A Harry Potter-related post

J.K. Rowling’s official site had a small update on Christmas. Last year she announced that she had finished writting book 6, this year, however, she could never say the same thing about book 7, of course. Demo, she did give us some tiny Xmas presents.

She replaced the old Welcome text for a “Diary”, it’ll probably be a bit like CLAMP’s ALBUM, where she plans to write constantly about tiny events happening to her as well as progress in book 7, nice.
I always thought she should have this kind of section on her site. I really hope she can tell us how the process of writting is going, how much she already wrote, etc.

She said that she’s at the moment reviewing the plan for book 7 so that she can start writting for real on January, nice, we’re only days from it xD

She also updated some of her other sections:

There’s a new F.A.Q. Poll to vote, and like almost every other one of this kind, I always want to see 3 answers to be answered. This time I really wanted to vote on all 3. They are

What happens to a secret when a Secret-Keeper dies? – Winning with 46% at the moment.

Does the destruction of a Horcrux involves more than the destruction of the object? 41% at the moment.

Why did Voldemort want the Philosopher’s Stone if he already had his Horcruxes? 13% at the moment.

They are all really nice and I would like to see all of them answered… I voted on the 2nd one, though. The 3rd one we can guess that Voldemort wanted to try EVERYTHING to escape death, like, any possible possibility. Besides, in PS, he was REALLY bad… and drinking the elixir would make him in a better state, more “alive”, I believe.
As for the 1st one, I don’t know really why it’s winning… it’s an interesting question but is also a bit predictable. Sirius said in PoA that he would have died if he was to tell Voldemort where the Potters were hiding. So, does that mean the secret remains “in secret” if the Secret-Keeper dies? That’s my guess.
The 2nd one is also predictable… I think of course it involves more than the destruction of the object, or else Dumbledore wouldn’t be so tired and bad on HBP. We know there are lots of spells and charms protecting the object but what if there’s more into that? Thats why I voted for it o.o

Section Rumors was also updated and an interesting thing was:
The Sorting Hat is a Horcrux

Jo’s answer: No, it isn’t. Horcruxes do not draw attention to themselves by singing songs
in front of large audiences.

This makes me think if Nagini really is a Horcrux… when I finished reading HBP, I thought that in 7 we would have some surprises for the Horcrux hunt. One of them being that Dumbledore might be wrong in some of his guesses, after all, they are all guesses. And one of them was Nagini.

Nagini is a snake ! Of course she’s dear to Voldemort and everything, but I don’t think he would trust a piece of his soul in a living thing if not himself, he’s selfish and he doesn’t love no one… not even Nagini. And it’s a SNAKE ! Okay, maybe it is more than snake for being in the wizarding world but she can still be eaten by another animal xDDDD
If you know what I mean, it can easily die, it draws attention to everybody because it’s a snake. It goes where it wants.
I think Voldemort would want his Horcruxes really protected in even more protected places, and not trust on things that can walk to where they wish.

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