XXXHOLiC◆Kei at TAF2008

Dengeki has a report on the XXXHOLiC◆Kei stage event that was held yesterday at this year’s edition of Tokyo Anime Fair.

Ohara Sayaka said that 2/3 of the after-recording sessions have been done already, and the Ending Theme sequence indeed features Mokona in different patterns as reported in here.

But basing on that report, nothing too revealing was said, but you can check a still picture of the Alice in Wonderland episode xD


14 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC◆Kei at TAF2008

      • I’m sure that the song will be great with the ED sequence!
        Sore wa hontou tanoshii ni! ^o^

        As for Alice in Wonderland concept, I’ll say that it’s pretty popular in CLAMP. First you had Miyuki-chan in Wonderland which is full of skimpy-dressed women! O.o Then we had Sakura in Wonderland for CCS. That was so kawaii to see Yukito Tsukishiro/Yue being the White Rabbit. *blushes very hard* Demo ne, the two Li Syaoran being Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum was absolutely precious too! ^//^

        Could it possible be that Ohkawa is the one who really is into this Alice in Wonderland concept?


  1. Hmm, was that all? I:m glad I chose not to stick around to see that at the end, then.

    They also gave away clear files with the xxxHOLiC~Kei promo image on them at one of the booths, though I:m blanking on which specific one it was, as the anime was featured at several. It was definitely NOT Production IG, though there was information about the series in their booth. What excited me most was that the description was all about the Spider Lady sequence.


    • >It was definitely NOT Production IG

      How weird is that? XDDD

      >What excited me most was that the description was all about the Spider Lady sequence.

      Really? Can you describe it a little for us? ;_; Did it look good?


      • I’m kicking myself now for not just taking a picture of the text. It was about four paragraphs, half of it just describing the concept of the series (“Watankuki Kimihiro is a student who works a part-time job for the sake of granting his wish…”), the second half focusing on more specific details describing the spider lady whatnot. (“What will Watanuki do about Doumeki’s eye?”)


  2. Oh, thanks for infos, Chibiyuuto!
    God, I strongly want to see it as soon as possible, raw version too! *O*
    I’ll return from Paris at April 7th…so I’ll be a little in late, gash!


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