CLAMP talks Mugen no Yami―echo of the past

CLAMP posted a letter in CLAMP-NET.COM explaining the full story about the video Mugen no Yami―echo of the past, for which CLAMP drew illustrations for, that surfaced on the japanese video sharing website NicoNico a few days ago.

The letter is quite long and they apologized for posting it in the NEWS section since it doesn’t really falls into the “news” category, but it was the most suitable place to publish it.

I’m gonna try to quickly summarize it.

Basically CLAMP always liked Vocaloid and the original video creations that are posted daily on NicoNico. They like to check on the videos during intervals between work.

One day one of the members found the song Mugen no Yami[original] (it did not have the suffix echo of the past yet) on NicoNico and all 4 immediately fell in love with it. But one thing bugged them: the screen was pitch black. They didn’t think that was “fair” for such a beautiful tune.

For their surprise, the composer of that song was was Shinji Hosoe, who has composed music for several games of ARIKA, the game developer company where CLAMP’s long time friend Ichirou Mihara works at.

Basically they talked to each other and CLAMP asked Shinji Hosoe’s permission to make a video (their idea was to make a PV out of it) of the song, which he agreed. Ichirou Mihara was then in charge of animating it.

It took one month to get the work concluded, using their own share of sleep time.

At the end CLAMP thanks everyone who watched the video, commented and added it to their favorites.

Of course, this is just a quick summary, the original letter is much bigger and very detailed. So if you are interested in the full story make sure to check it (and if you want to contribute with more information, you are welcomed!). If you find any mistakes in my amateur translation please let me know!

They also added a new illustration featuring Chibi Miku:

39 thoughts on “CLAMP talks Mugen no Yami―echo of the past

      • We gotta be grateful with what we have. 😀 Plus, you can watch the video in HQ and press Print Screen for the pictures and then put it on Paint to make a picture. 😀 ^^; You probably knew that though…

        But is Ichiro Mihara from Angelic Layer based on Clamp’s friend, Ichirou Mihara from the Shinji Hosoe? xD


        • Hahaha yes, but what if I think the video is not HQ enough? LOL xD

          >But is Ichiro Mihara from Angelic Layer based on Clamp’s friend, Ichirou Mihara from the Shinji Hosoe? xD

          The answer is yes =D Shinji Hosoe is a different person though ^^


          • >Hahaha yes, but what if I think the video is not HQ enough? LOL xD

            Watch it in HD? xD

            …Oh, I thought Shinji Hosoe was a company….>.< What's the company name though?


            • >Watch it in HD? xD

              Well, the YouTube is the original NicoNico video, someone just uploaded it on YouTube. And that one is not in HD, so you can’t really watch it in HD =(

              > What’s the company name though?

              ARIKA =)


  1. Chibi Miku remind me a lot to Himawari, looks like when she tells her “bad luck story” to Watanuki. At least in the sadness-like-face.



  2. I-I like that doll she’s holding.

    Thank you for the link and the summary of the letter, Chibi Yuuto. I wonder if the real Ichirou Mihara looks or acts like his manga counterpart?


  3. Wa~~~ The chibi version is cute! *drool*
    And there’s mokona modoki too! XDDDD

    Is the yellow doll she’s holding ever appear somewhere? I think I saw it before but it could be just my imagination…. *think hard*


    • The doll is a character from one of the AKIRA game line. Since Shinji Hosoe composed music for several ARIKA games, I’m guessing that’s why CLAMP threw it in there! It’s so cute. XD


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