• I found this scan while surfing on 2ch where we can see a first look of the Spider Lady:

The article is from one of this month’s anime magazines, I’m not sure which one, that will be released on the next few days.

It reveals that the first episode starts from the Spider Lady arc (as expected, considering the end of season 1 and the order of events of the manga). Still regarding Spider Lady’s character, the article states that her voice will be played by seiyuu Yumi Touma (Spinel in CCS). Her profile is huuuuuge, she has worked on a thousand animes, I’m sure she’ll do great!!

In addition, the article says that XXXHOLiC◆Kei Ending Theme will be performed by rapper SEAMO. He has a single coming out in May called MOTHER, could it be that song? Neither the article nor his official website mention anything about the title, though.

• XXXHOLiC◆Kei will be one of the features of this year’s Tokyo Anime Fair. XXXHOLiC’s event will take place on the last day of the event, March 30, with director Tsutomu Mizushima and cast talking about the new season and a screening of an exclusive promotional video of it. I’ll check with Yoshiyuki-kun if he can go xD

XXXHOLiC◆Kei premieres April 4 on TBS.

Oh, and by the way, there’s “Nanase Ohkawa” all over now, on official websites and magazines xD


74 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC◆Kei News

  1. What the hell is Watanuki doing dressed like Alice? @A@; *doesn’t recall that happening in the manga* That’s a very interesting way of portraying the main character of a series that hasn’t started yet *laughs*

    Thank you for sharing the scan and the news!


    • I didn’t know you liked her so much ^^ XXXHOLiC really is YOUR anime. So many seiyuus that you love ^^

      I’m also confident on her, basing on her extense curriculum.

      And Nakapan will definitely play Haruka xD


  2. Ooo, the Newtype clipping looks fabulous. I’m excited to see that arc animated.

    As for the rap music guy… that wasn’t the music I would have picked for Holic, but who am I to judge? 😉


  3. Spider Lady IS Blond O.O

    XDDDD Watanuki in Wonderland…oh yes….that would be an obsession linked to CLAMP even if they didn’t plan on it themselves…(gotta finish that darn book now)

    But I was laughing SO hard (internaly) at Watanuki that my eyes were tearing up >D Maru and Moro are dressed for the occasion too XD

    And apparently we will also see Haruka YAY!


    • You were surprised? o.o I was quite sure of it. But then again, I was also dead sure Ame Warashi had blue hair xDDDD

      That Wonderland episode shall be fun XDDDD Hope it’s an original Ohkawa’s ^^


      • Not really…i just didn’t think all those icon makers where dead right..I was thinking she was a red head for some reason…(shrug)

        Me too (thumbs up) CCS’s wonderland episode was funny…so when they make it a Alice inspired chapter or ep I’m highly amused…and eagerly awaite it…

        not the mention the cracky icons that can probably come from it >D Watanuki’s dignaty is gonna suffer greatly from being in a dress


  4. SPIDER QUEEN = HOT♥♥♥ Good seiyuu choice for her, too.

    I’m so glad they chose to do a second season; there are so many good story arcs yet to be animated. I don’t have access to my manga, but is the Watanuki-in-Wonderland a filler? I don’t remember seeing an arc like that in the manga. >.> Now I’m wondering if Yuuko will be the White Rabbit or the Queen of Hearts. The March Hare and Mad Hatter are perfect for Maru and Moro. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee would have been the only better ones. XD


    • Yes indeed, it felt too incomplete to end at season 1, some of the best arcs are in the 2nd season, after all ^^

      >is the Watanuki-in-Wonderland a filler?

      So far, yes ^^

      >Now I’m wondering if Yuuko will be the White Rabbit or the Queen of Hearts.

      Definitely Queen of Hearts ^^ Doumeki is the White Rabbit. I’ve seen scans already. Sorry, I don’t recall the URL, but I saw it, I swear! XD

      >Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee would have been the only better ones. XD

      I definitely agree xD


  5. Thanks 4the scan chibiyuuto *O*
    Spider Lady looks so pretty
    and Watanuki so funny XD

    I’m not sure about seamo, i really
    don’t like a rap song to be
    the ending of Holic :/


  6. *fangirls* *fangirls* *fangirls* *fangirls*
    YUMI TOUMA!!! \O/ OMG! She’s Raine’s seiyuu!!! *_____*
    *fangirls some more*

