XXXHOLiC◆Kei #13 Review

What a fanservice episode this one was! It was cool seeing some of the characters that we saw in this and the previous season walking down the streets: the computer-addicted lady, the twin sisters, the fortuneteller obaa-chan, the glasses lady whose episode was based off the novel, the teenager girl who was possessed, just to name a few.

We had some very important cameos inside the electronic store too, including Kazahaya and Rikuou finally making their appearance! I was getting worried because they said at the event that they would show up but we were in episode 12 and nothing of Kazahaya and Rikuou. It was short but I think that was the biggest fanservice of this episode.

Speaking of another cameo, I’m pretty sure I saw Shimbo and Sumomo right at the beginning when Yuuko and Watanuki are running up and down the store! The RAW version I have is not wide-screen but once it’s released I’ll be able to say it for sure.

I loved the voice of the Thunder Beast, or God, whatever! Now I know why Ohkawa and Mizushima were so excited to work with him, he’s really good and did a nice job! I love the contrast of such a cute and baby-faced creature being so old and having such a strong voice XD

Seeing Papa fox and little fox-kun again was very nice, I love the last one and when his tail goes all spiky XD He’s so adorable when he’ll all shy around Watanuki XD

Actually it was very nice seeing everyone again like the Yumekai and also some old figures like Akari (the cat). It was very amusing seeing all those weird creatures eating together, made me realize how weird and full of crazy creatures XXXHOLiC is xD

Himawari and Doumeki went together, I’m not sure if they mentioned anything about it, but were they able to see anything? Specially Himawari? Speaking of her, her hair is tied again, that was so strange…

Ame Warashi and Zashiki Warashi OBVIOUSLY made an appearance too, along with the Karasu Tengu and Neko Musume.

It was like a great homage to the series, and while I don’t think we should take this episode that seriously, it was still quite a nice and emotional episode xD

So XXXHOLiC◆Kei has ended. I think it was a big fuss for only 13 episodes, but I guess that’s part of the promotion. This season certainly had its flaws but it was at least better than last season in terms of animation quality. Overall the XXXHOLiC anime was an “okay” adaptation, definitely not the best CLAMP anime ever done (that spot still remains to CCS, in my opinion) but also not the worst (Tsubasa Chronicle is, again in my opinion).

I somehow expected it would have an original ending, but it didn’t, the story feels just as incomplete as last season, unless you take “and they ate happily forever after” as a proper ending. For that reason, I believe there could be some kind of continuation, I don’t think it will be in the form of a TV series, but OADs is definitely a possibility.

For the first time in my blogging life I was able to review an entire season! XD To tell you the truth, I only did it because I knew there would be only 13 episodes, otherwise I think I would have stopped a few episodes back xD

Just like last week’s episode, the CLAMP members watched the final XXXHOLiC◆Kei episode in real time at Ohkawa’s place.


XXXHOLiC◆Kei episode 13 was broadcast.
It was its final episode.
Everybody gathered in my room and watched it with a champagne glass in their hands.

For the scriptwriters team, it feels like “It has ended safely!”
For the viewers, it feels like “Eh-, it’s over… (feels lonely)”

Everybody at the staff and cast must be really tired.
It was a happy work blessed with many, many wonderful opportunities.

It would be great to meet you all again.

Ah!          Nanase

The XXXHOLiC◆Kei DVD commercial that aired during episode 13
was Haruka-san’s version! (laughs)






あ!           ななせ


Shortly after the episode was over, they went to a party to celebrate the ending of the anime which lasted until the morning of the following day.


13 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC◆Kei #13 Review

  1. CLAMP know how to party!XD i felt it was a bit lacking,i hoped for something a bit more substantial for the end of the second season. And i thought Rikuo looked terrible! I agree with you about the thunder beast, he was fabulous!


    • >CLAMP know how to party!XD

      They always have a reason to party xD

      > i felt it was a bit lacking,i hoped for something a bit more substantial for the end of the second season.

      Definitely agree.

      >And i thought Rikuo looked terrible!

      He did XD But that’s not Gouhou Drug anime so I’m not asking much xD


  2. >(that spot still remains to CCS, in my opinion)
    Being a major CCS fan, i’d have to disagree. The anime left so much information out that is really needed to get the whole story. And besides, the ending (anime or movie) was really a horrible replacement for the manga ending which actually gave you a finished feeling. The anime ending was obviously done to promote the movie. The movie ending was disappointing and was written as if it was a fanfiction (not that the movie didn’t feel like a giant fanfiction to begin with). =/
    Angelic Layer, even if it’s changed from it’s manga counterpart a little, is the one I think was done the best. I mean, as in the best compared to it’s manga counterpart.


    • Well, like I said, it was my personal opinion, and I do think it’s the best anime adaptation of a CLAMP work. The story was very faithful even though it has a lot of original episodes (I would say that was thanks to Ohkawa being the series compositor and main script-writer), the animation is very good and so are the seiyuus and soundtrack.

      But that’s only my opinion ^^ You’re free to think whatever you want of course! That’s just the reason why I think that.

      Oh, and Angelic Layer is right under CCS, I would say. I loved the anime too!


  3. I saw it today, and the episode was … fine..
    I thought they going to do an original ending too, maybe yuuko finaly grants watanuki’s wish or something.

    the thunder beast’s voice indeed was funny, if haruka’s voice reminded me yuuto from x tv , this one reminded me sorota!

    I think xxxholic is the worst adaptation – the bad animation and the lack of tsubasa story (which about 1/4 of the story in the first season and about 1/2 in the second).

    tsubasa, with all the defects, at least it sticks to the manga (until some point) unlike holic, or x tv


    • >this one reminded me sorota!

      Yeah, a very very old Sorata, but still Sorata xD
      I too thought there would be an original ending (like I wrote in my review), but maybe that means there will be a continuation =)


  4. When I watched all the RAWS with xxxholic commercial, I kept repeating myself that “HEY this is HARUKA-JII-SAMA!”

    Overall it’s okay, prolly not the worst I must say LOL. Don’t get me wrong I love the Himawari Arc. It seems that the first 3 and the 11-12 are the most important because I love how Watanuki develops his relationship with Doumeki and Himawari. I think I know the reason why Watanuki pisses off to Doumeki because Himawari’s treat them equally x3. I never noticed it until when I saw the anime.

    Again, there’s lacking off especially the Kohane Arc, that I’m disappoint the most. Since Kohane Arc was all angsty and all, it quite became dull to me.

    At the end, it’s most like a role call of all the cast LOL except for Haruka and Kohane LUL. But I have mix emotions on it xDDDD

    Overall,,, I only enjoy because of Haruka-jii-sama xDDDD after the Spider Douwata moments, LUL xDDD

    thanks for reviewing the whole episode!


  5. Yes, super fan-servicie. I was expecting Rikuo and Kazahaya to show up in this ep. since it was hinted and we hadn’t gotten them yet. All the others were a nice surprise. Though, I’m amused that they used differnt voice actors for those two (I cringed on Kazahaya’s ’cause it sounded way too much like Fay’s anime voice).


  6. I’ve finally seen this last episode.
    I’m quite agree with all of your comments.
    It was fun to search all the crossovers or reapparances of old characters during the episode.
    But I had the same question in mind…how Himawari can see them ? >_< It's a little bit annoying.
    It looks like a final episode, because they all are gathered, but there isn't a finish to the story…so i think it's well done.
    I really enjoy this season of XXX Holic ^^
    Now, I'll wait for the OAD. I expect a very good animation for a very very good script …I'll be delighted for sure !


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