TRC 188 + XXXHOLiC 156 !

Both chapters now available at The Room of Requirement too.

I’ll be removing some links there next week, make sure you’re not missing any chapters in your personal collection =)


For the first time upon reading Tsubasa, a thought came to my mind about the ruins: who built them? I wonder if it’s relevant at all or if we’ll ever find that out.

The inside of the ruins is sooo pretty, never thought it could be this pretty.

But I’m not here to talk about how pretty the ruins are. Okay, they are pretty, but let’s not forget about the plot, the PLOT!!!

Things are starting to come into shape about real Syaoran, but that doesn’t mean they are less confusing. On the contrary, a very confusing shape, I’d say @_@

I guess this pretty much confirms that real!Syaoran is not CCS!Syaoran, at least is what it seems.

So this Real!Syaoran met Real!Sakura in Clow seven days before her seventh birthday. I love the “seveness” of it. We don’t know if Real!Syaoran is a native from Clow or if had just moved to that country, we don’t know that yet. We can’t forget about his parents, Seishirou knows Syaoran’s father. Just a remind.

So they were friends, Syaoran and Sakura, for quite some years, until Syaoran became the age he has now. But then something happened and, as a payment for something, Yuuko rewound Syaoran back some years. Fei Wang then captured him and cloned him and you know the rest…

I ask you now, has the time rewinding affected only Syaoran or everyone else? O.o I guess it affected everyone else otherwise Sakura would be even older now. I mean, if his time was rewound when he was about the age he is now, we are allowed to conclude that Sakura too was around the same age (supposing they had the same age). But then, when the clone was sent to Clow, Sakura is again at 7 years old. So is it safe to assume everyone’s time was rewound, at least in Clow country?

One interesting thing is that he knows about the rewinding. That’s why he’s so mature, that Syaoran. If you think about it, he’s much older than he looks, and CLAMP showed that very well.

Then he says the payment was in order to take back the “Sakura of that day”.

Like you all say, “my brain just broke”. The key here is “which” day? Her 7th birthday? Or in the ruins when she was supposedly cloned?

What if what we saw in Chapter 2 at Yuuko’s store isn’t the only version of what really happened? What if it was there when Syaoran made the agreement with Yuuko to rewound his time?

These time issues are complicated and confusing, I need to think @_@


Another plot-thickening chapter. Kohane’s power comes from a Sakura feather, huh? Who would have thought? I never thought about it and it was so obvious, right on her name! CLAMP, you never fail.

I wonder if that’s the relation she and Watanuki have? If so, does that mean Watanuki has a feather inside him too? I’ve seen a lot of theories about that, and in the deluxe cover he’s holding a Sakura feather. But exactly because everyone’s thinking that by now, and knowing CLAMP, it shouldn’t be it. They’ve used that argument with Kohane, they wouldn’t use it again to reveal the secret of the series’ main character.

Anyway, I wonder what will be done with this feather, since the Tsubasa crew apparently don’t need them anymore. And returning it to clone!Sakura would only help Fei Wang with his plans. We’ll see.

Yuuko has such a sad face in the last panel, I wonder what she’s thinking.

Yuuko plays such a good mother in this chapter, and I love her speech. Totally agree with it.


48 thoughts on “TRC 188 + XXXHOLiC 156 !

  1. Tsubasa is more and more complicated, I’ve gone beyond the theoretical side and patiently await for the rest.

    Let’s hope Watanuki isn’t Fei Wan Read or something sick like that.


    • I wish I could do that too, but sometimes writing it down helps me to digest the whole thing xD
      It’s too complicated, I underestimated Tsubasa, never thought it could grow into this.

      >Let’s hope Watanuki isn’t Fei Wan Read or something sick like that.

      LOL! XD


  2. I’m starting to look forward to the ending of Tsubasa, because then we’ll be able to reread these chapters and actually know what on earth’s going on! XD
    I guess Syaoran needed to bring the 7-year-old Sakura back, because in a previous chapter it seems like something really bad happened to her in the ruins. And stopping that bad thing for 7-year-old Sakura would prevent other bad things, at the age they were before time rewound? That’s my 2 cents.
    HAHA, so confusing. >< I think the feathers might be used by the 'good guys' for something, though, since they spent so much time trying to get them. I dunno. Sakura might need them after all?


    • Exactly. I want the end right now >.<

      So the cut-off Clow they are at right now was actually done by Yuuko, so that Syaoran can fix whatever went wrong?

