Happy Birthday Nanase Ohkawa, CLAMP Girls Party, XXXHOLiC◆Kei, 3-D LAND news

As you can see by the title, today we have loads of news xD

Let’s start with today’s birthday, a very important one, because today is the birthday of CLAMP’s leader, Nanase Ohkawa! She’s turning 41 today (although I feel like I shouldn’t give out a woman’s age XP). Congratulations Ohkawa-sensei!

It is no secret that she is my favorite CLAMP member (XD), I can only wish to this brilliant woman, to whom I hold huge admiration, a lot of happiness, achievements, success in her career, and that she keeps twisting our minds with her very rich stories for many years to come (bless her mind!).

I’m looking forward to your next deeds. I always will.


She hasn’t posted anything about her birthday in her Private Board yet, but in case she does later, I’ll repost it here for sure.

Like usual, Nekoi made a drawing for the occasion:

Even though this week is a holiday week in Japan (Golden Week), CLAMP are working xD

Last week, however, they threw the first Girls Party in their studio.

CLAMP Girls Party:

On April 26, CLAMP hosted the first Girls Party in their studio. According to Ohkawa, the purpose of this girls-only meeting was to gather women of all sorts of occupations and share their experiences and opinions. Amongst the attendants, there were industrial designers, security analysts, editors, managers, script-writers, anime staffers, goods sales and planning managers, seiyuus, manga-kas, etc.

The subjects of the meeting were many, from each other’s works to their private lives and love stories. In Ohkawa’s words, it was a really happy meeting that started at 5 PM and ended at midnight.

Also according to her, the girl power was so intense that it could provide electricity to the entire studio XD

It seems they’ll be throwing these parties in a regular schedule from now on.

The following is Ohkawa’s post about the party:









Sayaka Ohara, Yuuko’s seiyuu, was one of the guests and she posted some pictures of the meeting in her official blog. According to her, there was around 20 women at the party.

Mitsuki Saiga was there too, and she also wrote about the party in her personal blog. Mitsuki Saiga recently played Kakyou in Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations OADs.

Some pictures taken from those blogs:

Dried mushrooms: one of the many dishes that was served at the party. It was recommended by Nekoi and Satsuki.

Yui Makino also attended to the party.

Mika Kikuchi receiving a massage from Nekoi xD

Silver spaceship prototype made by Mokona to Mitsuki Saiga, who won the Best Supporting Actress award.

Cake that was served at the party. Does it look delicious…

Yui Makino, Sayaka Ohara and Mika Kikuchi, seiyuus of Sakura, Yuuko and Mokona respectively.




Mika Kikuchi receiving a (very painful?) massage from Nekoi.


Mokona forged (she has a forging machine) a silver pendant that she calls Space Whale-sama and presented it to Mitsuki Saiga, since she had won the Best Supporting Actress seiyuu award. I don’t know if this awarding was something that CLAMP made up specially for the occasion or if Mitsuki really won a formal award recently (I think it’s the latter).

Here are some more pictures of this pendant taken from Mokona’s board:

Mokona is so talented. She said she did it at one go, no rehearsals!

EDIT: The pendant’s design was based on the spaceship from the anime series “Terra e…”. Mitsuki Saiga played the main character in that series and “Space Whale” is the nickname of the spaceship. Thank you miyazawa_lulu for the information ^^

Cool party, isn’t it? Girls just wanna have fun xD

XXXHOLiC◆Kei Episode Schedule:

Here are 3 new episode titles of XXXHOLiC◆Kei to be aired in the next few weeks. Staff data shall come in due course.

Episode Title Script Storyboard Direction Animation direction Story arc Air date
1 Spider’s Web Michiko Yokote Tsutomu Mizushima Junichiro Taniguchi Spider Lady April 3
2 Left Pupil Yasutaka Yamamoto Hiroyo Hizumi April 10
3 Half Fumi Ii Tsutomu Mizushima Kazuchika Kise April 17
4 Yumekai Nanase Ohkawa Kiyoko Sayama Daisuke Tsukushi Ryouko Nakano Yumekai April 24
5 Kohane Shinsuke Terasawa Minoru Ueda Kohane May 1
6 Peace Taishirou Tanimura Yukina Hiiro Tomoji Hatake Mahjong May 8
7 Drawing Water Water well May 15
8 Whispers Bells May 22
9 Rumors Thunder Beast* May 29

* represents my own assumption and is subject to change.

