Congratulations! ^__^

Jo gives birth to a baby girl!

I feel very happy for her! And I didn’t expect it so soon ^__^ It’s a beautiful date, by the way.

The baby Girl is named Mackenzie! ^__^

18 thoughts on “Congratulations! ^__^

    • Oh my ^^ What world do you live?
      ahahaha just kidding ^___^

      Very nice to meet you!
      And she surely will not call her Hermione… as she didn’t named her baby boy “Harry” ^^

      It’s a pity you don’t like Hermione, she’s my favorite ^_^


  1. -____-; i live in the world of “school eating studnts brains ”
    nice to see again too
    thats good to hear !
    lets just say me and Hermione are love rivels on poor harry ^.^


  2. News about Clamp!!

    I have just read on Clamp official site that two of them have had health problems, recently O_o.
    This is the reason for delays!!!!
    What a mess! >.<
    Luckily it seems they're all right, now! (sigh of relief)


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