Suga Shikao to sing xxxHOLiC◆Kei OP

Suga Shikao will repeat his role as Opening Theme singer for xxxHOLiC◆Kei, the new season of XXXHOLiC, which premieres next April.

The announcement was made yesterday in his official website.

The single will be called NOBODY KNOWS, the track-list will be the following:

1. NOBODY KNOWS (xxxHOLiC◆Kei Opening Theme).
2. 1/3000 Piece
3. Combini (of “Convenience” store).

The release date is scheduled for May 14th, and CLAMP will draw the jacket illustration for its special edition.

We all expected this, at least I did, but it’s so much better when it’s confirmed! What can I say? I couldn’t be any happier~! I was introduced to Suga Shikao thanks to XXXHOLiC and as of today he remains being one of my favorite japanese artists. It’s totally awesome to have him back playing one more song for XXXHOLiC, there’s no better choice to sing XXXHOLiC songs other than himself. And this time we have a plus, CLAMP will draw the package illustration, being the first time they draw a single package for XXXHOLiC’s anime.

Now it’s time to appear at their radio show, Shikao-kun


50 thoughts on “Suga Shikao to sing xxxHOLiC◆Kei OP

  1. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! ^o^

    Thanks for the heads up for the latest HOLiC scoop! ^^ *bows*
    I’m sure that I’ll give it a listen to the songs very soon.
    I’m hope that the OP sequence is very beautiful along with the song!!

    His songs are very awesome indeed!
    Hontou arigatou gozaiamsu!! ^^

    Gotta go now, important duty calls today. *rushes to leave*

    Ja ne!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  2. Great to have him back! It would be weird to have someone else singing the opening since he did the first season and the movie openings. ^_^

    I love the nostalgic feeling in his voice, so he’s my second Japanese favorite singer. Maya Sakamoto being the first one, of course. ^_~


    • He’s perfect for the role! I’m a huge fan of his, it’s great when an artist you like sings in a anime you like ^^

      >Maya Sakamoto being the first one, of course. ^_~

      Of course! xD


  3. -!!! *is speechless*

    *imagine her saying hyper and probably incoherent comments*


    I’m quite amused because that song was the one they were mentioning over at his comm. NO IDEA it was to be for Holic XD;


      • It’s w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l! I can’t imagine anyone else singing Holic’s OP songs.

        Lol, I’m such a dork XD; It *did* mention Holic, but maybe I skipped past the post in too much of a rush so I didn’t notice ^^;;;
        Have the link ^^ (And here, the promotional images :D)


        • So they also saw it from yesterday’s announcement ^^

          Yeah, it’s easy to miss “XXXHOLiC” in that post xD You see the difference don’t you? How the focus change depending on which side you are.

          For this livejournal, the news title is “Suga Shikao to sing xxxHOLiC◆Kei OP”, while for them, “New Single: [NOBODY KNOWS]” xDDD

          Thanks for the link! Lovely promotional images!! I can see the erotic video clip that will come after that strawberry jam, LOL!


          • XDD Yeah, it’s quite funny. It all depends on perspective. Such a lesson of life!

            XDDDD I never saw the 19sai PV because you all scared me and I didn’t want to be mentally scarred for life XDDD

            BTW, I received a both your comments twice, do you know why that is? o.o


              • its not disturbing its just how a life of a 19years old guy is XD. besides his PVs are always WIN, 19sai is no acception X3
                now to have him at CLAMP radio… that would be a major shock *still silently hopes this might be true one day*


                  • we were all 19 once (well some will be XD)
                    but yeas if you watch it with others it is disturbing X3 … luckily i have no friends close that would want to watch my geek/otaku stuff and if there happen to be some they are all my fujoshi girlfriends and scenes like that just makes it juicer for our time (either to laugh it off or to droll over) XD


                    • PV=Promotional Video, sometimes referred as MV (musical Video) its the video usually featuring the author of the song played int eh background and telling a certain story. Similar to AMV, just that AMV is “promoting” anime and its done by amateurs while PV is promoting a song so that when single CD is released it gets sold better^^
                      Hope this helped^^
                      as for 19sai PV … well there is a scene of 2 persons interacting there…, its kind of blurry with a lot of butterflies but the fact that 2 people are doing it cannot be denied XD


  4. When I first read this notice for a second I thought the group Nobodyknows+ would sing the opening… I was shocked and ready to start questioning how good the upcoming anime was going to be (^^u (I love Nobodyknows+, but I’d never ever mix it with xxxHOLiC)

    I’m looking forward to listening to this song and watching the opening! I hope it’s good~


  5. thank u for the news chibiyuuto-san! it was thanks to xxxholic that I first heard of suga shikao and it was thanks to you who one day posted links to download the tracks from his albums that he became too one of my fav japanase artists, he’s way cool I luv his music, it’s good to have a confirmation that he’ll be the one to sing the op, thanks again! and april, hurry! >.


  6. WAAAH I’m so happy!! I love Suga Shikao. He is a great artist. He writes such a wonderful songs *___* I ,too ,was introduced to Suga Shikao thanks to xxxHolic, and I am more than happy to know he will be the singer of the second opening too ^___^


  7. Cool news! I love Suga Shikao, waaay before he sang any xxxHOLIC song. You said that this is the first time CLAMP draws a package for the single but that´s not true, they did that for all 3 singles from the first season.


    • So you knew him before XXXHOLiC? That’s so cool!

      >You said that this is the first time CLAMP draws a package for the single but that´s not true, they did that for all 3 singles from the first season.

      Not really. “19 Sai” single has Suga Shikao and butterflies, the special XXXHOLiC edition was drawn by PRODUCTION I.G., not CLAMP. “Reason” by Fonogenico wasn’t drawn by CLAMP either, it features Fonegenico’s own art. Lastly, “Kagerou” by BUCK-TICK wasn’t drawn by CLAMP as well.


  8. I love XXXHolic and fell in love 19sai, his voice dosen’t sound like any other out their and I love the mysteriousness in it. Also have a question, when will XXXHolic Kei show in the US? o_o


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