Tsubasa − ALBuM De REPRoDUCTioNS 2 − cover

Here’s the cover of the second Tsubasa artbook, taken from Kodansha‘s website:

Very pretty, if you ask me! =)

Tsubasa − ALBuM De REPRoDUCTioNS 2 − will be released on November 17, along with Tsubasa #28.


33 thoughts on “Tsubasa − ALBuM De REPRoDUCTioNS 2 − cover

  1. I don’t like Syaoran much on the cover, he looks a bit… static, and very much like the past covers ;;; Sakura makes everything prettier though ♥

    I want to see the other 3 on the back cover~~~~!


  2. OMG I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Turns out Del Rey is releasing the first artbook for 20 dollars in bookstores sometime soon, so I feel ridiculous for buying it only a year ago for 40 dollars. Still going to get it though, and I’m getting this one too!


  3. Waaah it’s pretty~! Thanks for sharing 😀

    Wonder if it includes epilogue-esque manga panels; I’d love to see that.

    Would definitely buy this if licensed. ^^


  4. Olá, Chibiyuuto! :D/

    Wow, they look quite different, but still the art seem pretty.
    (I’m really behind in the manga reading, so probably soon I’ll get all of the comments. XD;;)

    Thanks for the heads up!


  5. It’s interesting how this cover is using the same color scheme as the normal cover of the last volume (as well as the same costume for Syaoran). I have no idea how his hand can bend like that, but it still looks beautiful!


  6. This cover reminds me “Liar Game,” it’s not a compliment. I like the collors, I don’t like the Syaoran. It really looks strange, like fanart maybe they’re too stretched. Sakura is okay but Syaoran is strange, maybe it’s his expression… strange. It reminds me old school manga, Syaoran’s face is really strange. Anyway it’s too simple for an artbook, 90% of the content is better than this draw.
    Yes, I’m pissed off at Clamp.

    But I’m still pretty satisfied with xxxHOLiC and Kobato. I should just forget about TRC.


  7. Pretty cover indeed, but it feels a bit repetitive though: Clamp has made Tsubasa wear the exact same clothes in all three covers of the Normal+Deluxe manga + the artbook ^^;;
    I’d like to say something like “there is a meaning behind it” but I’m afraid it might just be them not making too much effort to come up with anything else ^^;;;;;;;;;;
    I pre ordered it already weeks ago from amazon.jp and I should receive it around november 17th-18th, meaning next monday/tuesday. I will be sure to make a super HQ scan of the cover and the 2 omakes of course ^^
    BTW, I will also get the Newtype next week, would you be interested in HQ scans of Kobato for your scanlation or do you already have your own source?


  8. DO WANT!! *______*

    It’s a very pretty cover, but I have to agree with the other comments in saying that it’s a little static for my liking… The previous cover was so dynamic and fun. On this one, Syaoran in particular looks pretty bored. Lovely colour scheme though and I can’t wait to see the others on the back! I hope Kurogane, Fay and Mokona are all together in the same image this time.

    Looking forward to the comic inside and hopefully there’ll be another cute pencil board too!


  9. Wow~~~~ It’s really pretty!! Tsubasas!!

    I personally think that the cover is peaceful. Probably they want to let us get used to this new outfit since the old outfit has been drawn for almost the whole series.


  10. Yay!That’s wonderful.But what’s the price of it? I searched all shops provided by Kodansha website and I found a price of 1890¥.I think that it’s about 15€,plus shipping,I really don’t know how much is it then.


  11. Did anyone else hate this artbook? It was far, far too focused on Syaoran and cloney and the others seemed to be added as mere afterthoughts. Also, the omakes were ones we’ve already seen. I know this is Album de Reproductions but we got a new omake comic the first time! Why are there only reprints this time?! I’m sooo disappointed! I even counted two images that were the same from the last artbook and there was no clear file this time. This thing was totally half-baked. I want my money back D:<

    Coincidentally, I scanned the KuroFai picture from the back if anyone wants to see: http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb277/hikari-kaitou/TABbackcover.jpg Even that disappointed me 😥


  12. I’m reaally late on this… >___<
    I was wondering if Del Rey Books would release this artbook, as they did with the previous one??


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