– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

05/10 – Shonen Magazine #23 – Chapter 115 (on sale).
05/17 – Shonen Magazine #24 – Chapter 116 – Last chapter of tank 15.
05/25 – Shonen Magazine #25 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
05/31 – Shonen Magazine #26 – Chapter 117 – 3 Color pages, beginning of tank 16.
06/07 – Shonen Magazine #27 – Chapter 118.
06/14 – Shonen Magazine #28 – Chapter 119.

– Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

05/15 – Young Magazine #24 – Chapter 107.
05/22 – Young Magazine #25 – Chapter 108 – Last chapter of tank 9.
05/29 – Young Magazine #26 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
06/05 – Young Magazine #27 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
06/12 – Young Magazine #28 – Chapter 109 – 4 Color pages, beginning of tank 10.

I thought the hiatus between volumes would be bigger, good !

– Novel:
Just reminding you all, the first “chapter” (I don’t really know if that’s the name) of XXXHOLiC’s Novel will be published in Comic Faust magazine out on June 15th. The title page will be drawn by CLAMP.
The whole volume, with more 2 original chapters, will be on sale on August 1st.

– DVD:
It has been confirmed by Kids-Station’s XXXHOLiC official website that Ageha Ohkawa and Tsutomu Mizushima (the anime director) will do audio commentaries for the DVD. I’m still not sure if it’s for all the 3 episodes or for only one, though. HOWEVER, this is AWESOME NEWS ! *-*


CLAMP will be the guests of another japanese TV show ! This time, they’ll appear in the “Books Corner” of a show called King Brunch. Since the show’s airtime is very long (9:30am~14pm), I’m assuming that they divide the show into corners, and if the order at the website is the same order of broadcast, then the Books corner is the very first one to be aired.
The show is scheduled to air on Saturday, May 27th at TBS channel.
Now all that is left to do is to hope that just like Top Runner, the video will pop out at the japanese p2p softwares.

PS: This was me being VERY formal, because you can’t imagine how crazy I am with that news *dies*

*ressurection* (yeah, just like Watanuki and Yuuko XD)

– Interview
An interview and a short comic are scheduled for the July edition of Newtype magazine, out on June 9th.

Well, there wasn’t many news regarding the works themselves but, I couldn’t be happier to know that Ohkawa is doing the audio commentary for the XXXHOLiC DVD, plus CLAMP on the TV in a bit more than a week *-* It’s too much for a single day.

17 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !

  1. Hello Yuuto-san,

    Isn´t it time to question Shinsen Subs again about the TOP RUNNER show? It´s still among their projects and they haven´t even translated it yet…

    I´m looking forward to UNDERSTAND what they´re saying. *snif*

    See ya



    • Yay good for you ! I hope it’ll be a nice chapter ^__^

      I’m VERY looking forward for the commentaries… even if I shall understand only 2% of it XDDD

      You’re welcome for the news~ ^__^


  2. O engraçado que nunca legendaram… Já me pediram p/ fazer um script mas não entendo 100% e há horas que deixo escapar alguma coisa. Tentei colocar no blog algumas partes mas acabei me perdendo…
    No Top Runner, o entrevistador pergunta por que elas não apareceram durante esses 15 anos e a Ohkawa fala que elas não viram necessidade de aparecer… Mas como muitas pessoas começaram a perguntar muito como elas são, elas resolveram aparecer. Ela conta que ouviu um ” nossa, como vcs são normais!” ^^’
    Elas cansaram do “anonimato” e começaram a aparecer… Isso é bom p/ nós XDDD Mal posso esperar por este ^___________^


    • Eu li as partes q vc coloco, e achei bem interessante ! Tinha algumas q eu naum sabia ^__^

      > nossa, como vcs são normais!
      Hauhauhauhauhaa isso q dá ficar no anonimato por tanto tempo. Mas eu naum acho q elas naum tinham motivo p/ aparecer naum, parece mais é q elas naum QUERIAM aparecer. Pq em todos os evntos antigos vc nunca ve foto delas O.o E quando é, é ridiculamente pequena.

      >Isso é bom p/ nós XDDD Mal posso esperar por este ^___________^
      Ò se é bom ! Espero q continue assim ! ^____^


  3. Clow and I are pretty busy fansubbing xxxHOLiC and Tsubasa’s second season lately, but you know that you still have our help if a possible translator for Top Runner ever appears ^^ (as we intended to do before L-E got interested in it, but since they didn’t want a collaboration, we abandoned the project ^^u). We can handle everything (timing, typesetting, encoding…), but my level of japanese is nowhere near comprehension of various native speakers in an interview, speaking as fast as they can and overlapping each other’s speeches >_>


    • Yes, my dear, I know that you guys are willing to help and I appreciate that ! All we need now is someone who wants to translate it u.u Which is really hard, I haven’t found nobody yet.

      However, I’m counting on you to find this new show and help to share to everybody else as with Top Runner ^_~


  4. Omg

    I didn’t comment about this earlier because…o.o;;; XD don’t remember, but oh well here I am…OMFGWTFLKADSJALKDJALKDJA -dies- CLAMP ON TV!!??? OMG OMG OMG I CAN DIE HAPPILY NOW!! OMG XDDDDDDDDDDDD …I seriously want to watch that!! ;3; hope they put the video ;3; snifff ahh ahh -dies- XD okay I must calm down, AND IN JUST A WEEK! OH HOLY BEANS!!!! @,@ wa wa XD this is too much joy for me and excitment XD omg waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -runsincircles- XD…okay enough about that, that just puts me hyper happy XD.

    and Ohkawa on the audio commentaries!!! waa!! that’s too cool!!! I’m soooo happy!!! X333333333 okay x3 chibi yuuto-sama! thank you for sharing those news too!!! they’re awsome!! n.n I hope you’re doing well!, see ya later!! thank you!!



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