CLAMP attends Blythe exhibit

The members of CLAMP attended the opening ceremony of the Blythe exhibition and charity event, which took place June 25 at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo, Japan. Here is a picture of CLAMP and the creative director of Blythe, Junko Wong:

Click to enlarge it.

Source: CLAMP Now, Junko Wong Blog.


16 thoughts on “CLAMP attends Blythe exhibit

  1. *__* Amazing!! They look beautiful as always… Mokona-sensei is so cute ;w;

    Is it just me, or CLAMP ladies are being a lot more on the spotlight lately than they had had for years? Maybe the news just didn’t reach us westerns before, but I had the image of them being really media-allergic.


    • Yes, after their 15th anniversary they decided to come out from under their rock =)

      Actually that’s very common amongst mangakas, they don’t go around showing their faces, it’s part of their culture, I think because that may influence how people read their works, but CLAMP’s reputation has became bigger and bigger so it was inevitable that some day they would have to introduce themselves publicly, specially since they are so popular outside Japan.

      Also, CLAMP has come to a point where their “name” is as important as their own works, most mangakas have 1 or 2 successful titles and that’s it, so it doesn’t really matter who they are.


  2. Waah~! CLAMP always look so beautiful and glamorous at public events. *__* How they find time to look ready to walk down a red carpet as well as churning out the number of stunning manga pages a month that they do is incredible!


  3. Very nice pic. of CLAMP!

    Sorry to ask a very weird question… what nationality is Junko Wong? From the last name, it sounds like a place from Chinese speaking country, but her name is Japanese in first name part…


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