      I always felt it was such a coincidence for Kohane to have a "hane" in her name, but you know, NEVER EVER thought it could mean what it means! XD


  3. RSyaoran always makes my day but CLAMP 14 pages? Why?! I wanna know more and i wanna see these damn flashbacks.

    Skipped the Holic part, damn i’m always saying to myself that i’ll read it but i REALLY have to sit down one day and really get into it.


    • 15 pages (14 of actual development) is kinda cruel at this point indeed xD But that’s what we got in the last chapters of X too, and they were monthly! So I’m not complaining xD

      >Skipped the Holic part, damn i’m always saying to myself that i’ll read it but i REALLY have to sit down one day and really get into it.

      I think it’s time to do it now that things are about to get even more intertwined.


  4. Ah! You make everything so clear!

    I think his time got rewound so that he could come back to THIS day to save her (I hope that makes sense… as the villages said it’s her birthday soon… so his time was rewound so that he can save Sakura now)

    Does that make sense? I hope I’m not reading too far into it or something..


    • haha I so don’t! I have no idea of what’s going on, really xD

      It does make a lot of sense. It’s like time WON’T pass until Syaoran does what must be done. But then, this isn’t Fei Wang’s doing, but Yuuko’s, isn’t it? Since he paid for her to get Sakura back.


  5. My brain just broke after reding tsubasa…i relly can’t understand a thing…@_@ I’m very very VERY curious about the bond that link Watanuki, R!Syaoran, Sakura (who knows which one XD) and now even Kohane together!

    CLAMP I want explanations, please >_<

    Thank you and Alison-san for the scan ^___^


  6. I’m a bit tired, so I’ll write longer comment later, but I still have some short unanswered questiones :

    -where are Moru and Maru , hey, long time no see…
    -what did Shaoran paid in order that Yuuko will rewind the time? his freedom? if so, what did he pay in order to save Watanuki? and in order to go to Tokyo?
    -did csakura’s soul died? I don’t think so, I think the group still need the feathers.


    • >-where are Moru and Maru , hey, long time no see…

      Indeed. And those two will play their part, wait and see X3

      >-what did Shaoran paid in order that Yuuko will rewind the time? his freedom?

      Not really. He wished to get the Sakura of “that day” back. And the price was getting his time rewound. Rewinding wasn’t the wish, but the price.

      >if so, what did he pay in order to save Watanuki?

      I’ll have to reread tsubasa but I think Yuuko mentions it.

      > and in order to go to Tokyo?

      When he arrived at the shop Yuuko told him he had paid with his Time, Freedom and Relationship, so she sent him.

      >-did csakura’s soul died? I don’t think so, I think the group still need the feathers.

      Yes, the clone’s soul died in clone!Syaoran’s arms.


      • -Yes, the clone’s soul died in clone!Syaoran’s arms-

        so why did shaoran want to save “both of them” and why does yuuko cooperate with this wish?


  7. You’ve made everything totally clear to me now. I didn’t understand the True Syaoran rewinding time stuff. That was very strange… but that makes me wonder if True Syaoran ended up being friends with Clone Sakura for years and paid Yuuko to rewind time to recover the True Sakura, such that he allowed himself to be replaced and captured in the place of True Sakura, who then got captured in chapter 1. ow… now my brain is broken.

    I think Kohane and Watanuki’s connection has to do with their odd surnames. After all, how many people’s surnames are their birthdays? Birthdays allow someone to discover who you are and names can allow others to control your destiny…


    • >You’ve made everything totally clear to me now

      Oh really? That makes me so… satisfied! xDDD

      >but that makes me wonder if True Syaoran ended up being friends with Clone Sakura for years

      That’s the problem, isn’t it? We don’t know if he was being friends with the clone or the real Sakura.

      >I think Kohane and Watanuki’s connection has to do with their odd surnames.

      There’s that too, the deal with their birthdays being in their surnames. I wonder what’s behind it. Watanuki’s we can guess that has to do with the relation he has with Sakura and Syaoran, but I’ve no idea about Kohane.


  8. Maybe if Watanuki has a feather, it’s the feather with Sakura’s memories of Shaoran. Even if he has a feather, they probably won’t make it the same with how it ends up…


  9. thank u so much for the scans and your reviews chibiyuuto-san!

    well I swore to myself not to make theories about tsubasa anymore
    cuuuuuuuuz if it was kinda unpredictable before…after all that clones, time, space thing it’s even MORE unpredictable but the only thing that comes to my mind is that syaoran got his time rewound as he said to retrieve the sakura from that day…I guess it’s the sakura on the day of her seventh birthday (taking into consideration what the village people were saying), I don’t know how…but for him to rewound his time when he was the age we see him now to be a seven years old kid again… is because whatever happened on sakura’s seven birthday affected the future (just my theory that will be proven wrong on the next chapters xD)….but if time is stopped right now, I wonder what’ll happen….14 pages, so short >__< CLAMP just did it to leave us with the cliffhanger sniiiifff so cruel XD

    thank u so much again!