We have a few arc changes like, the arc with the girl and the bells happens after Himawari’s one, and the Thunder Beast one should come right after the Spider Lady arc. But what’s XXXHOLiC anime without a few arc switches? I think they’ll leave Himawari’s arc for episodes 11~13, which should be either the end of the series or half of it.

CLAMP in 3-D LAND 7 news:

The official website of CLAMP in 3-D LAND added a picture showing the silhouettes of the figures that will compose the 7th Series:

My guesses, from left to right:
Suu (you can see the wings and a bird in her back)
Hikaru (this one I’m 100% sure of due to its squared shape XD)

Place your bets!

CLAMP in 3-D LAND 7 comes out this summer.

55 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nanase Ohkawa, CLAMP Girls Party, XXXHOLiC◆Kei, 3-D LAND news

  1. Woah awesome news and info! Thanks

    Happy B-Day Ohkawa-sensei! You’re something special screwing with our minds like this and still makes us WORSHIP you! XD

    btw, chibiyuuto i hope you watched the latest Lost episode, it was luv!


  2. thanks for all the info!!!
    i love to attend the party!!!
    maybe we must do one about translators, editors, news hunters, fan artists, couloring artists and amv makers, and of course scanners That could be awesome!!!!!


  3. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Thanks for the latest CLAMP news and updates of HOLiC Kei and CLAMP 3-D LAND as always! *deep bows* YOSH! The big day is finally here and I know that you are a happy CLAMP fan for it’s Ohkawa’s B-day! *throws confetti* Love the drawing from Nekoi. ^o^ Hope that she gets to enjoy her birthday with lots of Pizza Hut pizza and sake! / That birthday party was fun and it’s awesome to see Sakura-hime, Yuuko, and Mokona seiyuu enjoying so much. Mokona’s expression from the massage was hilarious and priceless! XDDD


    Keep up the good work with getting our brains fried with your plot twists, ne! ^^
    Otsukaresama deshita, Ohkawa! Tanjoubi isshou ni iwau imashou! KAMPAI!!

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • Happy birthday Ohkawa-senseeei! ^__^

      I would give anything for a slice of Pizza Hut right now… yummy.

      Ah, but that wasn’t Ohkawa’s birthday party, that was a stand-alone party just for girls ^-^

      You’re welcome for the updates, glad you liked it, let’s celebrate together, kampai!


  4. LOL! Sweet, an All Girls Power Party! So cute. Mokona is so talented! That pendent is so pretty. How lucky for Mitsuki Saiga to receive something like that from CLAMP. I envy her.

    Yes, a very Happy Birthday to Nanase Ohkawa-sama. I hope she continues to have lots of fun with her job making stories that her fans will be able to enjoy for generations.

    A big anime convention for the Midwest is coming up soon. I can’t wait to get my hands on some more CLAMP in 3-D Land figures!


    • I envy all of them for being invited to CLAMP’s private party. I wanted to be CLAMP’s female acquaintance LOL XD

      >I hope she continues to have lots of fun with her job making stories that her fans will be able to enjoy for generations.

      *nods* I hope she keeps challenging herself like she has done up to now.

      Good luck on your CLAMP in 3-D LAND chase!


      • I wanted to be CLAMP’s female acquaintance LOL XD

        LOL! Don’t we all!

        Good luck on your CLAMP in 3-D LAND chase!

        Thanks! Looking at the picture you have above I can now tell that it’s just a gray blob over the figures, lol.


  5. Wai! Happy Birthday, Ohkawa-san!! Drink to another year of mind-screwing your readers! 😀

    “Space Whale-sama”? Oh…. that is a strangely adorable name. (I want one! >


    • Happy Birthday to the genius called Ohkawa *bows*

      >And Mokona has a forging machine?! O.O Good lord, woman!

      Yes she does xDDD That’s how she started doing the jewelry which later became the CLAMP’s Silver Powder series ^^

      >Building a skyscraper? Mokona! Super-Woman of More Talents than One Person Should Legally Have! Mokona.. please share some of that talent!

      LOL! So true, her talent is overwhelming. I wonder if she’s bad at SOMETHING… she seems to be able to do anything.

      >I say that it’s Kakyou instead of Hikaru. =.= that square shape could *easily* be a blanketed hospital bed…

      Hahahaha but they have announced the figures and, well, Kakyou is not there u.u


  6. Happy birthday, Ohkawa-sama… as you said, may we enjoy her awesome plot-twists for many, many years! XD ^^

    I kind of recognized the pendant, but now I’ve checked it and I’m sure XD: it’s the main spaceship in “Terra e…”! Mitsuki Saiga was the main character of that anime, and it was one of the roles she was awarded for in the 2nd Annual Seiyuu Award that took place on March, if I’m not wrong ^^ (she’s one of my favourite seiyuu, by the way, and I remember it really surprised me to find she was a woman… she has such an awesome manly voice O__o).

