Tsubasa Movie Subbed

Shinsen-Subs now has Tsubasa movie subbed too ! But it’s available only on mIRC, though.

For those who know how to handle mIRC, you can find it on Shinsen’s channel at #shinsen-subs@irc.rizon.net

There you have to search for their Botlist (the URL it’s written right in the channel’s main Topic message).

I’m not allowed to post the bots here so I won’t, but it’s very easy, just go to that page with the list of all bots and search for Tsubasa’s. Then once you click on the link, it’ll appear a message, just type it on the channel’s main page and download it.

19 thoughts on “Tsubasa Movie Subbed

  1. I hate the bittorrent, irc and all that stuff I cannot use x3

    I’m just here expecting some direct download some day and/or another resource…

    I’m dying to watch those movies!!!!!! >0<

    Anyways, thank you for letting us know Yuuto-chan! ^^ I haven't had time to even read your review! I'll do that, yes, yes.

    (I've been waiting all this time, a litle more won't kill me… *dies*)


  2. I can’t find the Tsubasa Movie

    Why can’t I find the Tsubasa movie on the website http://bt.shinsen-subs.org/ (Isn’t it the right site)
    I found torrent name is [SHM]RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE v09c58 [3787AB7C].zip, but I’m not sure that’s the subt. Tsubasa movie (because it doesn’t have the word [Shinen-Subs] in the front, instead it has the [SHM])
    Can you guys help me this ? Please


    • Re: I can’t find the Tsubasa Movie

      As I said on my post. That’s not a torrent file. You have to go to mIRC in order to download them. On that list, all you can find is the botlist with the msg you must type on the channel’s main page.


  3. About mIRC

    Sorry for bothering you guys
    But can you tell me how to use it (I know I’m retarded in this )
    I just dl mIRC from its website


  4. I watched it on http://www.youtube.com
    I noticed that in the first scene, which looks like a film from an archive, there were some numbers and letters. The numbers where a date backwards 31/05/2003. That was the date when the first episode was published, right? I guess it was a nice detail.


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