Card Captor Sakura movies Blu-ray covers has the covers for the upcoming Blu-ray releases of Card Captor Sakura movies 1 & 2, featuring two new illustrations drawn by CLAMP:

It really doesn’t look like 10 years have passed since they stopped drawing CCS =)

These will be released on August 26.


29 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura movies Blu-ray covers

    • Good thinking, there hasn’t been any new color illustration in a while… wonder if they will draw something specially for the tankoubon cover (for the first time)?

      Or maybe this final chapter will have a color page.


  1. OMG so cute!!! I love CCS!

    But there is a little… tiny difference with the old ones, I love those illustrations!!!

    And Kero-chan looks really big, don’t you think? I mean, he is a plushie after all…

    Anyway, it’s great!

    Sorry if my english is poor…


  2. Thanks for sharing! 😀

    I was hoping Clamp would actually draw others characters other than Sakura herself or Kero, but it seems like it was only wishful thinking ;_;

    And something did change in the drawing: the eyelashes, I don’t remember her having quite that many before.


  3. Oh, Sakura, you still as cute as ever. It’s nice to see that CLAMP hasn’t lost their touch for drawing her.

    (Kero’s colours look weird on the first one though.)


  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Now for CLAMP to drop everything and just do more Sakura. I would die happy if they did, I don’t know why but nothing captures my heart like CCS does.


  5. hello to you to 🙂 */me going through my CCS artbooks*
    Well, she always did have eyelashes, of course, but I still believe they are more noticeable on the pictures above compared to older ones from years back, I wouldn’t go as far as saying ‘kobato style’ (that would be far too much) but I still can feel the difference I guess? The other thing would be her wide smiles in both pics: they take more space on her face than they did before, and the fact the face itself isn’t as large as it should be made other reviewers/fans say she looked older too~

    But wth, this is just me nitpicking, the end of the line is that the artworks are gorgeous as usual, I am just a bit disappointed about it being Sakura all on her own, that’s it, I would have loved to see a 2011 CCS|Syaoran ^^


    • I also share your point of view, cutesherry. As a matter of fact, the face IS the part of the drawing that gives it the ‘differente’ look. The First one doesn´t even look like a Sakura face, is like a differente person =( Even though that, Kero has the sime fluffy style! hahaha


  6. The first cover is an epic fail! The neck is too fat! Is nobody checking that? XD I hope CLAMP doesn´t become an Eiichiro Oda…


  7. Sakura ♥♥♥
    But I can see some differences in these new artworks, especially in her smile : larger than before and a little something in it, that makes me feel that yes, time has gone on.
    And Kero has a weird orange color on the first one, no ?
    But, nevermind, these artworks are amazing ! I love them !
    I want so much to see Sakura artworks again, that I am happy ! But…I wish there were Shaolan in the second movie, like the first time. They’re really a team as Sakura and Kero (they’re more than that actually, there a couple ! One of the rare happy couple of CLAMP !).
    Thank you for sharing !
    I would be happy forever if Mokona keep drawing Sakura ♥ ( I also miss cross-over illustrations).


  8. But maybe in this time on te story of D&D the 100 years on holic didn’t no pass yetg
    sorry for the bad english
    Great chapter!!!!


  9. Yeah that’s pretty much where I’m thinking we are.

    Actually, looking back at the manga, don’t they only celebrate Wata’s birthday once? And it’s April 1st, so we can assume that the manga started when he was in his 1st year of high school and ended in the second year (since the Japanese school year ends/starts in the spring). Which makes sense because he’s 17 forever after he takes over the store, and that’s the right age for a 2nd year high schooler.

    So basically Watanuki turned up in Gohou shortly after Kaza’s arrival in the store, bought the hangover cure and then a year later is the owner of the store where the current chapter is now. He seems lonely because he’s trapped in the store, and Doumeki must still be out at school all day at this point, so he gets minimal human contact. Also Yuuko is not long dead. So yeah. I think that all makes sense. Feel free to point out my immense wrongness, since I haven’t read the manga in a while!

    Can’t wait to see what job they’re doing! :DDD


  10. Hey i check them on AMAZON, but im not totally sure… may this movies have english subtitle in it u.u i can´t undestand the details in japanese AMAZON for them and i want to get them );


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