Wish New Version (Updated)

Kadokawa will release a new version of CLAMP’s manga Wish, which originally ran from 1995 to 1998.

The new version will feature new covers drawn by CLAMP and will be published under the Kadokawa Comics Ace label (same as Angelic Layer, Kobato.).

The first two volumes are scheduled for July release 630 yens each.

Great news! And new covers! *-*

Update: Kadokawa lists the release date for both volumes for July 25.

29 thoughts on “Wish New Version (Updated)

  1. Wow…I wonder how different the covers will be from the originals, considering the way CLAMP has drawn the Wish characters on their personal boards.

    It also makes me wonder if they’re going to release new versions of all of their old series, especially since they’re finishing up with TRC and xxxHOLiC.


    • I think it was Nekoi’s idea to draw new covers, she just loves drawing her old characters xD I just hope the coloring won’t be CG but I might be hoping too much (we’re already getting new cover after all!)

      I certainly cannot wait for X’s new version, I hope it’ll have all color pages published only in the magazine.


      • CLAMP’s getting much better with CG, though. The Kamigami-tachi no Gosui illustrations appeared to be digitally colored, and those were beautiful.

        I could say the same for CCS–remember how each chapter started out with a color page? It would be amazing if they republished the whole series with the color pages intact. Although, if they drew new covers, they would probably be heavily influenced by TRC, like the Movie Collection.


        • I agree on Kamigami-tachi no Gosui being amazing, but I like their manual painting better.

          >It would be amazing if they republished the whole series with the color pages intact.

          That has already been done ^^ The new version of CCS was published in 2004 in hardcover and all color pages that were published in the magazine ^^



    I know this will not happen, but there is not a single colour picture of Touki, Ranshou and Ryuuki. This makes me very sad.

    (♥ Touki and Ranshou)


  3. Wow! *O*

    Que legal *O* Eu quero ver logo *O* Bem q a CLAMP podia fazer com todas as obras antigas delas né? (assim como o Outou disse) RG Veda seria bem legal *O* Clover *O* (aih jah continuava a história pra ter um fim *O*), Sakura Card Captor ia ser bem legal *O* Bem, todas as obras renovadas seriam uma maravilha *O*


    • Re: Wow! *O*

      A grande maioria dos mangas do CLAMP já possuem uma nova versão ^^” Na verdade Wish era um dos poucos que ainda não tinha.

      CCS tem, foi lançado em 2004, CLOVER também tem, foi lançado no ano passado, voce não lembra? ^^;


  4. Buying reprints is something that I have to push towards the end of my CLAMP grocery list. I remember picking up the Rayearth ones and wondering “But I already have them!!” ^^;

    That and the fact that there are limitations as to how much you can carry on the plane. XD


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