  10. B-But wait! I thought the ruins had just been uncovered before C!Syaoran and the rest are sent by Yukito to Yuuko’s shop…so how can Sakura and Yukito go there? Or is this a whole different timeline? Like, an alternate universe or something??

    Clamp is breaking our brains. ;_;


    • Hummm… good question. Didn’t Clow hire Fujitaka to work on digging the ruins? But it seems like they can enter it with no big efforts.

      I wonder if something happened later to the ruins, like a sandstorm, that blocked their ways to it.


  11. >.< The plot has thickened again!! @_@

    Syaoran was older than he looks???!! *brain stopped working for a minute*
    Okay, I have no comment for that… *skip it in confusion*

    I knew it! I've suspected that Kohane has the feather! *v winning pose*


    • I would say he’s older. I think only his body shrunk, but his mind remained untouched.

      >I knew it! I’ve suspected that Kohane has the feather! *v winning pose*

      Really? Congratulations then! XD


      • Yeah, Yuuko definitely never took his memories.

        I think that this does put to rest, more or less, the idea that they’re the same Shaoran and Sakura from CCS. Which then, of course, leads to the questions–who are Shaoran’s parents? And will we ever get to meet the Shaoran and Sakura of CCS (as Watanuki assumes we will)?

        All right, new random wild speculation! What are the odds that Shaoran and Watanuki are siblings?


  12. I think I’ve given up trying to understand the plot of TRC. But I really like the R!Syaoran sideplot. And, I should have totally of figured it out earlier but, I like Sakura in line to be the successer to Yukito as head Priest. That would to be so hot.

    As for the ruins, I think Clow/ancestor of Clow did. Maybe even Fei Wong. Just throwing out theories. Who else in the CLAMP world is magically powerful enough to make something like that?

    I’m just trying to figure out who Syaoran’s parents are. Any guesses?

    For Holic, at the beginning of this chapter I was trying to figure out who would be getting Kohane’s power and couldn’t think who. But, since it’s a feather I’m convinced that we will find R!Sakura and this will restore some power
    back to her.
    BTW, in the last chapter the conversation between Doumeki and Watanuki was the best thing ever. Best conversation. I love the interaction between them, shows how close those two have gotten. I fangirled over it more ’cause I went back and read the Spider arc, then watched Kei-the last 10 minutes was beautiful and read 155. So, yeah.


    • I’ve kind of given up on trying to guess (or even understand) Tsubasa’s plot too. I post here the thoughts I have in my mind the moment I read the chapters, but other than that I don’t read the chapter again xD I wait patiently for the next one.

      >As for the ruins, I think Clow/ancestor of Clow did. Maybe even Fei Wong. Just throwing out theories. Who else in the CLAMP world is magically powerful enough to make something like that?

      IF it’s relevant for the plot, I would say it was either one of those three, Yuuko, Clow or Fei Wang. But we might never find that out at all xD

      >I’m just trying to figure out who Syaoran’s parents are. Any guesses?

      Well, I once considered the possibility of being Fei Wang xDDDDDD I don’t know for real, though.


  13. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! Genki desu ka! ^^

    Let me re-read this Tsubasa for further comment for I’m suffering another CLAMP-esque brain-fried syndrome. WAA!! Hontou ariagou gozaimashita, Ohkawa. O.o Demo ne, the splash page of the tattooed Syaoran – totally awesome and he’s so hontou kawaii. Fangirl “Squee” Level: Double Overload Alert!! ^o^ Honestly, the number 7 is always a significant thing not only in Cardcaptor Sakura, but in Tsubasa as well. 7 days before Sakura’s birthday. Could be 7 years that passed before the event in the kingdom of Clow took place? Surprised to know that Sakura-hime was a candidate to be High Priest along with Yukito. Yay, got to see High Priest Yukito even if it was only one page. I’m a happy fangirl! ^___^ The purifying place in the ruins… very beautiful pages of how they drew the inside of the ruins. Motto kirei da na! ^o^ The mystery behind the real Syaroan emerges, but also more mysteries. Spill the beans with your past connections with Sakura-hime once and for all. Stop with all the suspense! COME ON, SYAORAN!! @___@

    As for the HOLiC chapter… HOLY MOKONA!! You’re so right after knowing the two kanji for her name and it did had a connection with Sakura’s feather. Sasu ga, Chibi-Yuuto! Omigoto, CLAMP!! *thumbs high* Oh my gosh, if I’m not much mistaken… according to the Moko-Mekyo Tracker of recording the feather sightings, this would be the 17th Sakura-hime Feather that has been spotted. Wow!!

