Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro cover

Here’s the official cover of Shimarisu no Hoobukuro (Chipmunk Cheeks):

You can check the cover in high resolution in this press release.

As you can notice, the final cover is slightly different than the one announced in Newtype, however, the advertisement did say that it was just a tentative cover.

The all color book has 104 pages and goes on sale June 10.

11 thoughts on “Satsuki Igarashi’s Shimarisu no Hoobukuro cover

  1. I like the cover, cute and simple!

    I apologize if you’ve answered this question, but do you know if there are there plans to translate this and bring over to North America and other countries?


    • I’m pretty sure so far this is only going to be released in Japan. But lately France is releasing so many CLAMP books that they might publish this one too. No North America so far, though.


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