A small change has been made in CLAMP’s site, the more-than-a-month abandoned ALBUM section has changed it name to “FROM CLAMP”. It’s basically what it’s being from the last months. there they will write some messages for us, but knowing them, I don’t put much faith on it. I don’t think it’s going to be constantly updated as before, for that they are using CLAMP-PLA.NET’s Album. Too bad, I never thought I’d say that but I’ll miss Kakyou pics *sigh*

Anyway, off to the news:

Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

12/14 – Shonen Magazine #02 & 03 – No Tsubasa scheduled.
12/28 – Shonen Magazine #04 & 05 – Chapter 101.
01/11 – Shonen Magazine #06 – Chapter 102.

The cover for the DVD Premium has been announced:

It’s very much like the back-cover for “aerial”. Looks pretty.
The normal version is the same image for the official poster.

Next chapters scheduled (red means new):

12/12 – Young Magazine #02 & 03 – Chapter 94.
12/26 – Young Magazine #04 & 05 – Chapter 95.
01/07 – Young Magazine #06 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.

Here’s the cover for the Premium version of the DVD:

Looking good.

Some news about the anime version of XXXHOLiC: The broadcast will be on TBS channel (the same for Chobits) and it’ll start on April, but on May it’ll start to be broadcasted on Kids Station. I am assuming that it’ll be broadcasted simultaneously, as I think it’s a cable/paid TV because that same channel airs Pokemon, which is a TV Tokyo anime.
So basically it’ll be airing on the two channels at the same time, with one month of advance for TBS’s version. This is what I think, or would be crazy enough to air one month on TBS and the rest on Kids Station?

35 thoughts on “CLAMP NEWS !!

  1. I so need to buy the XXXHOLiC premium edition… *will start saving after Christmas*

    That Kids Station thing is… odd O_o That channel looks too childish for HOLiC, from all CLAMP works.

    I hope it’s what you say, because I don’t want to see it censured because of a kiddish channel.


  2. Even though they call it “Kids Station,” it’s a pretty horrible channel. Stuff like Narutaru, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Koikaze aired on it.


  3. OMG that Kids Station channel is freaking me out now! XD
    What is Yuuko going to do in the company of Constructor Bob?!!! o.OU no ofense but Holic definetly does not fit there!!!
    Anyways, lovely cover, specially that TRC one and yes it is the partner of that Ilustration of the Aerial single ^_^…I am sure if an artbook comes out they will be next to each other ^^… the way….I wonder why there is not Artbook of TRC out …
    Thank you so much for the News!
    Take care!!!!

    PS// yes those little pictures on clamp-net so ruled…. XD


    • TBS looks fine for XXXHOLiC, specially being aired late at night as for Chobits. But I think they’ll only rebroadcast it on this Kids Station o_O

      Artbook for TRC? Won’t take long, I believe.


  4. Thanks for the news! Also:

    I don’t think it’s going to be constantly updated as before, for that they are using CLAMP-PLA.NET’s Album.
    I tried accessing the site, but I couldn’t find the album, only private boards that require logins Am I missing something? I miss seeing their special album pics and photos too.


  5. Waaaaaaaaah! o_o

    Hey! This site has a lot about CLAMP… I loooove CLAMP!! Man… and you’re brazilian too!!! Sim sim, sou brasileira também! o_o
    Anyway, I found this site when looking for xxxHOLiC pics… ^^
    Poxa, entra em contato comigo se possível! É difícil conhecer um brasileiro que conheça tanto sobre CLAMP… (eu não conheço muitos)
    Eu ainda nem iniciei meu journal… preguiça e falta de tempo LoL
    Mas agora nas férias eu vou dar um jeito =P (mas ainda naum sei se vou pra o… humm hummmm x_x)
    Waaaaaaaah! Espero algum sinal de vida \o\
    E cara, parabéns pelo site! Muito, muito massa…


    • Re: Waaaaaaaaah! o_o

      Wah, + um brasileiro ! \o/\o/ São poucos nesse meio (Livejournal).

      E sim, por favor, vamos nos conhecer melhor ! Vc tem msn? O meu ta la no meu perfil ^_~

      Nossa, brigado pelos comentarios ^__^ E naum vai pro blogger naum… faz um LJ, mt melhor, na minha opiniao pelo menos !


      • weeeeeeeeeeeee XD

        BrasileirA! XD mas tudo bem hehehehe
        Pois é! São poucos mesmo! Fiz o livejournal justamente pra ser em english… pq meus amigos q naum entendem portugues tavam me cobrando… ^^; sem falar q gosto de escrever em inglês! /o/
        Tenho MSN sim, mas eu não consigo ver o seu no seu profile… .-.
        Hummmm, vê o meu lá \o\
        ah, mas além do [mimakinomoto] add o [iramimalago] tbm… e se você gostar de j-music deve ir para o [watashinorakuen] tbm… XD” (organizo os MSNs por categoria uhauhahuauhhua) tudo no hotmail =P

        E pode deixar, vou ficar no LJ! A gente se vê! o/”


  6. YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW MUCH I MISSED YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! *hyper hug*
    gomen ^^U its just that all this business has me completely wahh!
    And I finally got lil’ time to check the LJ and ahhhh! Hiii! *breath* ^^U

    Hey, I’m glad you got 202+ friends ^^ and WE should be thanking YOU for being so awfully kind with us and supplying us with Clamp goods *-* I don’t know what I would do without you Chibi Yuuto-sama! I wish I could go to São Paulo and thank you personally and give you a Christmas present T-T

    Well.. ahh.. those DVD covers are loonking goood *-* uuh, I have some money saved and… *comes back to reality*
    Gah! Have to keep on going ^^U Well, nice to see you again! Take care!


  7. I didn’t expected these cover image that fast, both look goo (though the first one look like the image they did for Kinya’s CD and the second look like the picture they made for chapter 83)

    There are bigger version of the pics on

    As for the Kids Station channel, it seems to be a 24 hours re-airer for anime and kids stuff (I saw the teletubies scheduled o.O), but I doubt any series is aired there for a first time or that the Holic crew will change anything because it will be on Kids Station after TBS. Likely, all the episodes will air on TBS first (there would be no point to show just the first episodes of the series), then late at night on Kids Station (they do have decent stuff between 22:00 and 6:00, so likely Holic will be aired around that time.


  8. chibiyuuto-san, because you’re so interested in clamp and all, can i ask you a question about shin shunkaden/legend of chun hyang?


      • well… i heard that shin shunkaden isn’t really complete as a manga, since after chun hyang’s mother dies and Chun Hyang and the Amenosa start travelling, they are shown having one adventure that doesn’t really give enough closure. is this true?


        • Yes it is true. Shin Shunkaden is an unfinished series. CLAMP had problems with it’s serialization, probably the magazine was closed, if I’m not mistaken. So they decided to leave it like that since it had only 1 vol.


          • aww…i was actually going to ask this question on the clamp_now community but you answered it here. that really sucks because it was such a cute story and i think it could have totally easily been made into a longer series T.T darn clamp for not continuing or not being able to continue so many series ::COUGH:: x, kobato, legal drug ::COUGH::


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