Quite a lot of news this time.

Yay for new header pictures!

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/10 – Newtype #06 – Drop. 7.
06/10 – Newtype #07 – No Kobato. scheduled.
07/10 – Newtype #08 – Drop. 8.

No changes in Kobato.’s schedule.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

05/28 – Shonen Magazine #26 – Chapter 191 – Last chapter of tankoubon 24 (on sale).
06/04 – Shonen Magazine #27 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
06/11 – Shonen Magazine #28 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
06/18 – Shonen Magazine #29 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
06/25 – Shonen Magazine #30 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
07/02 – Shonen Magazine #31 – Chapter 192 – Color pages, beginning of tankoubon 25.

Considering what was said in the latest Tsubasa chapter, it’ll be back in July 2.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

06/02 – Young Magazine #27 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled (CLAMP changed that, chapter 158 was supposed to come out in this issue).
06/09 – Young Magazine #28 – Chapter 158 – 4 color pages – Beginning of tankoubon 14.
06/16 – Young Magazine #29 – Chapter 159.
06/23 – Young Magazine #30 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

Clearly CLAMP is taking some break in June, or working in other projects. There’s no Kobato. and not a single Tsubasa chapter scheduled for this month. I wonder what’s going on…

• Comics:

The cover of XXXHOLiC #13 has been announced!

Such a wicked cover! Seems Yuuko is holding that container thing with a butterfly inside it.

XXXHOLiC #13 comes out on June 23.

• DVD:

As reported previously, the limited editions of XXXHOLiC◆Kei DVDs will come with Drama CDs. The first one was scripted by Nanase Ohkawa and you can listen a sample of it at CLAMP-NET.COM (click on サンプルを試聴する). The first Drama will be centered on Yuuko and it covers the creation of Mokona=Modoki with Clow. The story sounds very similar to the picture book of Soel and Larg.

It sounds so cool! Clow’s voice is so cool! xD Usually I don’t care much about these anime Drama CDs but this one not only is written by Ohkawa but it’s also about the birth of Mokona=Modoki! With Clow! I really want to listen to this, sounds so cute.

The first XXXHOLiC◆Kei DVD will be released on June 25.

• CD:

One more illustration, this time the full cover of SEAMO’s Honey Honey single:

Check this post for a bigger version of the front cover.

The single comes out on June 18.


CLAMP has been chosen to draw the cover and inside illustrations for the pocket editions of some of Mori Ougai‘s famous novels.

The first of them will be a compilation of two of his works: Maihime (The Dancing Girl) and Utakata no ki (Foam on the Waves). Here’s the cover:

The second book will have other three works: Sanshou Dayuu (Sanshou the Steward), Takasebune (The Boat on the Takase River) and Abe Ichizoku (The Abe Clan). And the cover:

That’s great news! I absolutely love when CLAMP draws book illustrations! And these are big classics of the japanese literature. Ah, do they look gorgeous… I hope we get to see them all.

The two pocket books will be released by Kadokawa on June 25.

That’s it folks, not much of big month for chapters, but definitely a big one for releases ^^


75 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. I can’t tell because it’s so little, but the new cover seems to have Yuuko in a very Chinese Theme. I like all the pretty colors (that i can make out) It is going to be a very slow month manga wise…but I too am interested in that audio CD.

    Clow-Yuuko interaction makes me so curious~

    Thanks for the news


    • I agree on the chinese theme. Lately it seems like they have been making the XXXHOLiC covers based on specific countries and contries, don’t you think?

      >It is going to be a very slow month manga wise…

      Yes it will, we should be strong xD

      You’re welcome!!


      • >Lately it seems like they have been making the XXXHOLiC covers based on specific countries

        I agree, the last one was Spain. XD It made me giggle a lot actually. And inside in the splash pages it’s also had certain themes but they are reflected on the covers. We’ve had indian and a bit of arabic influence i think.

        >Yes it will, we should be strong xD

        Yes…*nods* We can live! at least we get something this month and they didn’t just take the month off >.


  2. No Tsubasa for a whole month! wah! so sad! I will try to be happy that the next chapter comes out on my birthday, and with color pages… try… *is missing it already*

    I can’t wait to see bigger pictures of all the covers! They all look amazing, in their tiny form.

    How long would the CD drama be, do you know? It sounds so interesting! I have no idea what’s going on, but I’d pull out my rust japanese for that!

    Thanks for the news! 😀


    • Good thing about your b-day =)

      >I can’t wait to see bigger pictures of all the covers! They all look amazing, in their tiny form.

      Indeed they do. I’m specially interested in those book covers, humm.

      >How long would the CD drama be, do you know? It sounds so interesting! I have no idea what’s going on, but I’d pull out my rust japanese for that!

      LOL! I don’t have that information, but it should be something around half an hour, or maybe one hour? Something around that ^^

      You’re welcome \o/


  3. Thanks 4the news chibiyuuto n_n

    If CLAMP is taking a break, i wish it is for another project as you’ve said
    maybe mangettes or something else? XD

    Love the new cover for holic, they’re always so artistic
    And it’s good to see CLAMP drawing illustrations for other books,
    they look pretty good n_n.


    • I don’t think they are working on Mangettes just yet, but maybe other kinds of collaborations, non-manga projects, who knows? ^^

      >And it’s good to see CLAMP drawing illustrations for other books,
      they look pretty good n_n.

      I agree, it’s very important for their career. And I love to see new styles of their art, so ^^


  4. NOOOO! One month without Tsubasa! *insert panic attack*

    I love the new xxxHolic cover, but I’ve always loved xxxHolic covers, it looks indeed Chinese themed. Well, let CLAMP have their deserved break, one month flies by anyway.


