XXXHOLiC◆Kei #11 Review

As I had expected, this was a great episode animation-wise. I wish the entire series would have the same animation level we see in this episode, it would make XXXHOLiC a much better adaptation. And it’s not like I’m asking too much, these “excellent-animated” XXXHOLiC episodes are in the same level of “okay-animated” episodes for other series out there. Not sure if you get my point here… My point is, XXXHOLiC’s excellent animation is not that excellent.

But XXXHOLiC animation issues are far from news, let’s talk about the episode.

Seems like there wasn’t much script changes in this episode as it’s very faithful to the manga version, with a few adaptations here and there to suit the anime original time-line.

Watanuki falling from the window looks just as unnatural as its manga version, I still don’t get how did he manage to fall xDDD Okay, maybe one can say that’s also the power of Himawari’s bad luck.

Something that caught my attention was Watanuki’s parents and their speech being completely cut off, they are mute. I understand to left out the talk about “not disappearing” and “another person” since those are related to Tsubasa’s plot, but to cut their speech entirely? I could be wrong but this scene made me believe, even more, that Watanuki is also son of Sakura and Syaoran from CCS. That was such a pretty scene, by the way.

In terms of this TV series, it was much wiser to switch arcs and place Himawari’s one in the end. It’s a mystery that remains unsolved since season 1 and it creates a much bigger climax atmosphere than Kohane’s arc could possibly create.

I really liked this episode, I think it was one of the best so far, in my opinion. The fact that it was written by Ohkawa counts for that final judgment, of course XD

Next episode, the end of Himawari’s arc, again by Ohkawa’s hand and for the first time teamed with Tsutomu Mizushima. The preview shows that it’ll be a nice episode. What anime-only twists can we expect? Or maybe not…

And a fun meme I stole from arkray, long time since my last:

1. It begins with a list of all 26 letters of the alphabet.
2. Comment with something for me to talk about that starts with one of those letters. Make me babble about anything — TV shows, actors, actresses, food, I don’t know, be creative.
3. One topic per letter — I don’t care how many letters you pick.
4. I will post a new post talking about all 26 topics given to me.



39 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC◆Kei #11 Review

  1. Clamp…just cuz i expect you to be capable of going on forever by now XDDDD

    Thanks for the review…I’m waiting for the subs since as of now i can’t understand much japanese…but come august i will do my best to learn as much as possible in school *nods*

    And i’m with you…Watanuki is a likely candidate to be Sakura and Shaoran’s son…I totally agree.


    • Wow! That is going to be a though one xDDDD But you couldn’t have picked a better word for “C”

      >Thanks for the review…I’m waiting for the subs since as of now i can’t understand much japanese

      No problem!

      >Watanuki is a likely candidate to be Sakura and Shaoran’s son…I totally agree.

      I’m starting to think so too more and more!


      • Ah well, i missed that C then

        An yes…CLAMP doesn’t seem to tell us whether it’ll be Watanuki = “Shaoran” like Fujitaka = Eriol…

        Or Watanuki + “Shaoran” = Brothers

        As long as they don’t tell us “Shaoran” is really called Kimihiro because that might be the end of me T-T


  2. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! Genki desu ka! ^o^

    Sure, I’ll be happy to give you one and I have just the one that for you! ^.~
    *puts on her writer’s glasses* Let’s see… for you it will be – “A” for Alanis Morissette and “O” for Ohkawa. *smiles* In other news, thank you for the latest episode scoop from “HOLiC Kei”. *bows*

    Have a wonderful and fun weekend and hope that everything is well for you!
    You know that you always deserve the best for you’re an amazing friend! *glomps*

    “With all love and hope, always!”

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


      • Heehee~ Why thank you very much and it’s my pleasure to pick such great choices to your contribution! You know that I know you very well for so long – nearly 2 years! *throws confetti* Keep up the great work, ne! ^o^ Dasuki desu wa, Chibi-Yuuto!! *big glomps*

        No, I haven’t just yet as I have to download it and watch it.
        I’m sure that I will enjoy it very much! ^____^


  3. anime or manga they are both clamp canon unless clamp is not involved

    yuuko of xxxholic manga and anime are both parallels like tomoyo in piffle or in ancient japan

    they might say that eagle x lantis is canon but the truth is hikaru x lantis is as canon as the former,a proof is the appearance of Debonair in TRC in short the mkr anime and manga worlds are parallel worlds…just read trc infinity arc,mkr anime and manga you’ll know who will end up with each other or who are soul mates.

    sorata dies in the end of x-tv and arashi and sorata need to pay yuuko for them to be together in tsubasa,i wonder now who is arashi’s true soulmate….


