B2・HOLiC final proof

The official website of Blythe has the final proof for their B2・HOLiC doll designed in collaboration with CLAMP.

There is also a Swallowtail butterfly on the back of the belt, brilliant patterns are printed on the wings and on the inside is a rose with the letter C, an insignia for CLAMP!

For more pictures, details and specifications, check Blythe’s official website.

The B2・HOLiC doll will be released this month limited to 1000 units. An autograph session with CLAMP members will be held on October 23 to promote the release.

On another note, the official website of Young Ace magazine has the preview for its next issue with the debut of Gouhou Drug’s new series Drug & Drop. Check them here and here.


13 thoughts on “B2・HOLiC final proof

  1. The collaboration is great, it’s a very nice outfit… but I don’t think Blythe Doll match very well with CLAMP character (in this case, the face doesn’t looks like Yuuko). At least, Yuuko’s doll is less scary than the Sakura one ^^


  2. cute

    I like this doll, maybe because Yuko was one of the best character ever created by Clamp, she is my favorite character with Clow Reed and Seishiro Sakurazuka.
    i’m waiting for Drug and drop but I think it will be never at the level of its old self.

    By the way Chibi Yuto, I have an information for you, I found it on wikipedia, the Japanese government chose Blood-c the movie as one of the production which receive public funds.


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