    • It’s gonna be tough, but they picked the right month, I guess xD I’ll be pretty busy with my university duties this month. So this is one less thing I have to worry about.

      I feel sorry for you guys, though.

      >Well, let CLAMP have their deserved break, one month flies by anyway.

      Word on that. And it’s not like they are really on vacation. Wait some time and you’ll see the fruits of this “break”.


  5. Thanks for the monthly Clamp update ^__^
    I notice a huge break in June : no kobato and no trc, but it looks like we won’t die from deprivation just yet, thanks to the 2 holic chapters aha~

    And I was wondering : is there any news about the ‘big project’ supposedly concerning both TRC and XXXHolic?
    edit: ah…I just noticed takoyakix asked the same just above ^^;;;


    • You’re welcome!

      I still think there are pretty good things coming out this month, like all the drama CDs and the books =)

      >And I was wondering : is there any news about the ‘big project’ supposedly concerning both TRC and XXXHolic?

      Everybody asks me that XD It’s totally understandable, though. I’m just as curious as you all ^__^ But there isn’t anything new about that yet. Keep checking, though, I shall post anything about in case I find it ^^


  6. Thanks for the update. Too bad we have to wait for a whole month of Tsubasa and it would be during my oversea program time… not sure if there’s internet…

    Pretty cool xxxHOLiC cover.

    They are still working on xxxHOLiC, so it’s still kind of good.


    • Well, at least you won’t be missing anything, right? =)

      And yeah, of course they are still working on XXXHOLiC ^__^ It’s a bit slow lately but they will carry it till the end.


      • Yes, I did! ^o^ Thanks for the heads up! (I almost missed it actually xD”)I like this quite so, it’s one of the softer songs though. I’m still hoping for another song like COTP. ^^” Although I should probably buck up and find my own resources (I blame mah laziness), please keep updating on anything Alanis Morissette? Please and thank you! >_


  7. OMG. CLOW. WE GET CLOW. AND YUUKO. AND MOKONA=MODOKI. MOKONA MODOKI AND CLOW AND YUUKO. KYAAAAAAAAAAAH. [insert endless keyboard smash here] ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Thank you sooo much for the news! They have made my day week month! ♥♥♥♥


    • Just a drama CD? Damn it! The story of creation of Mokonas surely deserves a hole manga series…

      *Dreaming about a series about how Yuuko and Clow knew each other, and had did many sons and daughters – Li Syaoran is their grandson, I hope – I wanted it… *


  8. OMG that’s the dude who wrote Vita Sexualis! Which might as well be called Vita Asexualis but that’s another story; and his daughter was huge at the beginning of yaoi (’cause she liked her dad too much, some say). Anyway, hugely fitting that Clamp should be drawing the covers; I’ll have to buy at least one of those books.

    That special project had better be awesome, that’s all I can say.


  9. OH GOD!
    Cover for Mori Ogai books! I’ve read only “Gan”.

    Oh, more xxxHolic for fandom! *O*
    I’m really happy, because lately I’m studying for exams and I’ve not so much time for both holic and TRc!


  10. This month is really bringing me down so far. XD; I’m really, really disappointed about the Tsubasa break, but it’ll be okay with the colour pages and all when it returns. 😉 It’ll be a good chapter, I think.

    The ‘Holic #13 cover is really beautiful, holy cow. *_______*


  11. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    All right, so no Kobato and TRC for the entire month. I can live with that. *laughs* Hope that when it comes back it brings more cuteness from young Sakura-hime and “Li Syaoran, Jr.” (R!Syaoran). Loved Chapter 191 very much! And yesh, even young Touya and Yukito in it. Young Yuki was so handsome! ♥ ♥ ♥ *Hanyaan!* It so cute and adorable!! *SQUEE!* DAISUKI DESU WA! Glad that HOLiC is back after the HOLiC-less month during May. =D That full cover of HOLiC’s single is simply wonderful. Suteki desu wa! ^o^

    Arigatou gozaimasu for the June CLAMP news and updates as always! *glomps*
    Hontou ureshii desu wa!! ^______^

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  12. OMG!
    I am angry at the two weeks with nothing on them!!!
    But I am extatic at the cd drama! After having read the whole of the Mokona=Modoki book thoroughly (I translated it to Spanish) I can`t wait to hear this cd drama! And Clow!!! We’ll be hearing Clow!!! It’s a dream!
    And it also means that this will have more bearing in the story now. So it will get even more twisted if they’re bringing the Mokonas’ birth out now.


  13. Uwa, no new Tsubasa for a whole month!! I’d heard they were taking a break, but I didn’t think it’d be for that long. At the bottom of the last page of 191 in the MSN groups scanslation there was a little note about it, saying that CLAMP was taking a break to collect data. Isn’t that mysterious? Maybe they’re researching time travel, or maybe someone’s going to get hurt and they’re looking up strange medical complications involved with, say, chopping your arm off or ripping your eye out. Oh, whatever happens, it’s sure to be good!



  14. Ive been hearing rumours of a “big project” going on lately with clamp.
    Could that be the reason for all the breaks?
    im confused @__@


  15. xxxholic

    it’s now 12th and no sign of xxxholic 158 😦 could u plz tell me whether it’s skipped again like Young Magazine #27?


  16. Publishing issues or not, I think we can agree, for the most part, that CLAMP bites off more than they can chew. ^^” Like their eyes are bigger than their tummies, hehe.

    I suppose my interest for CLAMP works has waned. I want to give GATE7 a try but I’ve fallen behind with the story/releases. Ah well. xD


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