for the language. i hope that the last chapter will have a lot of pages to end this. there should be enough to sum up this plot. XD


  37. for the last chapters I had the feeling that Fei Wang was actually Watanuki.. you know, he’s all obssesed with bringing Yuuko back. Maybe Watanuki losed his mind at some point… (I don’t like that theory of mine, but it keep comming to my mind I really hope I’m wrong -_-U)


  38. [copypaste from CLAMP_NOW xD]

    I’ve been reading TRC since the chapitre.1 in Aoi-san’s site (in fact, I did spanish scanlations for TRC until it got licensed xD) and I loved and enjoyed every single chapter week to week. For me, CLAMP have drawn the most amazing manga ever created (totally subjective opinion XD) but if this it’s its end… I’m a little dissapointed :/

    I was expecting an ending to suit what we have been reading since 6 years ago: incredible events and twists which in the end, the always made sense. This chapitre is perfect for me, a very CLAMPish “angst” feeling with all character sad and lamenting the loss of clones and “Syaoran”‘s fathers (whose son’s real name is still unknown ·_·), but a perfect chapitre for a pre-ending, not an ending. Where all the answers for the unfinished plots and unansewered misteries are, CLAMP?!

    I’m still expecting all my answers and in fact, I want to trust CLAMP until the very end, maybe we have a 70 pages epilogue with our expected final revelations T_T like the “tea with Eriol” final CCS scene XD (because in xxxHOLiC·Rou, it can be revealed things about FWR and Yuuko, but there are many TRC own misteries). If everything I want to know is not answered I’ll be in rage because I find TRC has ended “too soon” (not in time, but this last tankoubon was “too fast”, adding a few chapitres for explanations should not have been a problem for you, CLAMP T_T) taking in consideration xxxHOLiC still continues and now there will probably be more customers and “no main plot” arcs.
    Another theory I have is maybe CLAMP will make a new manga joining xxxHOLiC & TRC for the “grand finale” or something because in fact both mangas should have ended at the same time T_T

    Let’s wait for the Tokubetsu-hen and let’s believe in CLAMP, for TRC future’s sake


  39. Just so y’all know, the cnet translation makes things a bit clearer, at least to me. According to them, the Sakura who knew it was going to happen was the clone, which personally makes more sense since I can’t understand ANY Sakura acting that b*tchy, like, oh, it’s too bad they’re gone but hey, Syaoran’s back! Let’s live happily ever after~! I don’t think that’s quite what CLAMP was going for.

    Anyway, yeah… after some thought, I do feel like this is a decent ending, but that might be because I only got caught up to the then-current point about 3 months ago, so I haven’t been following it in real time for six years like most of you. Also, I’ve reread it all with my mom(she got hooked on the anime [the canon episodes only, mind you] so we just kept going). The fight with FWR is the climax, for sure. This is merely the consequence, and the aftermath.

    That said, I’m reserving any absolute judgement on the ending until the epilogue or whatever it is CLAMP has up their sleeve for the final chapter. Most of my questions will probably be answered in xxxHOLiC, and that’s fine with me. In my opinion, TRC is where the action is, while xxxHOLiC was always where the thinking happened. The action is winding down, the gang can finally sleep, time moves on. I’m looking forward to seeing where they all are, figuratively and literally, in the final chapter.

    The one thing I demand is some cute Kurofai and at least one Tomoyo appearance. *fangirl


  40. Yaa, Yuuto-san, thank you for the brief synopsis (I STILL haven’t read it–no time to download, etc, during the weekdays… @_@). Wow, I’m REALLY disappointed to hear we don’t get a cuddly KuroxFai ending (or ANY Kurogane and Fai ending), or even much about ShaoranxSakura. @_@ I’ll have to read for myself, of course, but yeah… the general consensus I’m hearing across the ‘net is that it’s one heckuva disappointing ending. CLAMP must’ve buckled under the pressure at last… =__=

    But about your comment on Fei Wong–I think (though it was pretty half-assed) we DID “discover” his big reason behind these elaborate and excessive schemes to change time-space in the chapitre “The Sorcerer and the Witch.” It happened right after Yuuko died/vanished after finally fulfilling her task of guiding the two clones back to the final battle/completing her bargain with them. FW freaked out when that happened, saying that everything he had done was to find a dimension/a version of time-space in which Yuuko did not disappear (implying perhaps that he had been in love with her?). He also mentioned that this was the one thing that would distinguish him above Clow if he were able to accomplish, and that was why he couldn’t accept that he failed. True, we didn’t get to see the backstory that led to his determination to do all this, but CLAMP did *sort of* explain FW’s motives with that, I guess. =\

    Oh well, here’s hoping a much better “epilogue” with proper closure for all the many, many characters (and especially our “parents” of the group!) will await us in the bonus chapter… =__=


  41. So this is how it ends… It feels disappointing and weird 😡 I love this series, but for a pretty long time it’s been a big mess. Though I’ve stayed positive in hopes for a good ending…which didn’t pay off very well xD…Oh well,what to do… we still have the epilouge at least.

