XXXHOLiC◆Kei #9 Review, news

I don’t know what to write about this episode, except that it was kinda boring. Kohane’s arc is not one of my favorites neither in the manga and apparently nor in the anime.

This arc was loosely based in its manga version, there was a lot of plot changes due to the Tsubasa links getting cut.

The character design was pretty off in this episode as well, and that is becoming a constant in this series, unfortunately.

This was my second least favorite episode so far, only behind the Mahjong one.

And seems like the next episode there will be a lot of changes too? But I hope it’s the conclusion of Kohane’s arc.

Sorry for such a weak review, I really don’t know what else to say about this episode ^^;

Because of that, I will compensate this useless post with some news xD

XXXHOLiC◆Kei Episode Schedule:

Here’s our little table of upcoming XXXHOLiC◆Kei episodes and their staff. Items in bold represent new additions. Staff information shall come in due course.

Episode Title Script Storyboard Direction Animation direction Story arc Air date
1 Spider’s Web Michiko Yokote Tsutomu Mizushima Junichiro Taniguchi Spider Lady April 3
2 Left Pupil Yasutaka Yamamoto Hiroyo Izumi April 10
3 Half Fumi Ii Tsutomu Mizushima Kazuchika Kise April 17
4 Yumekai Nanase Ohkawa Kiyoko Sayama Daisuke Tsukushi Ryouko Nakano Yumekai April 24
5 Kohane Shinsuke Terasawa Minoru Ueda Kohane May 1
6 Peace Taishirou Tanimura Yukina Hiiro Tomoji Hatake Mahjong May 8
7 Drawing Water Yoshiki Sakurai Susumu Endo Hara Yumiko Water well May 15
8 Whispers Miharu Hirami Yasutaka Yamamoto Hiroyo Izumi Bells May 22
9 Rumors Michiko Yokote Hiroshi Fukutomi Masahiko Watanabe Kyoko Kotani Kohane May 29
10 Awareness Shinsuke Terasawa June 5
11 Alone Himawari* June 12
12 Truth June 19
13 Repayment of kindness (final) June 26

* represents my own assumption and is subject to change.

So there you go, the final episode list. I’m not sure if the last episode will be centered on Himawari, I would rather think it’s on Watanuki, we’ll get to know that in a few days.

By the way, the Thunder Beast character will be played by Ichiro Nagai. He’s one of Japan’s most famous seiyuus and has played a huge numbers of anime and non-anime roles. One of his most notable non-anime roles is for the japanese Harry Potter series in which he plays Dumbledore =D

Ohkawa and the director really wanted him in this part, she wrote in her private board that having him is like a dream coming true. I believe this is the first time he plays in a CLAMP work, I’m looking forward to his performance!

XXXHOLiC Drama CD Ending Theme:

The duo Fonogenico announced in their official website that their song Nijiiro Loop will be used as Ending Theme for the XXXHOLiC Drama CD that will come with the limited edition of volume 13, out June 23, and also for the Drama CDs to be attached with the first and limited copies of the anime DVDs. The Opening Theme will be the same as of the anime series, NOBODY KNOWS by Suga Shikao.

Fonogenico played the first Ending Theme of XXXHOLiC, Reason.

Thank you to yume_mi for this news ^_~


17 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC◆Kei #9 Review, news

  1. well, I didn’t like this episode neither.. actually this whole season was pretty much a let down..
    I don’t know how (again) they’re going to spread those few chpaters of the manga into 3 episodes of anime -_-

    And, forgive me for my ignorance , but what is a drama CD ?

    btw, any new about tsubasa’s “big project” ? I feel like they’ve abandoned it
    or something..

    *sigh* a clamp fan has to suffer a lot, maybe it’s they’re way to make us identify with they’re characters


    • >I don’t know how (again) they’re going to spread those few chpaters of the manga into 3 episodes of anime -_-

      Well, I don’t know it either, but very little material is left if you cut the Tsubasa spoilers. It’s going to be a completely different ending.

      >And, forgive me for my ignorance , but what is a drama CD ?

      It’s a CD with a story, basically ^^ Volume 13 will have a limited edition with a Drama CD scripted by Nanase Ohkawa and Ryukishi07.

      >btw, any new about tsubasa’s “big project” ? I feel like they’ve abandoned it

      No, no news about that yet, but I don’t think they abandoned it. If it’s a big project, it demands a big planning ^_~ I think we should hear more about it soon.


    • Of course you know him, you know all about seiyuus xD
      I’m looking forward to his performance =)
      But I really don’t know how they’ll fit that arc in the 4 remaining episodes.


      • againm, i’m gonna comment from the other fandom….
        they just want to have awesome legendary seiyuu guest XDDD

        I’m so looking forward to it and curious coz his voice (imo) is very distinctive.


  2. I thought is was kind of nice. Especially when Watanuki was poured the hot water by Kohane’s mother, and said subtly “so hot”. Then it’s really only 13 episodes.


  3. The first time I aw Kohane in the manga, I liked her; but eventually, the story let me a bit down, it’s get kind of boring; though I still like her; she is the cute little girl ^^

    >Tsubasa big project? O.O I didn’t know about that at all, *expectations*


    • Exactly, same thing happened to me, I think she’s very cute too. But in the manga it was already kind of boring due to the whole amount of angst. And in the anime it looks even worse because of the animation and lack of emotion, you know?

      >Tsubasa big project? O.O I didn’t know about that at all, *expectations*

      Yah, Tsubasa AND XXXHOLiC. Keep checking, I’ll post here if anything pops up ^_~


      • I honestly think the Kohane arc will be best in tankoubon. I feel this way about a lot of manga, sometimes a particular story just doesn’t work well in the week-to-week format, it drags and gets long and fails to hold the interest, and especially so for the Kohane arc because there were so many breaks in it. When it’s all together it will work a lot better.

        Nothing else to say. Somehow I never thought of the mother as brunette. She looks too normal.


  4. how will they do it??

    i REALY am missing something here.
    So, they cut out all the tsubasa links in XXXHOLiC◆Kei, but without tsubasa, there would be no xxxholic! and without xxxholic, there would be no tsubasa!!
    HOW are they expacting to finish this if theres no tsubasa??


    • Re: how will they do it??

      I just watched ep. 10. They changed the story entirely and made it a happy ending. Watanuki also gave one item from ep.4 to Kohane-chan (that probably spoils everything)

      Next ep. will be, like Chibi Yuuto said, Himawara Arc!!


  5. It’s the second episode in a row the drawing aren’t top notch, that’s kind of disapointing, I concure. There were changes, but nothing felt off to me, I have reread this part in a long time, so maybe that’s why. Not my favorite episode but not the worst either.

    >The duo Fonogenico announced in their official website that their song Nijiiro Loop will be used as Ending Theme for the XXXHOLiC Drama CD

    Kyaaaaa!!! I still haven’t ordered that one!!!
    *run to*
    Few, my copy is secured. -_-‘


    • The animation is getting more and more disappointing in these last episodes u.u I hope the last 3 will be good enough.

      >Few, my copy is secured. -_-‘

      LOL! Glad I could help XDDD

      Where have you gone, Tomoe-chan? I’ve missed you X3 *glomps*


      • >Where have you gone, Tomoe-chan? I’ve missed you X3 *glomps*

        Exhausting myself for a Naruto cosplay for animenorth (an anime convention in Toronto that took place on May 23rd to 25th), we have been working like crazy for a month and I have been taking a break of almost everything the last two weeks. ^^;

        Some pics for you:

        Our bunch lunching outside a Subway

        I’m the last one in white and mireime is next to me in black. ^_~


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