CLAMP四(Su)new goodies!

Yeah! New goodies are on the way, and yay, they have Kamui, Kazahaya and loads of other CLAMP Charas!

The official exposition page has updated the goods section with new goodies! I took the ones with never-before-seen images:

This is a vinyl bag (very fancy) featuring Kazahaya (Yey!), Nokoru, Subaru and a girl I don’t really know who she is (pic is too small) but I *think* is Miyuki-chan.
On the other side of the bag, there’s Watanuki, Misaki (from AL), Hikaru and Chunyan (main chara from Shin Shunkaden).

The pic is very cute and too shame is one-color, only. There’s lots of Chibi mascots in there like Usagi, Kero and Supi.

Like the one with Kobato and Ashura, there’s this new set of Shitajiki and Telephone card but now featuring Kamui and Tsubasa!Syaoran!

Kamui is looking slightly weird with this new Tsubasa-ish style o.O I mean, not weird on the bad way, but in the “am I seeing a bit of Fye in there?” kind of way ^^

This good will be out on March 1st!

I think we can hope for lots of crossovers goodies for the amazing event as the shitajikis and telephone cards sets has “A” and “B” on their names.

You can see the rest of the goodies on the official site of the exposition.


I found a bigger pic of the bag (Kasumi-chan, that Yahoo!Japan auctions site is awesome! *o*) and here it is:

It’s just one of the parts, though. But we now can cleary see all the mascots ^___^ And it was a aligator in Chunyan’s hands, after all XD

Now it’s up to us to find the other site of the bag!

58 thoughts on “CLAMP四(Su)new goodies!

    • Re: LOL

      Yeah, X is CLAMP’s victim to be influenced by their other works’ style XD I did like very much the Chobits influence, though most of the people did not.

      This tsubasa-style one is the one that bugs me the much. I mean, not that the style isn’t good, it is good, but for tsubasa, only! Not for such works like X. I hope X doesn’t get much influenced by tsubasa.


      • Re: LOL

        >Kasumi-chan, that Yahoo!Japan auctions site is awesome! *o*

        YES!!I know it *v*
        A lot of preview pics and many many items difficult to find elsewhere *v*
        I WORSHIP it *v*

        >I did like very much the Chobits influence, though most of the people did not.

        Oh!Me too!!!I do like Chobits!It’s one of my favourite manga!*v*
        Its character design is delightful!!!*v*

        >I mean, not that the style isn’t good, it is good, but for tsubasa, only! Not for such works like X.

        YES, YES!!!I agree with you!!
        Oh my God!Are you my twin brother or what? lol >v<


        • Re: LOL

          Yes, Mokona does all the work for tsubasa… even if it’s nothing compared to the well-made styles of X, RG Veda or MKR, is still her.

          Nekoi does all the boys on XXXHOliC, only. All the other women, like Yuuko, Himawari (and all the others Yuuko’s customers) are done by Mokona.


    • Re: Concerning the vinyl bag…

      No, I really do like them too ^__^ But I wish I could see (if it really exists) an “RGB color” version XDD

      But I do like one-color pics, they are so artistic!


  1. hehe I think this is Kabato or Miyuki… grrr this picture is too small.. I wait, meyby my friend send me bigger version :D. hmmm what hugg Chunyan? Subaru has this masquote of Clamp Academy logo


  2. Yeah, I agree TRC style doesn’t suit X artwork, at all >_< That Kamui doesn't look that bad on the face, but the body? I mean, he's skinny, but not *that* skinny! So yeah, it's "Kamui's hed pastede on Fye, yay!!1"

    The mysterious girl, I don't think it's a Chii. Miyuki-chan, or one from the early works, maybe. It surprised me they *remembered* Kazahaya existed.
    I like those pics, they look balanced and elegant. One has 3 guys, 1 gal, and the other 3 gals, 1 guy; so it's all good. And each with a pet. The first one's are clear (globefish, usyagi, Kero, Suppi), but the second one's not that much. I know Watanuki is holding a monkey, but the other ones are all blurry.


    • >Yeah, I agree TRC style doesn’t suit X artwork, at all >_.I like those pics, they look balanced and elegant
      I noticed that too!!! so well-made!

      about the mascots, I can’t see Misaki’s and Hikaru’s one…
      Watanuki is holding that “New year’s Monkey” XD and Chunyan I think is holding Rex o.O But I’m really not sure enough


      • Mmmmhhh….?

        Well…Something is actually bugging me in the Kamui/Shaoran pic :
        it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL but…we all know that Kamui and Shaoran have the same age, or almost that is, and Kamui is said to be little, so how come he seems to be so much higher then Shaoran in the pic? Are they on different “levels” or something?
        Oh, by the way, the last time I posted a comment(about Clamp No Kiseki, the fact I am a stupid hardcore fan of CCS and would like a movie 3 but know it’s completely crasy because there’s nothing to add to CCS or it would be stupid and for commercial purposes only…), you asked me who I am : I am…Sherry! Can’t tell you more and ‘don’t wanna register and have a LiveJournal so…
        By the way, I would love too to see a bigger pic of Kamui/Shaoran… toooooo cuuuutee ^_^ and happen to be my two favourite bishounens
        ooohhohohohoho 😛 lol


        • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

          kamui is 15/16 maybe even 17 anc I don’t know canon age of TRC!Shaolan but I thought it was around between 12 and 14 so the difference size is normal.


          • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

            ahahaha hey here’s something, you are not using your user pic, right? So, I didn’t know it was YOU posting (I didn’t read the username), and then, I was reading your comment when I saw you saying “canon”. I thought “I bet anything it’s Anne-chan here”, and BAM, I was right XDDD


            • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

              lol am I using that word too much ? ^_^I see there’s a pattern in my aswer

              (I’m so sorry we missed each other on msn, I’m going to try tomorrow to be there


              • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

                lol, yes you are ^__^ But it’s like your trademark XD

                no, I’m the one who should be sorry… my damn connection came back after about an hour >.< I'm sorry


                • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

                  my trademark is pompous isn’t it ? ^_^

                  but well I like to make the difference with canon, subtext and fan inventions.. but my memory is not that great ^_^ (and clamp wrote so many story with so many characters !) so I don’t mind when people correct me


                  • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

                    really pompous! Even I am starting to use it ^__~

                    Yes, we should all be together on those times because with all those stories, worlds an dimensions, we easily get lost ^^


        • Re: Mmmmhhh….?

          yeah, my words are Anne-chan’s… Kamui, if I’m not mistaken, has 16 years old. And yes, it’s not canon the age of Syaoran in Tsubasa but it doesn’t pass the 14’s.


  3. Arg…

    I actually clicked before on “reply” while I should have clicked on “post a new comment”…So silly…

    ps: Kamui IS really skinny, chibiyuuto…but not that high dammit ;_; clamp! stop the slaughter!!!


    • Re: Arg…

      Nice to meet you, Sherry! ^__^

      I know Kamui is skinny… and as for the highness, you’re kinda right… Kamui is very short for his age.

      But I think it’s ok! If you see that image of Kamui and Sakura on a Festival, where he is giving to her a (?) fish, Kamui is BOWING to give to her… like she’s very small for him…

      And Sakura and Syoaran has about the same height, so…

      Look at that pic now, clearly Kamui doesn’t need to bow to give something to Kamui. ^__^

      I think CLAMP It’s right here again!


  4. nice goodies here. I always love their crossover pictures. I wish we could have a pretty clamp in wonderland 3.

    The first one is easily my favorite clip/anime of them. The song is so catchy


    • I so love their crossovers… one of the things I love most on CLAMP!

      And we do want a new video >.<

      a flame inside me burnt when they mentioned CLAMPAZAR, but no, no, no… -__-

      About the song, I read in a magazine that Ohkawa was the one who sang it.

      This is not true, isn't it?


      • >
        About the song, I read in a magazine that Ohkawa was the one who sang it.

        I think there’s a bit of misunderstanding here. I had to check the ld credits when I’m going back. I know animelyrics credits her as the singer. but at the same time they credit “Tamura Naomi” for the lyrics, maybe they exchange the two names since she is a singer.

        As much as I love clamp I cannot believe she was able to pull a voice like a professional singer. clamp power has its limit, I think

        well we will know for sure in few days


        • Or else she would be perfect!

          Please, check that!

          But I guess not… on the second clip with the credits, I didn’t see her kanji there.

          Tamura Naomi is the singer for MKR anime songs, isn’t her?

          Yeah, maybe they misunderstood. After all, we do know Ohkawa is most likely to write the song.


  5. LooooooL i see im not the only person that hunts pics and imegs from auction sites
    what a small world lool
    and im dying to see a bigger scan of the secound bag and Kamui-chans pic with Syaoran
    i think scans of it will apper on the auction sites in a few days since the set is out
    just keep looking ^__^v


    • >LooooooL i see im not the only person that hunts pics and imegs from auction sites
      what a small world lool

      No, you’re not XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD It’s so cool!

      Kamui and Syaoran pic, I’m afraid will be only available by March… because that’s the release date -__-


  6. Eeeee, Kamui! I also can’t wait to see him in TRC. I agree, he looks kind of….I don’t know how to say it, soft, I guess? What I mean to say is, X is a lot sharper in its artwork than TRC. But he still looks good, nonetheless. Of course, if Kamui looks like that, I wonder what Fuma and Subaru will look like when they arrive (and they better arrive soon).


  7. Kamui!!!

    Nossa, qto tempo! Fiquei bem surpresa qdo vi a imagem. Ele está lindo XD mas como já disseram aqui, está sofreu influencia de Tsubasa. Não é que eu ache ruim mas eu, particularmente, acho que não combina muito com X. Uma amiga vive dizendo que quer ver como ficará o traço da Mokona em X qd elas retornarem… Aqui está a amostra de como vai ficar, faz tanto tempo T_T X sofreu influencia dos trabalhos paralelos delas, não seria diferente agora..Outra surpresa foi o Kazahaya, até que enfim lembraram de GD ^^ Acho que é a Miyuki-chan mesmo, pensei na Kobato mas a imagem está tão pequena… Nem dá pra ver direito. Bjs Blaize


    • Re: Kamui!!!

      Naum quero nem ver quando X voltar -__- Eu espero q o traço naum esteja assim….

      Eu jah naum to gostando de ver as capas de CLAMP NO KISEKI nakele traço… que na minha opiniao deveriam ser “A” Capa -____-


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