TRC 207 !

Scans also available at The Room of Requirement =)

The final showdown begins!

This chapter was short, so my comments are going to be rather short too.

Could anyone remind me of what Sakura’s wish was? *FAIL* XD To save Syaoran from dying? To “live” through real!Syaoran and real!Sakura’s relationship? I forgot xD

So the final showdown finally begins, at least between Syaoran and the clone (let’s hope it’s the final). Yes, yes, Syaoran, you’re doing well, you are pretty beat up already but you must still lose your gloves and goggles for the tube scene to happen, but you’re getting there.

Clone is even stronger now because he has Fye’s left eye which contains Fye’s magic which power increases the more one uses it. The clone is clearly much stronger than Syaoran in this point. Much stronger.

So unless something extraordinary happens in this fight (ie outside help, clone sacrifices himself), Syaoran might die.

In a way, with Syaoran dying, the tube scene makes sense since we know only souls can enter it (at least in that tube we saw back in Yuuko’s shop). But would Syaoran’s “soul” look all beat up like that? Maybe the “rules” are different on the other side of the tube and bodies are allowed? XD

This chapter made me realize that this volume might not have the usual 8 or 9 chapters, but 10, for the first time in Tsubasa’s history.

43 thoughts on “TRC 207 !

  1. First.

    Woah. I think R!Syaoran might die this time. But knowing generic stuff, he’ll survive it through thick and thin.

    However, I really hope that C!Syaoran would win this time though…


  2. eldar

    I must apologize to you because I have been reading your blogs for a long time now and have YET to make a comment on any of them. First of all, THANK YOU for all of your hard work in keeping everyone informed about this manga. I truly enjoy reading your blogs and learning your input on matters, especially since many of your theories are so plausible! So… THANKS AGAIN! ^_^

    I *think* Sakura’s wish was to keep Syaoran from dying… at least that’s what I would assume. :/. I seem to remember reading her saying she wanted to “save” him or “get him back” or… something along those lines. I guess I fail too! XD

    I honestly cannot even begin to think about the possibilities for the tube scene. I get way too confused and then it starts interfering with my mind, my sleep… my sanity. On that note… I was wondering if someone could explain something to me. As we started learning more about Fai’s past we learned that the more he used his magic, the stronger he would become. Likewise, the more Syaoran uses the magic of Fai’s eye (gr), the stronger he becomes. BUT… I remember that in the Celes arc, before dear Kurogane lopped off his arm to save Fai (


    • Re: eldar

      I’m pretty sure that was explained somewhere, don’t remember where exactly, but what it is is that the magic in only one of Fai’s eyes gets more powerful the more it is used. That’s the one C!Syaoran stole. The magic of the remaining eye gets weaker the more it’s used, the one Fai’s stuck with.
      My theory is that when Fai possessed both of them, they sort of balanced each other out, his magic growing if used, but not growing too much. But when C!Syaoran ended up with the one that only increased in power, it began to grow more than it originally would have without the other eye to balance it out, leaving it as extremely powerful as it is now. But Fai, stuck with the weakening eye, weakened much faster in his battle against Ashura since he didn’t have the balance of his other eye. However, this last part’s just a theory.


    • Re: eldar

      Thank you so very much for reading my journal for a long time now ^__^ Thank you for your first comment, also. I hope you’ll comment more ^^

      >”get him back”

      Oh that’s right! In Tokyo she said she wanted to get cloney back to what he was. True.

      >Why would Fai come closer to dying by using his magic but Syaoran get stronger by using the same magic? @_@

      Good point. Personally, I don’t remember Fye saying that. But I might have forgotten it. Do you remember when he said that, exactly?


      • Re: eldar

        Your journal is well worth the read! ^_^ And I will comment more.