    And yay SEAMO!!! He has worked with Suga before and he has very nice songs, so I hope this one will be great! ^___^

    Holic’s sounding better and better with each of your posts! XDD;

    yes, I just made fangirling a verb 8D


      • Suga has worked with him in the song “Fly Away”.
        Here (yaaay, that comm never fails me XD;) I knew it because SEAMO happened to be in one of the music shows I was watching some day, and he mentioned Suga Shikao XD (And I liked the song! :D)

        So I hope, since they’re working together again, Suga will tell SEAMO how to make a “Holic” song XDDDD;


        • >So I hope, since they’re working together again, Suga will tell SEAMO how to make a “Holic” song XDDDD

          LOL! I hope so too! XD

          At least it’s not Fonogenico XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


  7. Hmm… Something tells me that xxxHOLiC will have a Wonderland episode…. (Which, as mentioned in other comments, is the staple of any true CLAMP series. hahaha (I was so sure X would have one too. hehehe))

    On that note… KYA~~~ Maru! Moro! You’re even cuter than normal!

    And finally: o.o;; Yuuko’s boobs seem to grow bigger every time I see her…

    ^^ Thank you for this most wonderful news~


    • I think there’s a Wonderland episode in the plans for XXXHOLiC too, why else they are dressed like that? Maybe a costume party?

      X in Wonderland, wow, I wonder how that would be like xDDDDD


  8. Thank you for the news ^__^ This second serie really seems good, can’t wait to actually see it ^___^

    So xxxHolic too will have the “Alice in Wonderland”‘s episode like CCS … I think I can see trouble coming for Alice-Watanuki XD


  9. GOD!
    Spider lady!
    This means THAT SCENE in the first episodes…..Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
    *squeezing all around*
    It’s abosolutely awesome, I want to see it NOW! *ooo*

    And Maru&Moro dresses are so cute too!
    Well, the ending is worring me a little bit but…that scene…that scene…
    *in heaven*

    Thanks for news!


  10. Am I the only one who thinks that Spider Lady looks like Brigitte Bardot? She has a very sixties blond bombshell kind of look or am I delirious?

    She’s my favorite demon so far. Sex on wheels.


  11. What is it with CLAMP and Alice in Wonderland? … What is it with CLAMP and putting their most serious of boys in dresses? X3 They enjoy humiliating them I think! Except for Fay that is, who enjoyed wearing that dress far more than he ought!
    Anyway, I’m sure it will be hilarious! I imagine Watanuki acting as horrified as Kazahiya in the school uniform escapade!

    Hmm, but Spider Matron is blonde… I always pictured her with candyfloss pink hair for some reason…


    • Hahaha I think they really like Alice in Wonderland, the book. I know Ohkawa does ^^

      >I imagine Watanuki acting as horrified as Kazahiya in the school uniform escapade!

      He’ll react JUST like Kazahaya reacted, you can bet on that xDDD

      Really? I always thought she was this fatal blonde woman xD


      • Haha~ Probably because it’s so twisted – she can relate to it! X3

        Spider Lady being blonde makes MUCH more sense… for some reason pink is just the way my mind saw it!


  12. thanks for the news chibiyuuto-san!
    spider lady looks good! I hope they animate her well! and a Watanuki in Wonderland episode would be cool!, I love Alice in Wonderland (one of my fav books ever), and seamo singing the ending is quite a surprise, I’m not into rap, in any language…BUUUUT thanks to Tokyo Marble Chocolate, I’ve heard only one song from seamo and I actually really like it!, I hope he does a good job for xxxholic! thanks again chibiyuuto-san!


  13. i think there will be a filler ep based on alice,called watanuki in wonderland!, judging from this mag scan and one of the latest pics from clamp’s private boards. hahaha, can’t wait for xxxholic.kei!

    the song’s…not very holic-ish, but it’s not thaaat bad. i didn’t think that ‘reason’ was holic-ish too when it came with season 1. But overall, i’m jz mighty glad that suga shikao is still doing the opening theme for holic! XD


  14. Can’t wait to see the new season! I’m sure it will be great!
    I have to questions… Is the name of the new season xxxholic Kei? And why is Watanuki wearing a maid uniform? Altough it is very amusing I can’t remember it from the manga. I’ve been a bad fan and not paid attention the last months so gomen for the stupid questions xD


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