    Moko-Mekyo Tracker Alert: 17 Feathers Seen, 13 Returned
    Note: One feather is left behind in Tokyo by Sakura-hime’s own decision, one is in Cloney’s possession, and one is with Fei Wong Reed after Dr. Kyle took it from Feudal Japan.

    The last page really got me very emotional and it was a nice moment from Yuuko’s part. I really am dying to know the connection of Yuuko, Watanuki, and the real Syaoran from the HOLiC’s side of view! MOU!! >.<

    Thanks for the clear explanation of the chapter commentary report. I still need to read the TRC chapter to try and get a clear idea of the many plots of the past. In other words, nice chapters this week. Demo ne, ureshii desu wa!! *glomps*

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


    • >Surprised to know that Sakura-hime was a candidate to be High Priest along with Yukito.

      I was surprised with that too.

      >Moko-Mekyo Tracker Alert: 17 Feathers Seen, 13 Returned

      Thanks for that XD I was really wondering how many feathers we had seen so far ^^

      Thank you for your comment, Moko-chan! ^^


  14. Real Syaoran paid “time” to Yuuko as price.

    WHAH!! Kohane-chan’s power was from Sakura’s feather?!?????? Wow!!


  15. Shock

    I completey agree with u. Both chapter this week were so shocking… I still can’t get recover of it(also because I just finished reading Holic…)
    Kohane has a feather? Incredible! I hear the theory that Clone Shaoran can go to Holic to look for it. I don’t know.
    But I must thank u for your comments about Tsubasa. Now I see it more clear. I had a twister in my head about the revelation of Real Shaoran and the time turned. But, even though there are a lot of things unexplained, I can see it more clearly.
    Thank u for your wonderful livejournal.


  16. Thank you!!!
    Seishirou knows Syaoran’s father. Just a remind. Oh, right! *had totally forgotten about that*
    *blinks* Wasn’t there something about R!Shao paying with time to save Watanuki? What was that about?
    Actually I don’t get anything anymore XD;
    Lol, yeah, Clamp never fails to make us expect the most complicated answers and then coming up with something so simple…


  17. Don’t understand !

    =_= huuh… This was so confusing in chapter 188 tsubasa.. how can syaoran knows sakura? i mean long ago..? And aboit chapter xxx holic 156.. wow sakura feather in kohane body ? What the hell ??


  18. Hi! This is my first time writing you a comment although I’m reading you for weeks now (I’m crazy about Clamp and you’re the best informant ever!!)
    When I read about Kohane and Sakura’s feather part, I stopped reading and thought – Wait! Does that mean Watanuki has one too? – and then I read the same thing I was thinking! lol!
    But I remembered, Yuuko already explained Watanuki’s powers come from his blood =D
    I wonder what’s gonna happen with that feather too!
    Tsubasa got so complicated that my poor braing isn’t able to keep up, but I’m still trying my best! and you’re really helping me to understand all this, thank you very much!
    I predict… next thing that will happen… will be something totally unpredictable! =D


    • I agree with you and chibiyuuto that CLAMP wouldn’t pull the feather trick again. Watnuki’s power must from blood. The more and more I think about it, Watanuki has to be Sakura’s & Syaoran’s child. He can see spirits and the like, so can Sakura. Also he is extremely important to Syaoran. Plus the fact that Watanuki cannot remember the name of his own parents… due to a payment he made for Syaoran? which means he also knew their relationship before he forgot everything. ANd of course there’s the recurring Apr. 1st birthday thing…. ahhh!! I’m soo confused!


  19. >I love the “seveness” of it.
    LOL. too many seven.

    >Yuuko plays such a good mother in this chapter
    I do think of that too! I love her expression in this chapter. So soft and lovingly. n_n

    omg, syaoran has been through his childhood twice? This made me dizzy.. lol

    and Kohane-chan has sakura’s feather?! o_0 I thought she look like sakura when the feather returned to her, but I never figure the power turned out to be the feather!
    I think that can be the reason a part of why she suffer since she has the power. I wonder how she got it. Found it while playing in the park and the feather went into Kohane-chan?

    And yes, CLAMP did it again, didn’t they? lol..


  20. At this point i’m having issues coming up with theories like i normally do. It’s interesting though, no doubt about it.

    And the one thing I can say is that Yuuko would make an excellent mother even with her eccentric ways and all. ^^u

    I’m feeling bad for Shaoran though, he’s been through hell and back…thinking on it now he his rather mature, not just because of his adventure though.


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