    I would also like to thank you Chibi-yuuto (and the others you’ve mentioned as well of course), I have followed your updates for … uhm I’m not sure exactly how long, but quite some time, and I appreciate your work alot! I’ll continue to watch your LJ of course, but I still wanted to thank you in regards of your work related to Tsubasa.


  42. Wow it’s so amazing remamber all this people… Inarikami, Starlady38, Ashura-sama… I still remember when I used to wake up on saturdays to see if the translation of the spoilers were already on on Ashura-sama’s livejournal.

    It was a long journay for all of us. And it’s really sad that almost none of our questions were solved.

    – Who is Kyle afterall?
    – Who is Xing Huo?
    – Fei Wang Reed? Who really was him? What’s his relation to Yuuko/Clow? Why the clones of other people? What was his real purpose?
    – Vampire Hunters x Twin Vampires, just fanservice or there’s something behind this story?

    What really pisses me off is to realize that there were plenty chapters used for nothing but fill space. They could have given us a better explanation for the “cure” from the Death Seal (it’s ridiculous that just grabbing her hand it’ll cure her), to give a better ending to the suport caracters (or rather a true ending).

    But the thing that really upsets me is that the story of Vampire Hunters will probably be used into another manga, just to make we buy more manga without even creating a brand new story… I fell bad for it.

    BTW Chibi Yuuto, thanks for all this time you used bringing us all these news about Clamp, thank you very much =D.


    • Hello! I’m a random person who wants to answer your questions:

      Kyle and Xing Huo are Fei Wang’s pawns. A.K.A He created them. He considers the two as his “failure experiments”.

      The Vampire Twins (and the Twin Hunters) are from X/1999. Just like you said, I think it might be an opening for a new manga if we ever consider it as a new plotline. But in any case, I think their appearance was there just to keep Tsubasa running its story. Oh, and I believe they were there for fanservice too. After all, there are/were vampire twincest fangirls from X. xD

      (And cure from the death seal? You mean grabbing Sakura’s hand from the frozen time? It’s not really the “cure”… By grabbing her hand, time will “once again flow in Clow Country” and make FWR’s wish come true.)


      • Re: Hello! I’m a random person who wants to answer your questions:

        “Kyle and Xing Huo are Fei Wang’s pawns. A.K.A He created them. He considers the two as his “failure experiments”.”

        Yeas, but who truly were they? Who were the original ones? I believed Kyle was Watanuki (fanboy thing xD), it doesn’t matter all I wanted to know is where are they from? What was the reason for cloning them? They seemed to be pretty important since he had lots of servants but the two of them played a special role.

        “The Vampire Twins (and the Twin Hunters) are from X/1999. Just like you said, I think it might be an opening for a new manga if we ever consider it as a new plotline. But in any case, I think their appearance was there just to keep Tsubasa running its story. Oh, and I believe they were there for fanservice too. After all, there are/were vampire twincest fangirls from X. xD”

        Thinking it make me feel really bad, as if I was cheated all this time to buy another manga. Other thing about the Twin Vampires is that in their world the clones were made to feed vampires, I would like to learn more from it.

        “(And cure from the death seal? You mean grabbing Sakura’s hand from the frozen time? It’s not really the “cure”… By grabbing her hand, time will “once again flow in Clow Country” and make FWR’s wish come true.)”
        Yeas the is flowing once again but that was the “Death Seal”

        Someone was supposed to die when time started to flow again, right? Where’s the equivalent price? The prize was just grabbing her hand? What would happen if the cerimony was stopped? Is it just a senseless taboo? By xxxHOLiC philosophy there’s always a reason for the beliefs of people, but interrupting her purification there isn’t any consequence in doing it.

        I’m pissed off with the ending, even the epilogue spoilers were a shit. I’ve read it this morning and I really think people in Japan should gather and demand them to give us a reasonable ending just like what happened to a shoujo mangá I don’t remember the name. If japanese fandom gather and complain demanding a nice ending closing all the plots left behind they’ll have to make it.

        By the way I think it’s much more an editorial decision then their’s, It seems like some manga that the editors don’t let the mangaka use much pages on caracters that aren’t the main. Tsubasa’s ending seemed like an ending of Shonen Jump mangas who fail in the rankings being canceled. It was really sad, I feel like I’ve wasted all this time of my life reading/buying it.


  43. also is it unreasonable to hope that the Vampire Twins, Seishirou and Fuuma get some sort of mini-series? Or even like part of the Mang-nettes? I can see not wanting to make another series that ties into T:RC and Holic (nominally) at the moment because even for them keeping it all straight would be nutterz, but once T:RC is done and Holic is wrapped up, they’ll have the time to sort through it all right?