    • Re: anime or manga they are both clamp canon unless clamp is not involved

      Nope. CLAMP is not involved with series. Only Ohkawa is, as script writer. In “canon or not” discussion, only the thing coming out first can be called canon. If anime comes out first, then manga is adaptation and anime canon. If manga comes out first, then manga is canon and anime is adaptation.

      For example, they placed the ccssakura in tokyo as spirit in trc tr, but it still counts and the “some unknown dead souls”, why? because it appeared in manga first AND if anyone would flashback to that scene in manga, it would still be those “unknown dead souls” and not the stuff used in anime.

      So NO. CLAMP manga is always canon stuff. Anime is never the canon stuff unless it follows already set canon, in nearly 99% accuracy. Then if manga were to end and anime would still go, anime stuff would become canon.

      P.S. Any CLAMP follower knows that trc anime was the LAST thing to ever be called canon >_> It is actually even dangerous to call it such, as the universe might crumble because of such inaccuracy.


      • Re: anime or manga they are both clamp canon unless clamp is not involved

        You have a different and interesting definition of what is cannon and what is not. I agree with you.

        But I also think that, apart from that, one can’t mix anime and manga “canons”. It’s two separate things. For example, we have more Clow cards in the anime than in the manga. That is canon for the anime, but not for the manga, so it’s complicated.

        Ultimately, I would consider the biggest “canons” the manga ones, at least when it comes to CLAMP.


    • Re: anime or manga they are both clamp canon unless clamp is not involved

      I don’t mix manga and anime. There are both anime canons and manga canons. One doesn’t get mixed with the other.

      But I didn’t get your point, why are you saying those things? o.o


      • Re: anime or manga they are both clamp canon unless clamp is not involved

        because i want to point this things like debonair being in trc only makes debonair and mkr anime as cannon in clamp’s world,oh

        i was banned on debating on what is cannon on clamp rants i’m just cleaning my name on that…


  4. Thank you for adding me! Your icon is very pretty, by the way =)

    >kids, christmas, bunnies, annnd x-rays XD!

    Thanks for the contribution!! As for K, picked “KUROGANE X FAY D. FLOWRIGHT” first so I’ll consider hers okay? ^__^


  5. W for Watanuki ! XD And… F for Friends XD If not taken ^^” Don’t know why I pick those XD

    I… Just haven’t watched any xxxHOLiC Kei episodes yet T^T Animes is not my thing, don’t know why… Maybe beacause I think it’s not as canon as the mangas are, even if they ARE canon, but in a different way… Like said above ^.^”


    • Thanks for your votes xD

      >I… Just haven’t watched any xxxHOLiC Kei episodes yet T^T Animes is not my thing, don’t know why

      Oh really? I can understand you though, I prefer the manga a thousand times over the animes…


    • Oh I’m so sorry! Eolo-kun has said “Miracle” for “M” already… can you pick another letter?

      Just so you know, though, at this present time I’m not reading any manga. But I did read half of Death Note and I’m really interested in Nana, I watched the movie and a few anime episodes ^^


      • Ah~I read through all the comments and yet I didn’t notice…silly me :3 Let’s try again:


        Nana is good read imo by the way ^_^


  6. I think all the “easy” letters were taken, I shall choose the letters that are worth lots of points in Scrabble! Well, maybe not. Here goes…

    Utada Hikaru for U, Gundam for G (since Mokona seems to like Gundam…), quasars for Q, the jokers in a deck of cards for J, and turtles for T.

    That’s fairly random, isn’t it? XD


  7. Thanks for a new Holic Kei episode! I haven’t been able to watch any since the mahjong episode because I can’t access veoh where I was watching it and I couldn’t find them subtitled anywhere else up until last week at least. Can you tell me where can I watch the rest? I’m dying to see for myself the truth of your opinions.

    The letter I chose from the start is not taken yet, YAY!
    P = Pride and Prejudice. All of it, book, series, movie, anything and everything ^O^
    Hope it’s not too much trouble.


  8. OMG!! I didn’t read this entry until now!! Now I know what it was about (about the entry after Mokona-san’s b-day).

    I think that episode was well done to follow the manga!! I’m looking forward to next ep.!!


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