        It’s in chapter 166. If you go to, it’s on pages 8 and 9. He says: “It seems I’m not becoming stronger the more I use my magic after all. More likely, the more I use my magic the more I get close to dying…” It’s right after Kurogane kills Ashura and the second curse activates. Immediately afterwards he tries to transport everyone out before the world closes in on them. Then of course there’s the AWESOME scene *ahem* of Kurogane lopping off his arm so Fai can go with them. >_> *refrains from using her fangirl squeal*

        I didn’t even consider the explanation that isis offered (thank you again, isis!), but it would make sense. Well, as close to “making sense” as Clamp can get XD. (We love you and your sadistic ways, Clamp!) After the holidays I may have to go through and skim the chapters again and try to find it… that will probably take a week or so, haha.


  3. I agree, let’s have him die and try to bring some resolution to this. Or something.

    I sort of find it amusing (or is it perhaps significant?) that FWR thinks Jr. being the original means anything.


  4. I get it. To go to the tube, Shaoran Jr. must be near death. But he can die!!!! I don’t want him to die!!!
    First, because he is the hero
    second, because if the clone reminds and he gets to whats he was before, he would hate himself for what he has been doing (killing a lot of people)
    Third, Shaoran Li and Sakura Kinomoto from CCS are waiting for their son. Along with Watanuki..
    Fourth, talking about Watanuki… What would happen to him if Shaora Jr. dies?? Would he disappear also?? I still don’t get much the distorsion thing. But Ohkawa won’t kill Shaoran Jr. if Watanuki existance depends on it…
    Fifth and finally, IS TOO CRUEL!!!
    Why ten chapters??? Have been the previous ones shorter too? I didn’t notice.

    Thanks for the news


  5. I forget what Sakura’s wish was too, it had something to do with clonnie I think though. And was the only one who thought the chapter page was cute for showing a Hanshin Republic scene (ah, good times before everything went emo).


    • Someone pointed me out that her wish was to bring Syaoran (clone) back (to what he was before he became all baddass).

      I noticed the Hanshin splash page, of course! But honestly, I like the emo days more xD


  6. I’m pretty sure that R!Sakura is in a different tube than C!Sakura was, right? Yuuko had the clone, while FWR put R!Sakura’s soul into a different one. If I’m remembering this correctly. I should go to bed.
    But anyway different tubes or different rules?

    As she was dying, Sakura said “Even if we are just creations, we’re the same. If those two [the real Sakura and Syaoran] keep on living, it won’t end.” ‘It’ could mean the good side, journey, the plot itself, or the love between the clones. Maybe both.

    But I think the wish Syaoran was talking about to Cloney was for him to somehow regain a heart. Sakura had vowed to find his lost heart whatever the consequence, so I think that she hoped he would not be a heartless killer anymore.


    • It wasn’t said which “two” she was referring to. And the fact that it wasn’t specific (her whole dying speech was rather vague), and that she actually told Syaoran his Sakura was waiting while SMILING, makes me think it probably wasn’t the R!SxS.


      • “If those two keep living, it won’t end” IS kinda vague, but thinking about it in context, there aren’t many people she could have been referring to, right? Watanuki maybe? It just seems more realistic that she was talking about R!S&S, especially since the focus of the scene was the S&S relationship.


        • But she seemed to want Syaoran to rescue Sakura. And she didn’t want him to die.

          I- I’m not sure WHO she meant, I just don’t think it’s the R!SxS. A-at least it’s not certain she meant them.


    • >I’m pretty sure that R!Sakura is in a different tube than C!Sakura was, right?

      Right. I think so too. *nods*

      >But anyway different tubes or different rules?

      Good point! The tube R!Sakura is in has a different backgound (there are some geometrical forms on it). Which is the same background of the tube scene.

      So Syaoran will go to the tube where R!Sakura is at.

      >But I think the wish Syaoran was talking about to Cloney was for him to somehow regain a heart. Sakura had vowed to find his lost heart whatever the consequence, so I think that she hoped he would not be a heartless killer anymore.

      Thank you, it is exactly that, as some other users pointed out!


  7. I can’t remember what the wish was either (in fact, I can’t even remember that she even made a wish XD I’m such a bad fan) was it the one she made in Tokyo or Infinity, I just kinda tune out when I’m reading the Sakura bits

    I’m looking forward to the tube scene, I’m not a big fan of neither Syaoran or Sakura but I think the tube scene would be highly amusing.


