XXXHOLiC◆Kei Event – First Report

The XXXHOLiC◆Kei event was held this Saturday at the LOFT/PLUS ONE talk live house, in Tokyo. My friend (and japanese correspondent xD) Yoshiyuki was there and he gave me a general idea of what happened at the event.

He also did a great move and recorded the audio of most of it, it’s all behind the cut.

First, pictures from the Hayashi Building, inside of which LOFT/PLUS ONE is hosted:

– The event lasted for 3 hours, and consisted of part 1, interval and part 2. He sat at the corner of the hall and every time the CLAMP members entered and left the room, they passed right next to him because the corridor in and out the stage was right in the middle of the audience. He said that during those moments he was less than a meter away from them. Just wanted to write what a lucky bastard he is xD

– Guests were CLAMP, Tsutomu Mizushima (director), Sayaka Ohara (Yuuko’s seiyuu), Mika Kikuchi (Mokona’s seiyuu) and Yoshiki Sakurai (scriptwriter).

– Some never-before-seen footage was screened, I think from season 1, and according to director Tsutomu Mizushima, those scenes will probably never be showed again. They were pilot, beta scenes featuring all sort of funny situations that normally wouldn’t make it to the final cut of an anime. The Sexy series, for example, showed Yuuko looking sexier than she normally would (Sexy Summer Heat, Sexy Bowl (donburi), to name a few). Mizushima confessed, however, that the final edition for those scenes was a complete disaster xD

– Right at the beginning of the event, Ohkawa ordered some beer, and she kept taking big gulps during the talk xD Yoshiyuki said that by the end of the event she was pretty drunk xD Not to the point of losing herself, but he could tell by her voice xD

– About the Ending, Mizushima joked that black Mokona doesn’t listen to the director, and because of that they have yet to finish making it. He says the song is not matching Mokona’s steps correctly, supposedly due to Mokona’s bad behavior, but it’s actually due to the fixed number of frames and its timing. He joked some more, saying that it could also be because of the white Mokona’s curse. They aired the unfinished version of the Ending, and it featured lots of Mokonas with different patterns (tiger, panda, etc). Yoshiyuki doesn’t know if that sequence will be indeed used for the anime Ending or not.

– They played NOBODY KNOWS at the event, Yoshiyuki describes it as having the “same style” of 19sai. As for the remake of Honey Honey, he says that overall the new version is very similar to the original one, but he liked the beat of the remake more. NOBODY KNOWS doesn’t have too much beat according to him (such a pity he couldn’t record neither of them).

– They gave away XXXHOLiC posters, signed scripts and other goodies to the audience.

An original menu based on XXXHOLiC was sold at the event. The following pictures were taken from Mokona’s Private Board of CLAMP-PLA.NET. She posted those in real-time during the event!

Boy’s Right Eye (少年の右目)
Milk with frozen coffee. The frozen coffee ball is supposed to represent Watanuki’s eye. Bizarre.

Ayakashi Cocktail (アヤカシカクテル)
The green liquid is liquor.

Strawberry Sherbet (いちごのシャーベット)
My friend ordered this one. Said it was delicious. **XXXHOLiC Volume 12 spoiler**This was based on that chapter where the mysterious hand comes out of the role and eats the strawberry sherbet Watanuki had made**XXXHOLiC Volume 12 spoiler**

Kitsune no Oden (狐のおでん)
Based on, well, the mysterious Oden shop xD

Black Dragon Sake (黒龍酒造)
Based on one of Yuuko’s original sake from the manga.

And now the audio! This is the first time I get to listen to a CLAMP event in almost its entirely. Almost because unfortunately Yoshiyuki missed the beginning, and near the end of the event he ran out of battery and couldn’t record the end either. But most of it is here!

Some things ought to be said, though. He didn’t use an appropriate device to make the recording, he used his camera, and let’s just say that he wasn’t allowed to do what he was doing, so do not expect a professional recording. He didn’t have the means or the permission to make one.

That being said, some parts are really hard to understand, specially if you don’t know japanese. The first 15 minutes or so they are screening a few scenes of the anime and their voices get mixed with the video’s audio and it’s even harder to listen to what they are saying. Still, I think it’s a great souvenir to keep for historical purposes (and for when I learn how to speak japanese properly xD).

I have uploaded the audio for those interested.

XXXHOLiC◆Kei Event ~Audio Recording~ Part 1 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 53 MB.
File type: MP3 – 128 Kbps.
Running time: 58 minutes.

XXXHOLiC◆Kei Event ~Audio Recording~ Part 2 (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 29 MB.
File type: MP3 – 128 Kbps.
Running time: 32 minutes.

I don’t have words to properly thank Yushiyuki-kun and all his efforts in doing this, thank you a million times, mate!

Also, Satsuki confirmed on her Private Board that CLAMP-PLA.NET is going to make a report about this event to be available soon. And when that happens, I’ll definitely post it here as well.


41 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC◆Kei Event – First Report

  1. Ohkawa was already drunk?? wtf xDDDD(hope she isn’t alcoholic D:)
    Cool they passed real near to him!!!, i will be holding my breath at those moments xDD

    lol Boy’s right eye shake..awesome!! 8DD ,let’s eat some eyes ^_-


  2. Ah ah! If you look closely it looks like a yin-yang thingy! ariadne-chan is right. Looks more like half of Doumeki’s right eye to me.

    Thanks muchies for the report!


    • I don’t see the ying-yang connection, but maybe it’s just me xDDD

      Like I told Ariadne-chan, Mokona herself said that was Watanuki’s eye, supposedly. It would make more sense if it was Doumeki’s indeed.

      You’re welcome! ^^


  3. *starts downloading* Thank you so much! Please pass my thanks to Yoshiyuki-kun as well! *now sits and does nothing except wait for the downloads to finish*

    The menu was.. out of the ordinary. ^^” But the Kitsune no Oden was a nice touch. ^^


  4. ROFL, boy’s right eye XD, what a original name xD,
    thanks to Yushiyukisan and you for the info
    maybe we’re not in japan, but this makes us
    feel closer n_n


  5. Wow, thanks for the info! And thank you to Yushiyuki-san too!

    *stares at Boy’s Right Eye* It’s indeed bizarre.. Kitsune no Oden looks delicious, I’ll love to try it.


  6. That “Boy’s Right Eye” is one messed up drink, but this is a great report! Thanks to Yoshiyuki-kun and you, too, C-Yuuto! 😀 I’m so excited to see the new season!


  7. When I saw this pic in Tsubasaproject I almost believed that it was about the production of new OADs on Infinity, it’s a pity.

    Realize a new Holic’s season makes me feel bad about Tsubasa OADs, but I’m still happy about Holic even that I personally didn’t like the 1st one.


  8. Thank you so much Yoshiyuki for the report!
    And thanks chibiyuuto for sharing!

    >- Guests were CLAMP, Tsutomu Mizushima (director), Sayaka Ohara (Yuuko’s seiyuu), Mika Kikuchi (Mokona’s seiyuu) and Yoshiki Sakurai (scriptwriter).

    So, Sakurai will be scripwriter for season 2 as well… ¬_¬


  9. the boy’s right eye thing, is creepy on sooo many levels lol ^_^
    but I’d still eat it, heck I’d like to try all.

    kool of you to post!
    ah also in reply to your last post>.< i wissshhh they'd pick up Gouhou Drug *sniff* but they'll probably won't continue as yet cuz they have holic and TRC to finish first and that seems soo never-ending… and when they do continue, it might be one of those monthly things like Kobato ;-;
    As is it i'm trying to delude myself into thinking i can do a doujin or GD -.- lol


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