    “Space Whale” is a “nickname” used to refer to the spaceship in the series, but it’s not very well-known fact… so I wonder if Mokona watched/read “Terra e…” herself *_* (that makes me happy even though is silly, to know one of the members of CLAMP likes something I also like XD).

    (LOL a forging machine in your own house! XDDDDDDD)


    • Ohhh thank you!!
      I suspected that the pendant was based on a real space ship, but I couldn’t understand from which series. Now that you mention it, it all makes sense! Mokona mentioned something about “Terra e…”, I just didn’t think it could be the name of the series (I know, how stupid of me xD).

      Saiga mentioned it too on her blog. Thanks for the info!!

      >Mitsuki Saiga was the main character of that anime, and it was one of the roles she was awarded for in the 2nd Annual Seiyuu Award that took place on March

      It all makes sense now ^___^

      >”Space Whale” is a “nickname” used to refer to the spaceship in the series

      Ah sou desu ne? How amusing XD

      I do think Mokona must have watched it. She’s such a sci-fi freak ^^


  7. Aw how cool! XD; I’m glad to see Yui Makino there, ah~

    The silhouette is such a teaser. XD; My guesses are pretty much the same as yours, though!

    And oh my god Mokona’s talent blows me away. 8′)


    • Otanjoubi omedetou Ohkawa-sensei!

      >Saiga Mitsuki~~~but the roles mentioned were rather ambiguous/didn’t make much sense imo since Saiga’s role in Terra e was a main character, not supporting.

      …indeed xDDDD Go figure…

      >Kikuchi Mika probably doesn’t like massages that much, like me xD I squirm and tense up whenever someone tries to give me a massage >.>

      That’s so weird, I thought “Is it Mika who doesn’t like massage or Nekoi who doesn’t know how to do one?” XD


  8. First of all Otanjoubi ometedou Ohkawa-sensei!!!! I wish her a lot of happiness!!

    Oh my. just take alook at that cake, il looks delicius, I want to taste it XD

    Thank you for all the info as always ^^ and for your clamp in 3-d land’s guesses I completely agree!


  9. Otanjoubi omedeto, Ohkawa-sensei~! XD

    wow~ a CLAMP Girls Party~ that’s so cool~! XD ah, Yui Makino is there too! 😀

    sugoi~ the spaceship is so pretty~ *O*

    thanks for the news, Chibi Yuuto-kun~! 😀


  10. Happy B-day to you Ohkawa-sensei *o*
    (I’ll keep my wishes in French in my mind >w_<
    I'm a gril to, I want to be there too XD
    It sounds so fun ! So much talented people *w*
    And a new talent for Mokona-sensei ♥ * dye*

    For the 7th serie of CLAMP in 3D-land, I agree with you. It was my bets too ^^
    Kamui seems gorgeous *w* (as usual ♥)


  11. Oh god! Terra E… pendant!
    I want my personal Mokona too! ç__ç

    Thanks so much for infos. The party looks really funny, and there was my dear Sayaka “Mother” O’hara (mother because of 90% of her work as seiryuu consists in mother roles)


  12. AH!!! that birthday party seems so fun!!! Happy Bday Nanase. And that pendant… I’ll belive you if you say it is a spaceship.. but to me it looks like a fantasy dagger O_o; A very pretty one btw…


  13. In malay

    selamat hari jadi !
    selamat hari jadi !
    selama hari jadi nanase ohkawa !
    selamat hari jadi…. ( From malay song )

    Translate in english

    Happy birthday to you !
    happy birtday to you
    happy birthday nanase ohkawa san
    happy birthday to you…

    >_< ^^'


  14. 😀 Happy belated birthday to her~
    Wow, Mokona is talented indeed…*_*
    Yup, I pretty much agree with your guesses~ not really sure about Sakura though, dunno why~
    ^____^ Thanks!


  15. A bit late as always @_@ (but in fact, I am afraid of LJ until I read TRC’s 189 X_x, spoilers are EVERYWHERE! and I want to read myself ò_ó)

    You, clever and cruel mind who make fans suffer XD are the angular stone of CLAMP *__*. I hope they had a great day with tons of moderated alcohol (sure they had xDD).

    Thanks for xxxHOLiC·Kei and CLAMP in 3DLand news as well!! I’m starting to think about Kei would be only 13 episodes in the end >__>.


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