    • >I can’t remember what the wish was either (in fact, I can’t even remember that she even made a wish XD I’m such a bad fan)

      LOL! It was in Tokyo when she wished she would get Syaoran back (back to what he used to be). Remember now, when she retrieved the egg?


  8. This

    Could anyone remind me of what Sakura’s wish was? *FAIL* XD To save Syaoran from dying? To “live” through real!Syaoran and real!Sakura’s relationship? I forgot xD

    Made me laugh XDDDDDDD Anybody cares or remembers? Did she actually had a wish? O_o;


  9. i dont wnat Clonie or syaoran to die!!! DDD’8
    i hate no one cares for him! not even Kuro and Fai!!,what’s going on?! DDD:

    Sakura’s wish?? hmmm wasn’t for clonie to live on and have a heart of his own???
    geez makes me a little sad to have sakura death already *sniff*

    The chapter’s art was awesome,though still we are not getting anywhere with Clonie´s magic …:/


  10. scans


    Hi chibiyuuto-kun! ^^

    eeemmm…well…I found some scans of Tsubasa/xxxHOLiC from newtype…I don’t know if you have them…so if you do just delete this post…
    I hope this doesn’t bring problems since they’re not mine…



    I’m really sorry if they’re not important or if you have them!!!! u____u
    Thanks for the news ^^


  11. My intuition tells me that Sayoran will use Kohane’s feather in order to increase his power and end this battle..

    Or, the second guess of mine, Feywang tries to kill the clone because he threatens him (that look of him on the last page was scary.. *ך*)


  12. If this battle brings Syaoran to the edge of death, Watanuki will be in big, big trouble… Which means that the confrontation between Syao and Cloney might be the event for which Yuuko has been preparing Watanuki and friends. The climax of xxxholic may revolve around giving Syao a chance to win the battle against the clone.

    Maybe Doumeki will nuke Cloney with that mysterious egg or something… It would be kinda fitting, since the egg is something clone!Sakura retrieved to begin with 😛


    • I like this. It would then be similar to what Mizuki Kaho did in CCS: give Sakura a second chance after she lost the battle against Yue.


  13. I felt SOOO shallow after reading this chapter… my main thought about it was… “DAMN!!!! when did the Clone get SOOO attractive!!??!!” x////////x

    Wow… I Hope Shaoran Jr. doesen´t die!! .____. …. Mommy Sakura, Daddy Shaoran and otherself Watanuki would be devastated!! ;_____;

    Now… seriously speaking….I don’t think it will happen… if he gets in to much trouble with the clone, Fai and Kurogane are going to help him… and if they can’t… either Yuuko or CCS!Sakura and CCS!Shaoran will make a magic entrance and save the day… AT LEAST I HOPE SO!!! XDD …. Although I have to recognize that you theory makes a LOT of sense…(ghaa he just can’t die!! ;_; )


  14. trc 207

    “uhm.. wasnt sakura’s outfit black when she died and white in the tube?..*ponders* .. its confusing”

    Her body in Infinity had a black outfit on but in the dream world her outfit changes into that white/gold one we see in the tube-scene. I thought every1 had a “dream world outfit” too, where their clothes changed if they go into the dream world. But when Syaoran and Clonie go there their outfits stay the same…maybe because they weren’t separated from their bodies like CSakura was…(but then Watanuki basically lives in the “dream world” and his clothes stay the same too…)


  15. I think it’s the fact the only the sakura’s soul was in dream world. And it was seperated from her bodie.
    All the others weren’t “seperated” from their bodies in the same way.


  16. As you and others have said, it was probably in Tokyo that they are talking about. Chapter 134 is the exact chapter. Sakura says that she wants to continue the journey, Yuuko warns that will be doing exactly what Fei Wong wants. Sakura says “Even so, I will go on, in order to get back Syaoran-Kun’s heart.” CLAMP put the last half of that sentence on a full two page picture in a vain hope that we would remember. 🙂

    But, Sakura has never really been honest about her intentions, and Syaoran seems to know her better than we do. Knowing CLAMP it could be something totally unrelated. But this makes the most sense.


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