  44. Before I say anything else, I want to thank you, Yuuto, for all the news, schedule stuff, and etc. I got into xxxHolic about 4 years ago, which dragged me into reading Tsubasa when I moved to Japan. Most of that time, you’ve been an invaluable source of information and interesting discussion about both series. THANK YOU!

    As for the ending of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: I can’t say much more than what you and everyone else has said. Disappointing. I keep asking myself if this is the way all of CLAMP’s works end… with disappointment? With some sort of empty feeling? I don’t remember it ever being so. I just don’t know what to think. It was hard enough reading most of the last year’s worth of chapters; I understand why you didn’t comment of most of that. I just hope that Holic ends on a better note.

    Well, I’m with you – on to more Kobato. and the upcoming Gate 7 (and hopefully more Gouhou Drug, and the finishing of X).

    To days to come, and all our love to long ago.


  45. Hey there, chibiyuuto-san~

    After what seemed like 3 years, I finally have an LJ account to be able to thank you. xD It’s been ages since I’ve depended on your website for CLAMP updates and I seriously want to glomp you right now for being so informative.



    • Oh, I forgot!

      I think one of the other reasons for CLAMP to leave TRC as is because they’re convincing the TRC fans (who have not yet read xxxHolic or don’t care to do so) read it’s sister manga. CLAMP talks business just like any other Mangaka alive in earth. xD

      Money does play a role in reality, after all.


  46. ZOMG

    My first post on your lj, and it’s ironic I only finally decided to post now at TRC’s ending but oh well.

    Thank you very much for all the useful information and CLAMP related goodness you provide to all the fans~ I’ve been stalking your lj long before I made myself one /Not that I’m using mine actively, ahem/.

    A word for TRC’s ending… it’s already been said but. GAWD. CLAMP. And I still can’t believe we never got FWR’s angst!tearjerker story. Is it possible that CLAMP just don’t know how to portrait a villainy villain so they decided to ditch his story entirely? XD


  47. I’m going to wait till the epilouge chapter comes out before i pass judgement on Tsubasa’s ‘ending’. We’ve still got one more chapter to go, and it might just surprise us and supply us with a few much needed answers. Then again it might not, and if thats the case i’ll be pissed.

    I do agree though that this chapter felt very flat. It’s like, it’s been building up to this moment for 232 chapters, and it just feels so flat. And like Syaoran and Sakura’s renunion – knowing CLAMP, a kiss is to much to ask for, but they should have atleast hugged or said ‘I love you’. But instead, Sakura’s standing there crying because clone-Sakura has died, then there’s the whole feather thing, and then they pass out.I would have liked a more romantic renuniun.
    However, this chapter was quite touching in a way, and atleast it’s a happy ending.

    Next chapter a want to see Fai and Kurogane together(as a couple)in Nihon and see how everyone else is doing(ie. Tomoyo ect).I would also like to see and think we will see Sakura and Syoaran with kids (which predictably will look just like them).


  48. I just have one thing to say: This chapter was a lame :/
    And we don’t even know what exactly is Watanuki, or what will happen with him. But i always prefers Holic than Tsubasa, because it has sense :D. I hope xxxHOLIC ending will be fantastic and much better than this, I’m so disappointed too ;_;


  49. Well, it’s been a fun ride and like every good thing, it must end while it’s still good. That last bit didn’t happen with Tsubasa. Like most people here, I loath the ending. I expected so much better from Clamp, to at least be up to their usual standards, but nothing, they went down the drain with their already dead and roting work. I’ll keep my rants for when I see that final chapter to see if they can actually make up for some of the trash. In the meantime, I’m with everyone who says HATE to this ending.

    I found the series very good and entertaining all along the ride until the last volume or two, where nothing made sense and everything just kept dying and repeating itself stupidly. I’ve been following this series for over 4 years now. I knew about it from the very beginning but also knowing it was a big crossover and that I didn’t have the material resources to follow up on every side story made me shrink from trying to get it while it was still in publication. In the end, after I got my resources, I went about looking for everything related to Clamp and I managed to actually get most of all of it, which made following the story so much more enjoyable in that I had many other stories at the same time.

    I don’t begrudge reading this manga even if this is the only ending it has because it was thanks to this story that I was able to get myself into the fascinating world of CLAMP works and also I was able to meet you, chibiyuuto, and everybody else who worked this story from the very beginning. Thank you for being there from the start, ! You were one of my very first contacts and purveyors of information when I finally plucked the courage to jump into the turbulent world of Tsubasa. Your comments and info kept me going and gave me the necessary incentive to keep on following without losing my spirit along the way. If it hadn’t been for you, I would’ve lost interest with the many and long breaks that irked me so much I considered several times droping the entire series until it was over to save myself the trouble.

    I know I don’t post much but I follow all of your comments and wait always for them. So thank you for actually creating my experience with Tsubasa! ^-^


  50. Well, if the audience demanded a nice ending for HanaKimi and achived it I hope we can achieve it for Tsubasa too. I simply hated the epilogue, it’s trash.


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