Kobato. ●●● adaptation

More news about a possible Kobato. anime adaptation!!

This is a flier that is being given away in some japanese bookstores:

Click to enlarge it.

The text in the circle reads: At last CLAMP’s popular [series] will be made into a ●●●!!

Considering each dot indicates a japanese syllable, the word “A NI ME” could easily fill the spaces =)

The rest of the flier says that the “happy news” shall be announced in the obi strip attached to volume 3, due Dec. 26. Thank you usomitai for your translation help ^__^

But wasn’t the announcement supposed to be made in Newtype? O.o I guess it’ll be in volume 3 as well, of course.

My expectations get bigger and bigger every time something new shows up! *excited*

Now, I’ve seen lots of people taking it as a anime adaptation to be aired on the TV. While that may turn out to be true, it might not be the case either. So we shouldn’t get too excited about a TV anime just yet, and likewise, we shouldn’t get too hopeless about ruining your favorite work with infinite amounts of original episodes in that supposed TV anime either.

For now, let’s just wait and see, ne? I still bet on a music video, like I told earlier.

More news as they come!

28 thoughts on “Kobato. ●●● adaptation

  1. *CAN’T WAIT* For now I’m going to pray for it to be:

    1) An anime, be it a series or OADs (though I prefer the second)
    2) Of good quality, no fillers ;;;

    I hope they choose some new seiyuu for Kobato, and I hope she’s the most adorable thing ever ♥


    • If it’s really something with voice actors, then I hope Ohkawa’s yoga teacher plays Kobato XDDDD Ohkawa says she has the perfect voice.

      But it probably won’t happen since she must have null experience in voice acting ^^;


  2. I feel like it’s too early for an anime, there isn’t enough stuff (hello, have we even gotten through our first arc yet?) and a musical video sounds much more likely, like what they did with Wish.


  3. D: As much as I love Kobato., I can’t really see it as an anime… nor do I want to it to be an anime–not just yet. An OVA sounds good, I can picture Madhouse doing it.


  4. I honestly hope it´s not a TV series… Unless CLAMP decides to get serious on Kobato. Kobato always smelled like “side order” for me. Something to release stress from after the dense Holitsuba marathon… Like Wish, for example.

    May the Gods hear your prayers on the music video, Yuuto-san XDDDD



  5. I prefer OVA, therefore they don’t fill in with useless fillers. *nodding*

    >>infinite amounts of original episodes
    What a nice way to spell ‘useless fillers’. LOLOLOLOL

    Hail Kobato!! XDDD


  6. ok

    i think the anime adaptation is good for kobato.

    i think the mistake of clamp in orientation in one of tsubasa pages is because of clamp’s preparation for mangettes or perhaps clamp is working in the work they will put in mangettes secretly,it seems that clamp wanted to do something like that.


  7. It’s no doubt they are causing a lot of “hype” in fandom xD
    I hope it will be an anime *__* but I fear fillers >_< with only 3 tankoubons, how many episodes can they broadcast? 13? O_o If that's the case, then it'll take eons to be possible a second season Y_Y. Kobato. peridicity is very slow, best way to animate it should be wait until it's near its end, I think it's too soon for an anime, but I can't deny I'd like it XD

    Thanks for the news, and let's wait 'till Christmas for tank #3 😀


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