New Layout !!

Because I really, really LOVE this image.

Also celebrating the soon-to-come X Infinity, which I highly hope to have this pic. This pic was originally scanned by my dear flowright-san (Thanks ! ^__^)

Please feel free to give your comments ^_~

EDIT: Thanks for all the kind words, I’m really glad ! ^__^ And since some of you asked, here’s the original pic, with a much smaller resolution because the original one is higher than 6000 px XD. As you can see, I did a lot of edition work… because this image is composed by 9 cards. Anne-chan put them together and scanned for me.

45 thoughts on “New Layout !!

    • >Love how it’s a close up on one side and not the other.

      Thanks, I love those contraditions too ! Also, the left side shows Kamui’s right profile, while the right side shows Kamui’s left profile.


  1. Hopefully they’ll resume it soon though..since they’re releasing artbooks and whatnot.

    Creeepppy latin lyrics. Why are all latin lyrics awesome, but creepy? *remembers One Winged Angel*


  2. UOOHH!!that’s the most beautiful picture of X that I’ve seen in very much time!!! Thank you for show it us!!
    I love the new layout!!! I love X!!! Why CLAMP doens’t draw it again!!!???


  3. *shockgasp* I’m mesmerized with its dark beauty… yet it’s not creepy like the equally dark and beautiful Seishirou one.

    I wonder what all those words mean?


  4. KAMUI!!! XD Ficou tão lindo!!! *_____* Aliás, todos os seus lays são maravilhosos ^^

    Nossa! Qto tempo! Tem tantas novidades aqui que fiquei tontinha ^^’ Nem acredito que vc conseguiu o live de TB! Ainda não consegui assistir… Estou tão feliz!!!
    Ah! Agora estou com banda larga, posso baixar os arquivos pesados! Nem acredito…




    I am starting to think that Ms.Mokona Apapa(Mokona-sensei)’s style of artwork STOPPED evolving since 2000 changed and the reason that it changed is because of Ms Tsubaki Nekoi’s screen tones and coloring.



      I actually meant that Tsubaki Nekoi’s colouring and tones changed the look of Mokona’s artwork like in CLAMP No Kiseki and TRC.


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